A Tribute to Chief Warren E. McDaniels and the New Orleans Fire Department

This page offers a brief sample from an exhibit mounted by the Periodicals, Arts, and Recreation Division of the New Orleans Public Library. The exhibit, drawn from materials lent by the New Orleans Fire Museum, opens on the second floor bridge of the Main Library on February 24, 1997. It will remain on view through March 20, 1997. For more of the history of the Fire Department in the Crescent City you may visit the Fire Museum, 1135 Washington Avenue or check out the Museum's web site .

George Palmer Holmes was a Duster for Phoenix Volunteer Fire Company #8. He dressed in this attire on March 4th of each year to lead his company in the Annual Fireman's Parade. Photo is from The Historic New Orleans Collection.

Chief Warren E. McDaniels entered the New Orleans Fire Department on October 19, 1969 as a Firefighter. He has served in almost every rank of the department. On April 1, 1993, he was appointed to the highest rank in the department, Superintendent of Fire. Chief McDaniels made history by being the first African American to hold that office.

George Mondy was the first person of African American descent to be a member of the paid Fire Department. He opened the doors of professional firefighting to the African American citizens of our city in February, 1965. He retired in 1991 but was rehired to serve as Fire Supply Technician. This photo was taken while he was a Fire Apparatus Operator on June 12, 1967.

A determined group of firefighters in old style turnout gear battles a dangerous blaze somewhere in New Orleans' past.

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