New Orleans Public Library
African American Resource Center

Summer Programming 2008

June 12, 2008

Students enjoyed learning about famous African Americans on June 12. Library Associate JoAnn Allen introduced the students to a variety of famous African Americans using short bio cards with photos. Following the review of the photos and pictures, students took turns sharing information on a famous African American.

Students take time to read a short bio on a famous African American.

JoAnn Allen later asked the students to create a card describing what they would like to be famous for one day. Here a student shares her future goals with the group.

Storytelling in June

JoAnn Allen, library associate of the AARC, welcomes students to the library and gets them prepared for the storytelling program.

Students listen attentively as JoAnn Allen reads the story, Abiyoyo, by Pete Seeger.

Following the program, students from Greater Antioch Chruch daycamp pose for a picture with JoAnn Allen of the AARC.

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