Francois Lacroix vs. James Imlay
Third District Court #16506
Extract from Lease Document

United States of America.
State of Louisiana -- City of New Orleans

Be it known, that on the Seventh day of December in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and fifty eight and the Eighty Third of the Independence of the United States of America.

Before me, Adolphe Boudousquie, Notary Public, duly commissioned and sworn, in and for this City and the Parish of Orleans, therein residing, and in the presence of the Witnesses hereinafter named and undersigned;

Personally came and appeared:
Mr. Francois Lacroix of this City;

Who declared that he does, by these presents, let, lease, and hire for the space and term of Ten consecutive years to be computed from the First day of May, eighteen hundred and fifty nine and to end on the First day of May, eighteen hundred and sixty nine,

Unto Mr. James Imlay, also of this city, here present and accepting for himself, his heirs and assigns,

Two lots of ground situate at Gentilly in the Third District of the city, near the Bayou St. John, and designated by the Nos. Five and Six on a Lithographic Plan which has been exhibited to me, Notary, and which is in the possession of said parties, Lot No. Five fronting on the Turnpike Road of the Bayou St. John and Lot No. Six fronting on a private road leading from said Bayou to the Gentilly Road, as shown on the said plan.

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