Photographs from the
Paul Robeson Acting Competition
Main Library, March 11, 2000

Terrence Holloway
Eleanor McMain Senior High School
"Louis Armstrong"
First Place Winner

In a scratchy Satchmo-style voice, Terrence Holloway tells how Louis Armstrong became the international ambassador of jazz.

Jonathan Thomas
St. Paul Lutheran High School
"Martin Luther King"
Second Place Winner

Jonathan Thomas as Martin Luther King recalls the August 1963 March on Washington and King's famous "I Have a Dream" speech.

Brandi Thomas
Cabrini High School
"Mahalia Jackson"
Third Place Winner

The famous gospel singer had a hard life but stayed true to God with her singing says Brandi Thomas as Mahalia Jackson.

Michael Chancely
Eleanor McMain Junior High School
"Langston Hughes"

Michael Chancely as Langston Hughes pauses from his writing to tell us about the life of the famous writer.

Arpollo Vicks
L.B. Landry High School
"Nat Turner"

Arpollo Vicks as Nat Turner tells us of the courageous slave revolt led by Nat Turner.

Israel Scott
Edna Karr High School
"Thurgood Marshall"

Israel Scott as Thurgood Marshall reflects on Marshall's accomplishments and what they meant to African Americans.

Tiffany Dillings
John McDonogh High School
"Patti LaBelle"

Patti LaBelle talks aobut the hardships the songstress overcome offstage, and then pantomines a LaBelle tune.

Tranyell Fallen
Sarah Reed High School
"Harriet Tubman"

Tranyell Fallen as Harriet Tubman tells us how she led over 300 slaves to freedom along the Underground Railroad.

Riga Watkins
Francis W. Gregory Junior High School
"Josephine Baker"

Riga Watkins as the sassy Josephine Baker takes us to France and the Folies Bergere as she describes the life of the world famous entertainer.

The Judges:
Chakula Cha Jua, Carol Sutton, and Anthony Bean

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