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Records of the Office of Special Events

The Office of Special Events coordinated and planned City of New Orleans events designed to inform the public and to promote economic development. Included were annual events such as Mardi Gras, the Mayor's budget address, the Mayor's state of the city address, and the Mayor's Medal of Honor selection and ceremony. The Office was also responsible for various ongoing events including Town Hall meetings and the Mayor's cabinet meetings. In addition, the Office assisted other city agencies with organizing community events and fundraisers.

In general, the contents of this record series are somewhat disordered. For example, in the "Medal of Honor" folder for 1997 there are items from earlier and later years. Some are copies but others may have been moved from one year's folder to another while the records were still at City Hall.

Detailed Description of the Records

Box 1

280th Anniversary of New Orleans 1998 Also includes some material on the 250th and 275th anniversaries.
Bienville Statue 1997
Bond Proposal Party 1995
Budget (1996) Address 1995
Budget (1997) Address 1996
Budget (1998) Address 1997
Budget (1999) Address 1998
Budget (2000) Address 1999
Budget (2002) Address 2001
Budget (Office of Special Events) 2000
Cabinet Luncheon 1999
Cabinet Luncheons 1995
Cabinet Luncheons 1998
Cabinet Luncheons 1999
Cabinet Luncheons 2001
Cabinet/Staff Meetings 1994-1997
Cards (Christmas, Mardi Gras, Etc.)

Census (2000) 1999
Christmas Card 1999
Christmas Cards 1994-1996
Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony 1999

Box 2

City Parks Forum 1999
Consular Corps Reception 2001
Contract with "In the Event" 2001
Crescent City Classic 1999-2000 Including material relative to the new City Park route for the race.
D-Day Museum Opening Events 2000
Dedication, Israel M. Augustine, Jr. Criminal Justice Center 1997
Degas House 2000
Democratic National Committee, Welcoming Reception 1995
Democratic National Convention Site Selection 1998
Democratic National Convention Site Selection Committee 1994

Box 3

Dinner for John Casbon 2000
Easter Egg Hunt 2001
French Quarter Festivals, Inc./Creole Christmas 1994
Fulbright Scholars Coffee/Enrichment Seminar 2000-2001
Gallier Hall 1994-1995
Gates Library Foundation 1997
Gore, Vice President Al 2000 Visit to New Orleans and related events.
Gumbo Holiday 1996
Holiday Events 1994-1995 Includes some material from the administration of Mayor Sidney J. Barthelemy.
Homeless Christmas 1999
Inauguration 1998
Jubilee 2000 (Archdiocese of New Orleans) 2000
Krewe Captains Carnival Luncheon 2000
Light Rail Project 1998(?)
Little City Hall Town Meeting (Cohen High School)

Little City Hall Town Meeting (De La Salle High School) 1995
Little City Hall Town Meeting (Hispanic/Latin American Affairs) 1997
Little City Hall Town Meeting (Marion Abramson High School)

Little City Hall Town Meeting (St. Augustine High School) 1996
Little City Hall Town Meeting (St. Dominic School)

Box 4

Little City Hall Town Meeting (Upper Ninth Ward/Desire-Florida Area) 1995
Marc on the Parc/Family Picnic 1997-1998
Mardi Gras 1994-1995 Also includes several documents from the administration of Mayor Sidney J. Barthelemy, including one dealing with the establishment of the Special Events Coordinator position.
Mardi Gras 1996

Box 5

Mardi Gras 1997
Mardi Gras 1998
Mardi Gras 1999

Box 6

Mardi Gras 2000
Mardi Gras 2001

Box 7

Mardi Gras 2002
Mardi Gras Advisory Committee 1999-2000
Mayor's Cabinet Party 2000
Medal of Honor 1994
Medal of Honor 1995
Medal of Honor 1996
Medal of Honor 1997
Medal of Honor 1998

Box 8

Medal of Honor 1999
Medal of Honor 2000
Medal of Honor 2002
Millennium Celebration 1999 Includes information on a proposed book on the 100 most influential people of the last 100 years.
Million Mom March 2000
Miscellaneous 1998
Miscellaneous Cards, Invitations, Etc.
Most from events sponsored by the Mayor's Office, including samples, prototypes, etc.
Mission Statement, Purpose, Etc.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) 2001 Convention in New Orleans.
National Football League/Habitat for Humanity 1996
New Orleans Day in Baton Rouge 2000
New Orleans Day in Baton Rouge 2001
New Orleans Downtown: TODAY's Solid Investment/Mayor's Economic Development Luncheon 1996
New Orleans Opera Association Premiere of A Streetcar Named Desire 2000 Proposal for a partnership with the City of New Orleans.
Olympic Torch Relay 2001

Box 9

Pete Fountain Foundation 1997
Place de Bienville/Jeanne d'Arc 1997-1999
Portrait of the Mayor 2000
Protocol Resource Center 1998 Order of precedence generally followed by municipal governments.
Reception for Departing Cabinet Members 1999-2000
Reception for Irma Dixon, Eugene Green and Kimberly Williamson 2000
Reception for Retiring Judges 1996
Recognition Event for Sheila Webb 2000
Republican National Convention (1996) Site Selection Committee 1994
Rosa Keller Branch Library Dedication 1999
San Francisco Streetcar Dedication 2000
Special Events Information Brochure 2001
Special Events Task Force 1996
State of the City Address 1994
State of the City Address 1995
State of the City Address 1996
State of the City Address 1997
State of the City Address 1999
State of the City Address 2000
State of the City Address 2000
State of the City/Farewell Address 2002
Stress Relief Retreat (Intergovernmental Relations Staff) 1999

Box 10

Summit of the Americas 1996
Super Bowl Task Force 1994
Thanksgiving Event 1994
Thank-You Events 2002 Mayor's parties thanking the media, business community, city employees, etc.
Town Hall Meeting, Algiers 1994
Town Hall Meeting, Lower Ninth Ward 1994
Transportation Cabinet Meeting 1999
Tree of Life Award 1997 Jewish National Fund award honoring Mayor Morial and L. Ronald Forman.
Tribute Honoring Governor Edwin W. Edwards 1995
United States Conference of Mayors 1998
United States Conference of Mayors 1999 Meeting in New Orleans
Unity Rally and Vigil 2001 A post-9/11 "Teach Tolerance" event.
Unveiling of the Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong Birthplace 2001
Urban League Golden Gala 1996
Visit of Haitian President Rene Preval 1999
Visiting Spanish Doctors 2001
Weiss Award Dinner 1995
Wisner Foundation Application for Funding of the Mayor's Medal of Honor Program 2000
YMCA Major Gifts Campaign 2000
Youth Celebration 1994
Zulu King's Club 1999
Miscellaneous materials
A late addendum to the series

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