219 Loyola: Building a Library for New Orleans

Here is a partial list of articles on the architecture of the Main Library published in national (and, in one case, international) journals. The actual articles are on display in our exhibit.
"Architectural Achievements." Alcoa Aluminum Co. brochure, 1958.

"Bibliotheque, Nouvelle Orleans, Etats-Unis." l'architecture d'aujourd'hui (June-July, 196l).

Curtis and Davis; Goldstein, Parham and Labouisse; Favrot, Reed, Mathes and Bergman; Associated Architects. "The New Orleans Public Library." In Clinton H. Cowgill and George E. Pettengill. "The Library Building." Journal of the American Institute of Architects (Reprinted from the May and June 1959 issues).

Jacobs, John Hall. "Yesterday's Charm with Today's Functional Beauty." The Pioneer (March-April, 1959).

Logan, George King. "Cinderella Library." Library Journal (December 1, 1957).

"P/A Design Awards Seminar IV." Progressive Architecture (October 1957).

The building also received mention in a variety of advertisements by companies which contributed to the construction or furnishing of the builing and in trade journals, in several of the mayor's annual reports, and in many, many local newspaper articles.

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