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Division of Federal & State Programs and Mayors Office Administration

Records of the Office of Federal & State Programs, Subseries A

For an administrative history and scope note for this series see the main page for the Division of Federal & State Programs and Mayor’s Office Administration.

Detailed Description of the Records

Box 1

Administrative Support Retreat, Ethics in Government 1996
AIDS Research Center 1994
All Congregations Together (ACT) 1994
Alliance for Human Services 1994
Americorp 1994
Armstrong Redevelopment, Inc. 1994
Armstrong Redevelopment, Inc. 1994
Armstrong Redevelopment, Inc. 1994
Arts Council of New Orleans 1995-1996
Bienville Corridor Project 1995
Black Arts National Diaspora 1994
Black Music Hall of Fame Museum 1994
Brandeis Project 1994
Budget, DHND 1996
Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) Network Training Schedule 1995
Children of Salvation Youth Program 1994
Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse 1994
Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (CADA) 1994-1995
Community Christian Concern, Inc. 1994
Community Development Block Grant Funding 1995-1996
Community Development Block Grants 1994-1995
Community Exchange 1995
Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy (CHAS) 1994
Consolidated Plan 1994-1996
Construction Management 1994
Continuum of Care Grants 1995
Continuum of Care Summit 1995
Contract Development Unit 1994
Contracts/Contractors 1995
Cooperative Endeavor Agreement between the State of Louisiana and the Seventh Ward Community Service Corporation 1994
Correspondence 1994-1995
Correspondence 1996

Box 2

Correspondence, DHND 1995-1996
Correspondence, Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) 1994-1995
Correspondence, Incoming 1994
Correspondence, Miscellaneous 1994
Cost Allocation Negotiation Agreement 1995
Covenant House 1994
Criminal Justice Council 1994
Delta Service Corps 1994
Department of City Welfare 1994-1996
DHND 1994
DHND Budget 1995
DHND's Federal Funding Program
DHND, Division of Housing 1994
Do Something Campaign (Fox 38 TV) 1994
Economic Development 1995
Emergency Shelter Grants 1995-1996
Empowerment Zone 1994
Empowerment Zone Enterprise Community 1995
Environmental Affairs 1995
Environmental Affairs 1995
EXCELth 1995-1996
EXCELth 1995-1996
Federal Agendas 1996
Federal Grant Subgrantee Contracts 1996
First Commerce Community Development Corporation 1995
Florida Education Fund 1994
Formula Proposals, Recommendations 1995
General Information 1995-1996
Grantsmanship Center 1995
Grantsmanship Center Seminar 1995
Great Expectations 1996

Box 3

Great Expectations 1995
Great Expectations, Clinic Contracts 1995
Great Expectations, Correspondence 1995
Great Expectations, Correspondence/Memorandums 1995
Great Expectations, Proposed Budget for Fourth Year 1995
Great Expectations, Requests for Proposals 1995-1996
Great Expectations, Summer Youth Employment 1995
Greater New Orleans Foundation 1995
Health Care for the Homeless 1994
Health Clinics 1995
Health Department 1994
Health Policy and AIDS Funding 1995-1996
Health Policy Correspondence 1994-1995
Healthy Start Program 1995
Historic Districts Landmarks Commission 1995
Hope III 1995
Hope III 1994
Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) 1995
Housing Strategies 1994
Housing Summit 1995
Housing Summit '94, A Plan for Recovery for New Orleans Housing 1994
Human Relations Commission 1996
Incubator Without Walls 1994
Indirect Costs 1995-1996
INS Team Meeting Minutes 1995
Join Together Community Exchange Program 1994
JTPA Applications 1995
JTPA Records Retention 1995
Local Initiatives Support Corporation 1994
Louisiana Assisted Housing Management Association 1994
Louisiana Department of Labor, JTPA 1994-1995
Loyola Center for Research and Development 1995
Martin Luther King Celebration 1994-1995
Mayor's Team 1996
Mayor's Team Summer Youth Program 1994
Meeting Schedules 1994

Box 4

Meetings 1996
Memorandums, Incoming 1996
Memorandums, Outgoing 1994
Memorandums, Outgoing 1995
Mini Constituency Summits 1995
Mini Summit One, Challenges and Opportunities for Residents of Public Housing 1995
Mirabeau Apartments, Phase I 1994
Mirabeau Family Learning Center 1995-1996
Monitoring Site Visits 1994-1995
Morial Transition Team, Housing Task Force 1994
National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials 1994
National Youth Services Day 1995
Neighborhood Housing Improvement Fund 1994-1995
Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans 1995
Network for Community Mobilization 1994
New Orleans Home Mortgage Authority 1994
New Orleans Home Mortgage Authority 1995
New Orleans Neighborhood Development Foundation 1996
New Orleans Neighborhood Development Foundation 1994
New Orleans Recreation Department 1996
New Orleans Regional Medical Center 1995
New Orleans Target Cities Project 1994-1995
New Orleans Target Cities Project 1995
New Orleans Youth Action Corps 1996
New Orleans Youth Action Corps 1995
New Orleans Youth Action Corps 1994
NOFA Applicants 1995
Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) 1996-1997
Office of Housing 1994-1995
Orleans Private Industry Council 1994
Orleans Private Industry Council 1994-1996
Orleans Private Industry Council, School to Work 1994-1995
Personnel, DHND

Box 5

Phoenix Apartments 1995
Policies and Procedures 1995
Preservation Resource Center 1994
Project Safe Home 1994
Quarterly Grants Management Meetings 1995
Recovery Works, Inc. 1995
Reference Request for Proposals and Applications 1994
Regional Neighborhood Community Development Corporation 1995
Release of Mortgages 1995
Requests for Ordinance 1996
Requests for Ordinance 1995
Resumes 1994-1995
Ryan White 1996
Ryan White 1994
Ryan White 94ESR Change of Recipient 1994
Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Act, Title I 1996
Ryan White, Recommended Amendments to 1995 Budget 1994-1995
Safe Neighborhood Action Plans (SNAP) for Assisted Housing Communities 1994
Salvation Army 1994
Save Our Youth [Copy of 1992 Report]
Schedules 1996
Section 3 Action Plan 1994
Seventh Ward Community Service Corporation, Inc. 1995
Single Audit 1996
SMART, Inc. 1995
SMART, Inc. 1995
SMART, Inc. (C. Knox LaSister) 1995
Solving Youth Violence, Partnerships that Work Conference 1994
Special Needs Population Strike Force 1996
Special Purpose Grants 1995
Staff Meetings, Briefings, Agendas 1994
Staff Meetings, Briefings, Agendas, DHND 1994-1995
Staff Retreats, DHND 1995
State Emergency Shelter Grants 1994-1996
Summer Witness Program 1994
Summit 1996
Super NOFA [Notice of Funding Availability] 1994-1995
Target Cities 1994
Technical Assistance Workshop 1995
Technical Assistance Workshop for Community Based Organizations 1995
Total Community Action, Inc. 1995
Toyota Families in Learning 1994
Transition Task Force 1994
Travel 1995-1996
Treme 1994-1995
Treme Historical Development Corporation 1994-1996
Tulane University 1995
United States Conference of Mayors Survey 1995
United States Department of Health and Human Services 1995-1996
United States Environmental Protection Agency 1996
Unity for the Homeless 1995
University of New Orleans 1995

Box 6

Urban Homeowners Corporation 1994
Urban Homeowners Corporation, The Villa 1994
Urban Youth Corps 1994
Villa Meilleur, Heaven's Prisoners Movie 1994
Villa Meilleur, Urban Homeowner's Corporation 1994-1995
Visit of President Clinton/Nashville Wharf Dedication 1996
Weed and Seed Program 1995
Whitney Bank 1994
Xavier Triangle 1995
Xavier Triangle 1994-1995
YMCA 1994
Youth Enhancement 1995
Youthbuild 1995-1996
YWCA 1994
Applications for Funding, 1994
List of Applicants and Summary
Algiers Community Improvement Association (ACIA)
Algiers Crescent Community Development Corporation
Arts Council of New Orleans
Associated Catholic Charities
Black Economic Development Council
Boys to Men: A Rites of Passage, Inc.
Central City Housing Development Corporation
College of Urban & Public Affairs/Toyota Families in Learning
Community Christian Concern, Inc.
Community Resource Partnership
Concerned Citizens for a Better Algiers
Covenant House
Desire Community Housing Corporation
Dr. Murphy W. McCaleb Educational Fund, Inc.
Dryades YMCA
ECHO, Inc.

Box 7

Environmental Beautification Program
Families in Learning Program
Family Center of Hope
Golden Services, Inc.
Greater Treme Corsortium, Inc.
Holy Cross Community Development Corporation
Loyola University, Twomey Center Resolving Conflict Creatively Program
NAACP, Back to School/Stay in School Program
National Council of Negro Women, Family Literacy Education and Youth Enhancement Services
Neighborhood Development Foundation
Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans, Inc.
New Life Intracoastal Community Development Corporation
New Orleans Council for Young Children
New Orleans Recreation Department
New Orleans Resources for Independent Living, Inc.
Ninth Ward Housing Development Corporation
Odyssey House
Orleans Private Industry Council
Parkway Partners Program, Inc.
Philmat, Inc.
Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans
Recovery Works, Inc.
Regional Loan Corporation
Regional Neighborhood Community Development Corporation
Reynolds Academy, Inc.
Seventh Ward Community Services Organization
St. Mark's Community Center

Box 8

St. Thomas Health Services
St. Thomas Irish Channel Consortium (Kuji Center)
Third Shiloh Housing, Inc.
Total Achievement Problem Prevention
Total Community Action
Union Baptist College and Theological Seminary
Union Bethel Community Development Corporation
Velocity Foundation, Inc.
Women Entrepreneurs for Economic Development
Xavier Triangle Neighborhood Development Corporation
Youth Enrichment Network, Inc.
YWCA, Teen Pregnancy Prevention/Transitional House for the Homeless)
Proposals Received After Application Closing Date
Miscellaneous, unfiled materials (not inventoried)

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