The African American Resource Center (AARC) is a reference division of the New Orleans Public Library that offers patrons a variety of resource materials on the African experience in the Americas. The AARC opened its door to the public in January 1997. The Center is responsible for NOPL's collection development in the area of African American studies, cultural programming and development and acquisition of educational resources that relate to African Americans. The AARC is located on the Second floor of the Main Library, 219 Loyola Avenue. Hours of operation are the same as those of the Main Library.
Graduates, Normal Department
New Orleans University, 1909
From New Orleans University Catalog, 1909

AARC provides research assistance on the following topics:

  • Africa and Africa Diaspora - The Americas, Latin America, Caribbean, Europe
  • Africa and African Art - Dance, Film, Music
  • African American Music Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop and Rhythm and Blues
  • African American History Slavery and Civil Rights
  • African American Literature and Writers Harlem Renaissance
  • African American Socio Economic factors Age and Gender Studies
  • African American Biographies
  • African American Religion Voodoo, Santeria, Yoruba

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