New Orleans City Government
Twenty Years Ago

June 1979

Firefighter Gus Ysaguire of the New Orleans Fire Department's Flying Squad was so proficient with the famous fire pole that he could even climb UP it if necessary. He admitted, however, that after the pole's weekly washing navigation up or down could be r ather tricky.

Once again we present below a sample of other City Government happenings that were reported in Hall Talk twenty years ago.

In the Memo: From the Mayor column, Mayor Dutch Morial lamented the proposed congressional budget cuts to a variety of programs designed to assist urban population centers. At the time, 32% of the New Orleans operating budget came from federal gove rnment sources.

The Hall Talk Asks column visited employees of the Parkway and Park Commission with the question, "Do you think joggers are ruining the appearance of our neutral grounds?" Julio Dumas responded by comparing joggers favorably to the Police Departmen t's horses which tend to leave behind unappreciated offerings when they use the neutral grounds.

The Out to Lunch column featured the Original Ditcharo's Sandwich Shop at 1116 Tulane Ave. with their large roast beef sandwich for $1.90 and their Tuesday special of liver, baked macaroni, and string beans for $1.75. (Update: Ditcharo's moved from their Tulane Ave. location earlier this year).

David Grant, editor for the New Orleans Public Library, announced the upcoming summer session of the Free University of New Orleans. FUNO offered classes in finance, dance, languages, karate, writing, and more, all for a $5 registration fee.

The May issue featured photographs of then city councilman Sidney Barthelemy riding a bike, District B councilman Jim Singleton playing volleyball, Mayor Dutch Morial jumping rope (Double Dutch, of course), Mike Doyle (Civil Service) giving blood, and the firefighters of Engine #2 going about their daily routine.

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