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New Orleans City Council Members Since 1954

In 1954, with the passage of the Home Rule Charter, New Orleans adopted the Mayor-Council form of government, consisting of the Mayor and seven Council members--two elected from the city at large and five elected from Council districts. Council members serve 4-year terms, beginning on the first Monday in May next following their election. If a member leaves office less than a year before completing his or her term, the remaining members of the Council select a citizen with the requisite qualifications to fill the vacancy for the unexpired term. If the unexpired term is for one year or more, the vacancy is filled by special election. Council members may not serve the same district for more than two consecutive terms; council members-at-large may not serve more than two consecutive terms in that office [these term limitations went into effect in 1991].

Below is a list of the men and women who have served as council members since the passage of the Home Rule Charter, with brief explanations of interrupted terms. Note: The single letter in front of each date indicates the Council member's district; "AL" indicates an at-large member

Paul V. Burke B 1954-1958 B 1958-1962
Fred J. Cassibry D 1954-1958 D 1958-1961Elected judge of Civil District Court, July, 1960
Glenn P. Clasen AL 1954-1958 AL 1958-1961Appointed CAO, January 1961
Walter M. Duffourc E 1954-1958 E 1961-1962Appointed by Council to fill Hickey's unexpired term, 1961
Victor H. Schiro AL 1954-1958 AL 1958-1961Appointed by Council to fill Mayor Morrison's unexpired term, 1961
James E. Fitzmorris C 1954-1958C 1958-1962AL 1962-1966
A. Brown Moore A 1954-1958
James A. Comiskey AL 1961-1962Elected to fill Clasen's seat, special primary, 1961
Henry B. Curtis A 1958-1962A 1962-1966 A 1966-1970
Theodore Hickey E 1958-1961AL 1961-1962 Appointed by Council to fill Schiro's unexpired term, 1961
John J. Petre D 1961-1962 D 1962-1966AL 1966-1970Elected to fill Cassibry's seat, special primary, 1961
Joseph V. DiRosa AL 1962-1966 AL 1970-1974AL 1974-1978
Clarence O. Dupuy, Jr.C 1962-1966 C 1966-1970C 1970-1976
Daniel Kelly E 1962-1966
Walter F. Marcus B 1962-1966B 1966Elected judge, Civil District Court, 1966
Philip Ciaccio E 1966-1970 E 1970-1976E 1976-1978E 1978-1982 Appointed judge, La. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, Jan. 1982
Moon Landrieu AL 1966-1970Elected Mayor, 1970
James A. Moreau D 1966-1970AL 1970-1976
Eddie L. Sapir B 1967-1970 B 1970-1975Elected to fill Marcus' unexpired seat, special election, Jan. 1967; elected judge of Municipal court, 1975AL 1998-
Peter H. Beer A 1970-1974 Elected to La. Court of Appeals, 1974After the regular 1970 elections, a redistricting dispute delayed the next regular Council elections until 1976. The next regular election for Council was held in 1978
John D. Lambert D 1970-1976
Brod Bagert D 1976-1978 D 1978-1980Elected to La. Public Service Commission, 1980
A.L. Davis B 1975-1976 B 1976-1978Appointed by Council to fill Sapir's unexpired term, 1975Elected in his own right in 1976
Frank Friedler A 1974-1976 A 1976-1978 A 1978-1980Elected to fill Beer's unexpired term, 1974; Retired, 1980
Joel Loeffleholz A 1980-1981 Appointed by Council to fill Friedler's seat until special election, 1980
Niles Hellmers D 1980-1981 Elected to fill Bagert's unexpired term, 1980; elected City Court judge, 1981
Howard Beck E 1982Appointed by Council to fill Ciaccio's unexpired term
Sidney J. Barthelemy AL 1978-1982 AL 1982-1986
Joseph I. Giarrusso AL 1976-1978 AL1978-1982AL 1982-1986AL 1986-1990AL 1990-1994
Bryan Wagner A 1981-1982 A 1982-1986Elected to fill Friedler's unexpired term, special election, 1981
Jame Singleton B 1978-1982B 1982-1986B 1986-1990B 1990-1994 AL 1994-
Mike Early C 1976-1982C 1982-1986 C 1986-1990
Wayne Babovich E 1982-1985Resigned 1985
Lambert Boissiere D 1981-1982D 1982-1986D 1986-1990D 1990-1994Elected to fill Hellmer's unexpired term, special election, 1981
Ulysses Williams E 1985-1986Appointed by Council to fill remainder of Babovich's unexpired term, 1985
Johnny Jackson, Jr. E 1986-1990E 1990-1994
Peggy Wilson A 1986-1990A 1990-1994AL 1994-1998
Dorothy Mae Taylor AL 1986-1990 AL 1990-1994
Jacquelyn B. ClarksonC 1990-1994 C 2002-2007 AL 2007-2014 Elected to At-Large seat in special election, November 2007, following resignation of Oliver Thomas; re-elected, 2010
Suzanne Haik Terrell A 1994-1999 Resigned when elected La. Elections Commissioner
Oliver ThomasB 1994-1998B 1998 - 2002AL 2002-2006 AL 2006-2007 Resigned, August 13, 2007
Troy Carter C 1994-1998C 1998-2002
Roy Glapion D 1994-1999Died in office
Ellen Hazeur-Distance E 1994-2000Resigned when elected Clerk of First City Court
Howell CrosbyA 2000Appointed to fill Terrell's unexpired term
H. Kenneth JohnstonD 2000Appointed to fill Glapion's unexpired term
Lula Harris BreauxE 2000Appointed to fill Hazeur-Distance's unexpired term
Scott SheaA 2000-2002Elected to fill Terrell's unexpired term
Marlin GusmanD 2000-2002Elected to fill Glapion's unexpired term D 2002-2004 Elected to 4-year term but resigned when elected Criminal Sheriff
Cynthia Willard-LewisE 2000-2002 Elected to fill Hazeur's unexpired termE 2002-2006E 2006 - 2010
John A. Batt, Jr. A 2002-2006
Renee Gill Prat B 2002-2006
David Payton D 2004-2005 Appointed to fill Gusman's unexpired term
Cynthia Hedge-Morell D 2005-2006 Elected to fill Gusman's unexpired term D 2006-2010 D 2010-2014
Shelley Midura A 2006-2010
Stacy Head B 2006-2010 B 2010-2012 Resigned when elected to fill Fielkow's unexpired AL term AL 2012 -
James Carter C 2006-2010
Arnie Fielkow AL 2006-2010 AL 2010-2011 Resigned to head National Basketball Retired Players Assoc
Michael Darnell AL 2007 Appointed to fill Thomas' unexpired term
Suan Guidry A 2010 -
Kristin Gisleson Palmer C 2010 - 2014
Jon Johnson E 2010-2012 Resigned, July 2012
Eric Granderson AL 2011-2012 Appointed to fill Fielkow's unexpired term
Diana BajoieB 2012 Appointed to fill Head's unexpired term
Ernest Charbonnet E 2012 Appointed to fill Johnson's unexpired term
LaToya Cantrell B 2012 - Elected to fill Head's unexpired term
James Austin Gray II E 2012 - Elected to fill Johnson's unexpired term
Jason R. Williams AL 2014 -
Nadine M. Ramsey C 2014 -
Jared C. Brossett D 2014 -

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