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The Windmill before the Football Game, 1904

This appears to be a windmill-driven water well on Tulaneís developing uptown campus. The cityís water supply system, operated by the Sewerage & Water Board, had not yet started pumping (that didnít happen until 1909). It would surely have been within the ability of students and professors in Tulaneís College of Technology to devise a reliable source of fresh water for the University. Thatís our guess, anyway. The windmill quite likely was the highest point on the Tulane property and thus the obvious place for the 1904 freshman class to put its mark on the campus. Again, our guess. Itís a fun photograph at any rate! By the way, Tulaneís football team had a 5-2 record in 1904 under coaches Thomas Berry and John Janvier and team captain Ralph Wood.

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