219 Loyola: Building a Library for New Orleans

Architects sometimes are criticized for designing libraries without first consulting with librarians. This document from early in the Main Library planning process proves that NOPL staff did have an opportunity to provide design suggestions. Obviously not all of these suggestions were adopted--the sunscreen, for example, does serve as an excellent roosting place for the neighborhood pigeons.
[NOPL Correspondence/Subject Files]
[Shown here are the first 10 of 30 "hints."]

From the standpoint of staff experience as librarians working in various buildings has shown that certain features are bad in library buildings. Some of these are listed below. Architects will think of others.

1 - Door treads should not be used. They interfere with the movement of book trucks.

2 - There should be no roosting place for pigeons.

3 - There should be no attractive hazards which will lure children to use premises or building for playing, or adults for loitering.

4 - Light switches should be placed for the convenience of the staff. In some cases reversible switches should be provided.

5 - Glare is bad on staff, patrons and books. It should be eliminated.

6 - Storage space for supplies, equipment, waste paper, etc. is necessary in each department.

7 - All built-up flat roofs leak!

8 - Outside doors should open outward, and be equipped with panic hardwaree, and door-checks--also protected from driving rains.

9 - Overhanging roof is desirable, particularly over windows and doors.

10 - Public toilets should be inconvenient to street pedestrians.

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