Mayor's Office. Indentures, July 12, 1809-November 30, 1814 [translation]. Indenture #26.


This agreement made and entered into
on the Second Day of January in
the Year of Our Lord One thousand
Eight Hundred and Eleven.

WITNESSETH: That Lolo Bremont, free mulatto woman, fourteen or fifteen years of age, or thereabout, born at Mirebalais, Isle of San Domingo, heretofore in the employ of Marie Rose, (free colored woman) by virtue of an agreement entered into at the Mayorality, the seventh day of April, 1809, and at this time to make a new contract, and because of the relinquishment of the aforementioned Marie Rose on this date, of her claim on the time and services of the aforementioned Lolo Bremont, has hired herself anew, for a good and valid reason, and with the well wishes and sanction of the Mayor of New Orleans, in the capacity of apprentice, at the disposal of Mrs. Augustin, of this city, to the end that she might learn the trade of making fashionable articles, in which trade the said Mrs. Augustin is now engaged. She furthr agrees to reside without interruption near her employer during the space of four years, consecutively, from the date hereof, to obey the just orders of the said Mrs. Augustin, and not to quit her without good cause and unless expressly authorized.

And the Madame Augustin, in consideration of the foregoing, promises and obligates herself to teach to the said apprentice the said trade of making fashiionable articles and all else thereunto belonging, and further to supply her with good and sufficient food, lodging, clothing, washing, and the aid of the craft, in case of illness.

In witness whereof, the contracting parties have made their marks respectively, and have affixed their seals in the presence of the undersigned witnesses at New Orleans, on the same day and in the same month and year as aforementioned.

Signed, sealed and delivered
In our presence, at New Orleans,
The 30th day of January.

(Signed) G. Chabaud
Jean Fischli
Lolo Bremont X her mark (Seal)

S. Augustin (Seal)
Marie Rose X her mark (Seal)

Jas. Mather,

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