New Orleans Public Library
African American Resource Center

Summer Programming 2009

The African American Resource Center hosted eight programs for summer day campers from June 2 – July 21.

Natasha P. Brooks, vice president and branch manager of the St. Charles Chase Bank, collaborated with Junior Achievement for Kids and Banking, AARC’s third summer day camp program. Christopher Somers, Director of Education, and Jochen Kranz used Junior Achievement’s hands-on curriculum to teach campers about being financially responsible.

Stepping with Kenneth, AARC’s fifth summer day camp program, was a fun-filled, educational dance class. AmeriCorps member Kenneth Bryan led the campers in stretching exercises and dance movements. After stretching and dancing, campers were asked to share their own dances.

That Was the Year That Was, an interactive play written by Chakula cha Jua, was AARC’s seventh program. Campers learned about the history of Black New Orleans, being introduced to 25 different years of an historical event or the birth of an African American. Kenneth Bryan ended the play with an interpretive dance to Maya Angelou’s reading of her poem “Still I Rise.”

In the final AARC program, What Will You Be Famous For?, campers learned about noted African American women and men. Books in the AARC collection were also available for campers to learn about great African Americans. This camper learned about Alex Haley, world-renowned author of Roots: The Saga of an American Family.

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    Updated 8/17/2009