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St. Charles Avenue -- Jackson Avenue to Philip Street -- Whitney's, 1910-1920

Charles A. Whitney and his wife Mary Louise Morgan Whitney built this grand Avenue residence in the early 1870s. Mrs. Whitney was the daughter of Charles Morgan, the New York shipping and railroad magnate; her children founded the Whitney National Bank. S. Frederick Starr in Southern Comfort: The Garden District of New Orleans (New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 1998) states that, “For sheer opulence, no Second Empire mansion in the Garden District ever rivaled the Charles Whitney residence at 2233 St. Charles Avenue.” Starr continues, “…the Whitney mansion became one of the chief sights of the city….To contemporaries, it epitomized the new New Orleans.” The great house, though, would not be part of the even newer New Orleans of the post-World War II era; it was demolished in 1940 and subsequently replaced by the Georgian Apartments.

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