Alexander Allison's New Orleans
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Constitution -- "Old Ironsides"

One of the most famous American warships— hero of the War of 1812—the U.S.S. Constitution, popularly known as Old Ironsides, underwent a major restoration in the late 1920s. To celebrate the completion of that project the ship embarked on a ninety port tour during the years 1931-1934. The New Orleans leg of that tour coincided with the 1932 Carnival season (it was here from January 27 until February 13; Mardi Gras that year was February 9). Allison was able to photograph the historic vessel as it lay anchored at the Toulouse Street wharf. A line of visitors waiting to go aboard is visible to the right of the ship; more than 193,000 men, women, and children boarded the ship while it was in the Crescent City.

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