an exhibition celebrating the dedication of the
Rosa Keller Branch
Part III

Keller Benches As far back as the 1960s Rosa Keller had been making plans for the exterior beautification of the Main Library building. In a ca. 1968 letter to Herbert Jahncke, chairman of the Parkway and Park Commission, she mentions benches as part of the plan, noting that they "will have to come from other sources." During her last full year on the Library Board Mrs. Keller made her benches a reality by giving the funds needed for their fabrication and installation. Rosa Keller, the Mayor, and Wallace Young were the first New Orleanians to enjoy a seat on the Library's new benches. Each bench was marked by a small plaque on which was engraved the name and service dates of one of the fourteen individuals who served as chairman of the Public Library Board since its creation in 1896.

[New Orleans Municipal Government Photograph Collection--NOPL Series]

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