219 Loyola: Building a Library for New Orleans

Because of the need to reduce construction costs, several of the original finishes proposed for the Main Library were changed, both inside and outside the building. Hence there is no marble or mosaic tile in the entrance lobby, nor do several other embellishments exist.
[NOPL Correspondence/Subject Files]
Schedule of Finishes
[part] New Orleans Public Library
Main Library


Sun Screen

Fascias and Window Mullions


Rear wall

West Wall Below Sun Screen

Solid Panel by Tulane Avenue Entrance

Main Entrance (Loyola)

-- Anodized Aluminum

-- Aluminum

-- Mosaic Tile

-- Marble

-- Marble (glazed)

-- Mosaic Tile Mural

-- Mosaic Tile Mural NOTE: All glass glare reducing.




-- Slate

-- Cement Plaster


Columns (Public Areas)

Columns (Stack & Work Areas)

Floors (Public Areas)

Floors (Work Areas)

Floors (Stacks)

Ceilings (First Main Level & Mezzanine)

Ceilings (Under Mezzanine & 2nd Main Level)

Ceilings (Stacks)

Walls (Public & Administrative Areas)

Walls (Work Areas)

Walls (Stacks)


-- Mosaic Tile

-- Exposed Concrete or Plaster Fireproofing

-- Vinyl Tile & Slate

-- Vinyl--Asbestos

-- Asphalt Tile

-- Lunimous

-- Metal Pan Acoustic

-- Exposed Concrete

-- Plywood & Plaster

-- Vinyl Plastic on Plaster

-- Concrete & Plaster

-- Plywood and Glass

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