New Orleans Incorporated: 200 Years of the City Charter
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Mayor Martin Behrman (1864-1926) was in office when the 1912 Charter went into effect. He was a native of New York City who came to New Orleans when he was very young. Behrman was in the grocery business before entering politics with the Francis T. Nicholls gubernatorial campaign in 1888. He held numerous positions in local and state government prior to his election as mayor in 1904. He held that position until 1920 when he was defeated by Andrew McShane, but came back into office after being elected for an unprecedented fifth time in 1925. Martin Behrman died in office in 1926. The photograph displayed here is undated but we know that it was taken before 1912 since the mayor is shown with 16th Ward Councilman A. J. Harmeyer; with the 1912 Charter the city’s councilmen were replaced by commissioners.
          [Louisiana Photograph Collection, Martin Behrman Album (photographs by John Hypolite Coquille)]

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