New Orleans Public Library

Our Roots Are Our Strength:
Celebrating Black History Month, 2001

The Paul Robeson Acting Competition

March 10, 2001

Dennis McCann (right) introduces the judges for the Library's Second Annual Paul Robeson Acting Competition where high school students research famous African Americans and then present a five-minute original monologue on them.

The distinguished judges: Anthony Bean, Chakula Cha Jua, and Carol Sutton.

Brandon Ewell, first place winner in the Library's Paul Robeson Acting Competition, played Malcolm X.

Brandon Gassoway as Malcolm X (second place winner).

Jennifer Campbell as Harriet Tubman (third place winner).

Kiowanna Edwards as Dorothy Dandridge.

Israel Scott as James Weldon Johnson.

Alvianne Brulé as one of the Little Rock Nine students.

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