New Orleans Public Library
African American Resource Center
Summer Programming 2003

Storytime with
Queen Mother Mama Suma Diarra
May 30, 2003

Queen Mother Mama Suma Diarra treated 48 students of Good Shepherd School to African Storytelling in the Main Auditorium on May 30. Mama Suma delighted the students with African stories and showed them objects of African beauty during her visit.

Six year old Abanobie, grandson of Mama Suma, surprised the six, seven and eight year old audience members with his astounding drumming ability.

Mama Suma shows the audience how Anansi the Spider tried to climb a tree while carrying a gourd-full of common sense.

All eyes are on Mama Suma as she tells the story of a son gaining a good attitude.

Sister Rfuaw Diarra selects students from the audience to teach them a drum rhythm.

One seven year old really got the hang of it as she and Abanobie provide the drumbeat for a dance instruction.

Students and teachers of Good Shepherd have fun while learning an African dance.

The audience thanks (l-r) Sister Rfuaw Diarra, her son Abanobie and Mama Suma for a fun filled program featuring African storytelling, drumming and dance.

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