Children of the WPA

Public Health: Nursing Project

The WPA's Nursing Project, sponsored by the Louisiana Department of Health, provided assistance to parish health units, laboratories, and public hospitals around the state. It also employed out-of-work nurses who made home visits to the sick or to new mothers and also offered instruction in child care and hygiene. A 1940 WPA report notes that during that year WPA nurses made 13,278 visits to homes of needy New Orleanians.

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Two scenes in a WPA-staffed health clinic, September, 1941.
A registered nurse visits a home in New Orleans, September, 1941.
A little girl has her teeth checked at a dental clinic; the dentist's assistant is probably a WPA employee. The WPA also staffed mobile dental clinics which provided service in rural parishes.

The WPA also ran a "Maternity Center," where new mothers received instruction on how to bathe, feed and clothe their infants. These three photographs were taken in New Orleans in 1936.

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