New Orleans Incorporated: 200 Years of the City Charter
Louisiana Division | New Orleans Public Library

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On adoption of the 1805 Charter New Orleans was officially an American city after having existed as a European outpost on American soil for the better part of a century. It is rather ironic, therefore, that within a month the Conseil de Ville was asked by the Roman Catholic Vicar General, Rev. Patrick Walsh, to intervene in an ecclesiastical dispute with Pere Antoine. Father Walsh’s letter suggests that the Conseil should suppress, or at least discourage, a meeting to be held on the following day to elect a pastor for the New Orleans congregation. One day after the meeting, though, three members of the Conseil de Ville—Nicolas Girod, Charles Poree, and Paul Lanusse—reported that the meeting had taken place and that Pere Antoine had been chosen to be the pastor. For more information on this complex situation, see Stanley Fay’s article, “The Schism of 1805 in New Orleans,” published in the Louisiana Historical Quarterly, v. XX (1939), pp. 98-141.
          [Ordinances and resolutions of the Conseil de Ville, 1805-1815]

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