New Orleans City Government
Twenty Years Ago

No one responded to last month's "what does this scene depict" question, so we'll abandon the quiz concept from now on. The February 1979 cover shown here captures Edward Richardson, an employee of the Streets Department Sign Shop, putting up a special no parking sign along one of the city's parade routes. For the answer to last month's question click here.

Once again we present below a sample of other City Government Happenings that were reported in Hall Talk twenty years ago.

In the Memo: From the Mayor column, Mayor Dutch Morial reported on the appointment of Errol Williams as director of the Finance Department. Hall Talk announced that employee pay raises would appear on checks during the month. The $14 million city-wide salary increase was funded by, among other things, a property service charge. In the Out to Lunch column, Leonard Lassalle (Civil Service) reported on the Hobnobber Cafe (312 Baronne St.) where you could get a good meatball po-boy for $1.65!

When asked Has Mardi Gras Changed Since You Were a Child? Ted Kirn (Assessors' Office) replied: "It's changed more with regards to the celebration. Instead of being a local celebration, it's more of a national celebration."

The city's two Dunbar Award winners, Earl Conravey (Purchasing) and John Hughes (NOPD) were profiled.

Councilman Jim Singleton and his colleagues were pictured in their athletic gear at a volleyball match against the Jefferson Parish Council members.

The Louisiana Division of the Library has a complete set of Hall Talk in its City Documents Collection. Come by and read about the past some time!

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