Alexander Allison's New Orleans
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From Maison Blanche Building, towards the Southern Railway Freight Sheds and the Consumers Electric Company Stack, 1910

Birdseye view photographs such as this one, taken from atop the thirteen-story Maison Blanche Building, allowed for wide views of the urban landscape. Here we see a number of interesting structures including St. Louis Cemetery #1 on Basin Street and the old church now known as Our Lady of Guadalupe on North Rampart Street. The 209 foot smoke stack, advertising Bull Durham tobacco, was part of the Consumers Electric plant on Rampart between Bienville and Conti Streets. Also visible just to the right of the cemetery is the freight office building for the Southern Railway (now the Basin Street Station visitor center/office building). The buildings to the left of the cemetery, both along Basin Street and behind it, were part of Storyville, the city’s (in)famous red-light district.

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