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Records of the Office of Public Advocacy

The Office of Public Advocacy was an information and referral department that kept information on local, state and federal departments and agencies to refer citizens. It handled requests and complaints about city government and monitored individual responses. The Office also functioned as a citizen information office for emergencies and disasters.

The records are divided into two sub-series--General Office Files and Closed Case Files. The General Office Files are arranged in alphabetical order by folder title. Included is an approximately 10% sample of records relating to the activities of the Strategic Inspection Force (SIF), a coordinated code enforcement and clean up program involving multiple city departments and agencies.

The Closed Case Files also represent an approximately 10% sample of records originally transferred to the Archives. Individual case files include a cover sheet identifying the citizen making the request or complaint, name of the city employee making the referral, a description of the request/complaint and any actions taken by city agencies, and a variety of related notations. Attached to the cover sheet are a varying number of supporting documents (ranging from one or two sheets to several dozen) such as memorandums, photographs, documents (or copies) from agencies dealing with the problems, and formal letters to the citizen advising of actions taken. Most of the case files are arranged alphabetically by first letter of the surnames of individual citizens, subdivided by the lead agency/agencies responding to the citizen inquiry. A smaller number of files are arranged by city department or other agency. Also included are several of the reports kept by the Office of its referral activities. Separate reports were made for each city agency; they include date, date closed, name of complainant, and a description and location of the problem.

Detailed Description of the Records

Closed Case Files--Agencies/Departments

Box 1

Audubon Institute 1994-1995
Criminal Sheriff 1994-1999
Health 1999
Human Relations Commission 1994-1995
Human Relations Commission 1994-2000
Jefferson Parish 1994-1997
Louisiana, State of 1994-2000
New Orleans Public Library 1995-2000
Office of Municipal Investigation 1994-1998
Property Management 1994-2000

Box 2

Public Works 2001
Regional Transit Authority 2001
Rivergate Development Corporation 1995
SPCA 1998-1999
Water 1995-1997
Water 1995-1997
Water 1996-1997
Closed Case Files--Names of Individuals
A 1994 Streets
A 1994-2000 Sanitation
A 2001 Various
AARP 55-Alive Mature Driving Course 1996 Public Works
AARP 55-Alive Mature Driving Course 1996-1997 Public Works/Parkways

Box 3

Anonymous 1994-1997 Social Service
Anonymous 1995 Streets
Anonymous 1996 Health/Housing
Anonymous 1997 New Orleans Police Department
Anonymous 1999 Sewerage & Water Board/Public Works
Anonymous 1999-2000 Health
Anonymous 2001 Various
B 1994-1997 Sanitation
B 1994-1997 Social Service
B 1994-1997 Streets
B 1994-1998 New Orleans Police Department
B 1994-1999 New Orleans Police Department

Box 4

B 1994-2000 Safety & Permits
B 1995-2000 Regional Transit Authority
B 2000 Public Works/Sewerage & Water Board
C 1994-1997 Sewerage & Water Board/Streets
D 1994-1997 Housing
D 1994-1997 Streets
E 1999 Public Works
E 1999 Sewerage & Water Board
F 1996 Mayor's Office
F 1998 Housing
H 1994-1997 Housing

Box 5

H 1994-1998 New Orleans Police Department
H 1994-1999 Regional Transit Authority
H 1998 Sewerage & Water Board/Public Works
J 1994-1996 Various
J 1994-1999 New Orleans Police Department
J 1998-2001 Various
J 1999 Housing
J 2000 Public Works
Jeremiah's Group [Vera Butler] 1999 Housing/Health
K 1994 Utilities
K 1994-1997 Sewerage & Water Board/Public Works
K 1994-1999 Sanitation

Box 6

L 1994-1997 New Orleans Police Department
L 1994-1997 Social Service
L 1994-1997 Streets/Sewerage & Water Board
L 1994-2000 Regional Transit Authority
L 1995-1997 Safety & Permits
L 1995-1997 Sanitation
M 1994-1997 Public Works

Box 7

M 1994-1997 Streets
M 1994-1999 Health/Housing
M 2000 Various
Mc 1999 Health/Housing
Mc 1999 Public Works
N 1997 Sanitation
O 1994-1995 Regional Transit Authority
O 1998-1999 Public Works
P 1996-1999 Various
P 1998 Health
P 2001 Various
Q 1999 Public Works
R 1994-1997 New Orleans Police Department
R 1994-1997 Social Service
R 1994-1999 Sanitation
S 1994-1997 Health/Housing

Box 8

S 1994-1997 Streets/Sewerage & Water Board
S 1994-1999 New Orleans Police Department
S 1998 Public Works
T 1994-1997 Housing/Health
T 1994-1998 New Orleans Police Department
T 1994-1998 Social Service

Box 9

T 1995-1997 Utilities
T 1998 Housing/Health
U 1997 New Orleans Police Department
U 1999 Public Works
W 1994-1997 Streets/Sewerage & Water Board
W 1994-1997 Streets/Sewerage & Water Board
W 1994-2000 New Orleans Police Department
W 1995-1996 Safety & Permits
W 1998 Sewerage & Water Board/Public Works
Y 1995 Safety & Permits
Z 1995-1997 Public Works
Z 2001 Various
Closed Case Files--Reports
Reports 1994/10-1995/02
Reports 1995/06, 08, 11

Box 10

Reports 1995/12
Reports 1995/12
Reports 1996/01-02
Reports 1996/12-1997/02
General Office Files
Alcohol Beverage Outlet Complaints 1999-2001
Bed & Breakfast Task Force 1997
Better Business Bureau Complaints 1994

Box 11

College Internship Program 1999-2001
Community Organizations Directories 1996-1997
Community Work Experience Program, Operations Manual 1997
Correspondence 1994
Division of Housing & Neighborhood Development 1994-2001
Emergency Fact Binder 1998
Freeze Plan 1995
Health Department 1998
Historic Districts/Landmarks Commission 1997
Housing 1997-1998
Housing Authority of New Orleans 1997-1998
Human Relations Commission 1995-1996
Mardi Gras Ordinance 1998
Mayor's Conference on Women 1997
Mayor's Conference on Women 1998
Mayor's Conference on Women 1999

Box 12

Mayor's Conference on Women 2000
Memorandums 1994
Memorandums 1994-2002
Memorandums 1996
Memorandums 1997
Memorandums 1998
Memorandums 1999
Memorandums 2000
New Orleans Police Department 1996-1997
New Orleans Promise, Community Service Day 1997
Noise Ordinance 1997-1998
Parks & Parkways 1997-1998
Property Management, Department of 1997
Public Works, Department of/Sewerage & Water Board 1997-1998
Rally for the Public Schools 1999
Safety & Permits, Department of 1998
Strategic Inspection Force Report Form 2001
Strategic Inspection Force, Community List 1999
Strategic Inspection Force, General 1997-1998
Strategic Inspection Force--Hollygrove 2001
Strategic Inspection Force--Jazz Fest 1999
Strategic Inspection Force--Jazz Fest 2000
Strategic Inspection Force--Pines Village/Skyview 1998
Strategic Inspection Force--Seventh Ward 2000

Box 13

Strategic Inspection Force--St. Claude/Faubourg Franklin 2001
Strategic Inspection Force--St. Peter Claver Area 1999
Strategic Inspection Force--St. Philip the Apostle (Desire/Florida) 2001
Strategic Inspection Force--St. Roch/Elysian Fields 2002
Strategic Inspection Force--St. Roch/Shaw 2001
Strategic Inspection Force--Treme 2000
Strategic Inspection Force--West Carrollton/Leonidas 2001
Strategic Overview, Algiers, Central City, Desire, and Gert Town 1998
Transition Task Forces, Membership Lists 1994
U. S. Conference of Mayors, Annual Meeting Program 1999
Unity for the Homeless, Sub-Grantee Program Reference Guide 1998
Xavier University, Family Life Center 1997

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