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Online exhibits represent both digital versions of physical exhibits and those created soley in digital format. All exhibits include materials from the City Archives & Special Collections. Exhibits that were created in a digital format will be noted with a (d).

Algiers: The Right Bank 1846-1966 (Updated 2020 d)

African Americans in New Orleans City Government (2020 d)

The History of Nora Navra Library (2018 d)

Female Enterprise: Women Business and Property Owners in New Orleans, 1819-1927 (2018)

POSTED (2017-2018)

From Common and Basin to Tulane and Loyola: 150 Years of Change in Our Neighborhood (2014)

A Place to Play: The First Years of NORD, 1947-1948 (2012)

Alexander Allison's New Orleans: Selected Photographs from the Alexander Allison Collection (2010)

Hidden From History: Unknown New Orleanians (2008)

New Orleans Incorporated: 200 Years of the City Charter (2005)

Keeping Memories: The Louisiana Division's College Yearbook Collection (2004)

"A Great and Growing City": New Orleans in the Era of the Louisiana Purchase (2003)

Crescent City Choo Choo: A Short History of Railroads in New Orleans (2002)

The World of Francois Lacroix (2002)

Proteus 1909 Float Designs: Romances of Wales by Bror Anders Wikstrom (2002)

Children of the WPA (2001)

African Americans in New Orleans: City Government Employees (2001)

Algiers: The Right Bank (2000)

New Orleans: Gateway to the Americas (2000)

A Century Old: Carnival Memorabilia from 1900 & 1901 (2000)

African Americans in New Orleans: Learning (2000)

Rosa Keller Branch Dedication Exhibit (1999)

Que la fête commence! The French Influence on the Good Life in New Orleans (1999)

African Americans in New Orleans: Les Gens de Couleur Libres (1999)

219 Loyola: Building a Library for New Orleans (1998)

The River Runs Through It: New Orleans and the Mississippi (1998)

African Americans in New Orleans: Family History Sources (1998)

Crescent City Memory (1997)

African Americans in New Orleans: The Music (1997)

Let the Record Speak: Celebrating 100 Years of Service at New Orleans Public Library (Text only; 1996)

Images of the Month Gallery, 2012 - 1996

The Images of the Month Gallery was one of the NOPL website's earliest features, begun soon after our web page's debut on April Fool's Day, 1995. Each month, the Gallery presented a series of thematically linked images from the Louisiana Division collections or from the City Archives. The Gallery was discontinued at the end of 2007.

Image of the Month Gallery, 2008 - 2012

The Image of the Month Gallery featured a single image chosen from our collections each month. This gallery was discontinued in September 2012.

Letter of the Month Gallery, 2012

The Letter of the Month Gallery (2012) highlighted one of the many thousands of written communications housed in the collections.

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