219 Loyola: Building a Library for New Orleans

This "facts and figures" sheet was prepared by the Library administration to assist staff members in answering questions from the public about details of the new building.
[NOPL Correspondence/Subject Files]
219 Loyola Ave.
Architects: Curtis and Davis; Goldstein, Parham & Labouisse; Favrot, Reed, Mathes & Bergman.
Awarded Progressive Architecture Magazine Design Award for Public Buildings -- 1956.
Art Work: A. Mosaic and Dedicatory wall (Loyola Street side), gift of Friends of the New Orleans Public Library. Wording: "As an expression of pride in the past and confidence in the future the citizens have dedicated this Public Library of New Orleans for all whose thirst for knowledge leads them into the eternal quest for truth." Composed by architects and librarians.

B. Chase Photomurals (inside front walls, main floor), gift of Faculty and Students of Dillard University in memory of Professor James Hardy Dillard, first Chairman of the Board, New Orleans Public Library.

C. Flettrich Murals (inside front walls, main floor), gift of Mr. and Mrs. Jules J. Paglin in memory of Sam Bonart. Painted by Mr. Leonard Flettrich.

D. Helmer Mural (over bridge), gift of Mr. Seymour Weiss in memory of his brother, Julius (Johnny) Weiss. Painted by Robert Helmer.

E. Japanese Rock Garden (on bridge), gift of The Japanese Government; Japan Society of New Orleans, Inc.; and Mr. Tohemon Sano. Latern and rocks imported from an old Buddist moastery in Japan.

Book capacity: 1,050,000 volumes
Ceiling: Perforated, ribbed aluminum sheets suspended from the structure. Combines air-conditioning distribution with acoustic control.
Color: Cherry woodwork. Walls, upholstery, shelving, etc. white, persimmon, sky blue, lemon yellow, black and light gray.
Construction: Reinforced concrete on timber piling foundation, sunk to a depth of approximately 80' - 0". Rear wall, solid brick masonry; other three tinted glass, with light transmission ranging from 15% on west wall to 65% on east and south.
Contractor: R. P. Farnsworth & Co.
Cost: Basic contract for building
Furniture and Fixtures
Land (to complete lot)

$208,012 ($18.00 plus sq. ft.)

Dedication: Ground breaking November 30, 1956. Open for use December 15, 1958. Dedication date not yet set.
Dimensions: Lot 71,377.56 sq. ft. Building 146,902 sq. ft. Each floor contains approximately 33,000 sq. ft., mezzanine approximately 15,000 sq. ft. Ceiling height, main floor 21' 6"; other floors mezzanine 10' 0", 2nd floor 11' 0". Building 150 x 216 ft. Size of bays 22' 0" x 28' 0".
Floor covering: Open area: rubber tile in strips. Closed areas: asphalt tile.
Furniture: In public areas, supplied by Remington Rand. Most of furniture is constructed laminated plastic (formica).
Air Conditioning: Leo S. Weil and Walter B. Moses, Consulting Engineers; nominal 500 tons of Air Conditioning using forced air system.
Inter-com communicating system: Kellogg Select-o-phone
Lighting: deLaureal & Moses, Consulting Engineers. 272 volt Enger Monarch flourescent fixtures over honeylite louvered aluminum diffusers. Incandescent accent lighting.
Patios: Equipment, planting and maintenance provided by the Garden Club of the Junior League of New Orleans (West patio) and Town Gardeners (East patio). Iron kettles purchased from The Lodge Manufacturing Co., South Pittsburg, Tenn.
Solar Screen: Scientifically designed to eliminate sunlight and glare. Constructed by Metal Trims, Inc. from Alcoa aluminum anodized in two tones of grey, the screen reduced air conditioning requirement to compensate for its cost.

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