Alexander Allison's New Orleans
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West Bank, Algiers, 1900

Allison actually shot this photograph in Harvey, a bit upriver from Algiers and directly across from Louisiana Avenue in uptown New Orleans. The Harvey Canal and its locks (then still under construction) are visible to the left. Also visible in the center, just beyond the houses fronting the River, are the two Gothic turrets of Harvey’s Castle. That structure, built in 1844 as a residence, became the Jefferson Parish court house in 1874 (when Carrollton became part of the city of New Orleans). At the time of this photograph the Castle was being used as the Columbia Gardens, a pleasure resort with sporting activities, dancing, and the like. That venture was short-lived, and the building began to deteriorate thereafter. It was gone by the mid-1920s, but the Canal --now part of the Intracoastal Waterway -- remains a key element in the regional economy.

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