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Records of the Office of Small & Emerging Business Development

The Mayor's Office of Small & Emerging Business Development worked with small and emerging businesses in Orleans Parish to enhance their opportunities for growth. It assisted small businesses in recognizing opportunities to do business with the City of New Orleans, and initiated programs to better prepare them to more competitively pursue private sector opportunities. The Office worked to assist city agencies and quasi agencies in better coordinating their small business development programs to provide more valuable and efficient services to the small business community.

The Office sponsored workshops, educational activities, a newsletter, and special programs designed to identify procurement opportunities. Of particular importance was its role in monitoring the city's Open Access Plan, created by Mayor Morial in 1995 in an effort to provide disadvantaged, minority, and women-owned business enterprises with a stake in major construction and other development projects in the Crescent City.

The records described below were selected from a considerably larger group of documents that remained in the Archives after City Hall staff members recalled approximately half of what was originally transfered from the Office in 2002. We have no record of what was recalled or why, nor do we know what became of those materials once they left the Archives. Much of what was left behind comprised monthly Open Access Plan reports for a dozen or so major construction/development projects; we did not retain those reports.

Detailed Description of the Records

Folder Title Dates Notes

Box 1

Affirmative Action Program for the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center undated
Approved Vendors Listing 1999
Business Calling Program 2000
Business of Art Grant Application 1995
Business of Art I 1994
Business of Art II 1995
Business of Art III 1995
Business of Art IV 1995
Business of Art V 1996
Business of Art X 1998
Business of Art XII 1999
Business of Art XIV 2000
Business of Art XVI 2001
Business of Art, Selection Committee Exhibition 1997
Business of Arts and Sciences 1997
Business of Arts and Sciences 1998
Business of Arts and Sciences 1999

Box 2

Certification Information undated
Certified Business Enterprises undated
Certified Firms undated
City Business and Permitting Assistance Center, Policies and Procedures Manual 1997
Conference on Women 1999
Croson, Disparity Studies and Implications for Minority/Women Business Enterprise undated Re: City of Richmond v. J.A. Croson Co., 488 U.S. 469 (1989)
Department of Public Works, Project Coordination List 1997/05/12
Development of Minority/Women Business Enterprise Goals and Employment Goals for the Sewerage & Water Board 1994 National Economic Research Associates
Dillard's 1997
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Certification Checklist undated
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Plan for the New Orleans International Airport 1996
Disadvantaged Business Participation with City Agencies 1996-1997
Divisional Objectives 1995-1996
Empowerment Zones 1996-1997
Entergy Thermal Project 1999
Enterprise Communities, Performance Review 1996
Enterprise Zone Strategy 1998
Governor's Arts Awards 1997
Handelman Project Feasibility Analysis undated Submitted by the Central City Economic Opportunity Corporation (CCEOC); prepared by Hewitt-Washington & Associates, Oakland Econometrics, and Silas Lee & Associates
Harrah's Jazz Company Certification, Priority List 1995

Box 3

Job Descriptions 1994
Louisiana Association of Business Enterprise Specialists (LABES) 1996-1997
Mayor's Women in Ministry 1997
Minority/Women Participation in Business Procurement 1997
NAACP ACT-SO Awards Ceremony 2000 ACT-SO=Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics
National Black Chamber of Commerce Annual Business Convention 1999 Held in New Orleans
New Businesses (Quarterly Report) 1995 Third Quarter
Newcorp 1996
Newsletters 1997 Produced by the Office
Office Information/Activities 1995-1999 2 folders

Box 4

Olympics 1997
Open Access Compliance Office, Responsibilities 1996
Open Access Information undated
Open Access Plan 1995-2000 Includes copy of Mayor Morial's Executive Order 95-002 which created the Open Access program along with copies of individual Plans for several projects active during the period
Open Access Plan, Operation and Maintenance of City-Owned Cemeteries undated
Open Access Program Certification Application, Sole Proprietorship 2000
Overall Economic Development Plan 1995-1997
Project Management Update 1997

Box 5

Rebuild New Orleans, NOW! Non-Street Capital Projects 1997 Projects Bidding July-December
Regional Transit Authority, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Application undated
Ritz Carlton and All Suites Hotel Development Projects, Evaluations, Pre-Bid Conference 1997
Riverwalk Ship Collision 1996-1997
Role of Local Organizations, Research Relating to the Creation of a Small Business Bonding Assistance and Contract Financing Program 1995 MSBDFA Management Group, Inc.
Seminar-Business to Business Networking 1997
Seminar--How to Do Business with Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corp. 1997
Seminar--How to Do Business with the Hotel Industry 1997
Seminar--Marketing on the Internet 1997
Seminar--Opportunities to do Business with … 1996
Seminar--Opportunities to Do Business with South Africa 1996
Seminars, General 1996-1998
Seminars, General 2000-2001
Seminar--The Enterprising Woman: Portraits of Success 1996
Small Business Contract Financing and Bonding Assistance Program undated
Small Business Procurement Opportunity Center 1997
Sopena Corporation 1996
Southeast Louisiana Black Chamber of Commerce 1997
Super Bowl XXXI 1997
Task Force Meetings 1998
Treme Historical Development Corporation 1996-1997
Wall Street Summit 2000 Sponsored by the Rainbow/Push Coalition
Women Business Owners Association 1995-1997
Women Business Owners Association Achievers 1995-1998
Women's Business Council 1996-1997
Women's History Month 1997

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