Children of the WPA

Toy Projects

The WPA's Toy and Renovation Project operated in the New Orleans, where it manufactured and renovated toys, clothing, furniture and the like for free distribution to the needy through its sponsor, the Orleans Department of Public Welfare. The project was headquartered at 2256 N. Claiborne, where, at Christmas, workers repaired donated toys to be given to children of low income families.

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These children were recipients of WPA renovated toys, 1939.
Children who donated toys to the WPA Christmas Center, November, 1939.

The WPA also operated a Toy Lending Library which allowed children to "check out" toys for a specified period of time, just as they would check out a library book. The toy library for white children opened at 1119 Burgundy in August, 1938. The toy library for African American children, shown here, was housed in the Berean Community Center. A 1941 WPA report noted, "The children take such good care of the toys that only 2.8% are lost or come back in such condition that they cannot be repaired."

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