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Charity Hospital started in the Vieux Carré during the eighteenth century, moved around for a while (including several years on Canal Street in a building that later became the State Capitol), and wound up on Common Street in 1832. It continued to care for the less fortunate citizens of New Orleans, including many recent immigrants, at that same location until the flood of 2005 shut everything down. We can’t begin to describe all of the many changes that affected Charity during its days in the neighborhood, so we’ll just present a few interesting visual examples.
Early (ca. 1870) stereographic photograph of Charity Hospital on Common Street.

Stereographs Collection, #33 (Photograph by W. H. Leeson)

John N. Teunisson’s view of Charity Hospital probably dates from about 1905 since the Delgado Memorial Building, erected in 1908, is not yet in place. Also, the shutters on the Tulane Avenue offices do not appear in later photographs.

John N. Teunisson Collection, #43

Postcard view of Charity Hospital, probably an enhanced version of Teunisson’s photograph.

Postcard Collection -- Hospitals, #6

A good view of Charity Hospital’s main building, taken from the courtyard during the early years of the twentieth century.

Charles Milo Williams Collection, #18

Palm trees decorated Tulane Avenue in front of Charity Hospital during the 1920s.

Charles Franck Collection -- Hospitals

Another Franck view of Charity Hospital from Tulane Avenue during the 1920s.

Recent Additions Collection, #32

Franck also captured this scene of patients in the Charity Hospital entryway in 1935.

Charles Franck Collection – Hospitals

After 100 years on Tulane Avenue, Charity Hospital’s facilities were inadequate to meet the needs of a growing, modern city. Several new buildings were added to the overall hospital complex and, in 1936, a grant from the federal government made replacement of the main hospital possible. Demolition of “old Charity” began soon thereafter; this photograph shows the ceremonial beginning of that project in the hospital courtyard on September 17, 1936.

WPA Photograph Collection – (Prints), Charity Hospital, #8

The demolition of “old Charity” in progress, November 4, 1936.

WPA Photograph Collection -- #11114

This April 15, 1938 photograph of Charity Hospital under construction was taken on the day after the topmost piece of steel was added to the building’s frame. It was taken from across Tulane Avenue, opposite the hospital. St. Katherine’s Church is visible in the foreground.

General Interest Collection -- Hospitals

This postcard showing “Big Charity” was mailed in 1964.

Postcard Collection -- Hospitals, #8

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