A transription of the WPA translation of the original French document

City & Parish of Orleans

This indenture made the twentieth day of January in the year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and twelve;

WITNESSETH: That for divers good causes and considerations, Louis, alias Amede, a free boy of colour, the natural son of Amant Morin, aged thirteen years or thereabouts, born at Port au Prince, in the Island of St. Domingo, has with the advice and consent of his father aforesaid, and the approbation of the Mayor of New Orleans, bound and put himself apprentice to Joseph Vellio, of the said City to learn the trade and occupations of a Tin Smith which the said Joseph Vellio now actually useth; and to dwell and continue with the said Joseph Vellio, his Executors and administrators from the day of the date hereof, until the full end and term of two years next ensuing. During all which period the said apprentice his said master faithfully shall serve, obey his lawful commands, and not depart from said service without his consent; and the said Master in consideration of the premises, his said apprentice in the trade and occupations aforesaid with all things thereunto belonging shall and will teach or cause to be taught and shall during the said term find for the said Louis, alias Amede, good and sufficient food, meat, drink, lodging, and six months night schooling for the purpose of learning to read and write and the arithmetic as far as the rule of three; It is further agreed that Amant Morin, the father of the said boy, shall furnish him, during the two years apprenticeship, with clothing, washing and medical aid in case of sickness -- three words enter lined approved and eight words erased null.

In testimony whereof the parties have hereunto subscribed their names and affixed their seals at New Orleans aforementioned the same day, month and year as above written.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of us:

G. Montamat [Signed] his

Louis X Amedee
J. Bte. Renaud [Signed] mark [Seal]

J. Vellio [Signed] [Seal]
A. Morin [Signed] [Seal]


Jas. Mather [Signed],

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