This photograph of Mayor Moon Landrieu’s staff was taken in the mid-1970s. Seated front row, center, is Terrence R. Duvernay, then Deputy Chief Administrative Officer. After the resignation of Richard Kernion in 1976, Duvernay became New Orleans’ first African American CAO. He left City Hall for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and is now working in the private sector.

Among the other black officials shown in the photograph are Robert H. Tucker (front row, far right), Henry Simmons (second row, far right), and Sidney J. Barthelemy (directly in front of the American flag).

When Dutch Morial took over the Mayor’s Office in 1978 he brought Reynard J. Rochon with him to City Hall as Chief Administrative Officer. This photograph, taken in December 1978, shows Rochon presenting an honorary citizenship to football star and actor Jim Brown. Rochon left City Hall in 1984 but later served as a key advisor to Mayor Sidney J. Barthelemy. Reynard Rochon died in 1993.

When this photograph was taken in 1981 Erroll G. Williams was Director of the city’s Department of Finance. He later served as Chief Administrative Officer under Mayor Dutch Morial. In 1985 Erroll Williams was elected Assessor for the Third Municipal District, a position that he holds today.

In 1981 Cedric Grant was an economic planner in the Mayor’s Office of Planning and Community Services. Last year, Mayor Marc Morial selected him to be the city’s new Chief Administrative Officer following the election of Marlin Gusman to the City Council.

Henry Simmons was Director of the city’s Finance Department under Mayor Moon Landrieu.

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