New Orleans Incorporated: 200 Years of the City Charter
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During his first year in office Mayor Marc H. Morial appointed the Mayor’s Charter Revision Advisory Committee. The Committee, headed by attorney David Marcello, presented the mayor a number of recommendations. The document displayed here comprises those recommendations along with changes made by the mayor and his staff. In presenting this version to the City Council Mayor Morial noted that it represented the culmination of the charter revision efforts proposed by Mayor Moon Landrieu, the League of Women Voters, the New Orleans Business Council, and the administration of Mayor Sidney J. Barthelemy. The mayor was careful to not as well that
”… it is very important to emphasize that we are not submitting a "new' or "substitute" charter to you. Rather, we are submitting proposed amendments to the 1954 Charter. This distinction is critical because the Louisiana Constitution of 1974 grants enhanced authority to municipalities with a pre-1974 Home Rule Charter. While we are proposing a number of amendments, the basic 1954 Charter will remain intact. It is our intent to amend rather than replace the 1954 Charter.”

          [Home Rule Charter for the City of New Orleans: Mayor’s Recommendations, Amendments to the Charter (March 16, 1995)]

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