City Archives
New Orleans Public Library

Mayor Marc H. Morial
Intergovernmental Relations Division

Miscellaneous Materials

  • Boxes 1-4
    Video Recordings (click HERE for an inventory of the tapes).

  • Box 5
    Copies of the United State Conference of Mayors (USCM) publication, U. S. Mayor containing articles by or about Mayor Morial or the City of New Orleans, or containing photographs of the Mayor. Also included in the box is one plaque.

  • Box 6
    Invitations, 1994-1995--these, along with the contents of the remaining boxes (excepting Box 11), were transferred to the Archives by the Office of Special Events during, rather than at the end of, the Morial administration. They are mostly invitations from the Mayor's Office inviting people to attend various city-sponsored events, but several invitations issued to the Mayor from outside entities are also included. With the invitations is a small group of letters accepting/regretting the Mayor's invitation to his 1995 Mardi Gras reception; among individuals represented are Kathleen Blanco, Mike Foster, Robert Livingston, Lindy Boggs, James R. Moffett, and the White House.

    Parade narrations & other material relating to Mardi Gras, 1997--the narrations, some of which include parade lineups, prepared by the individual carnival krewes for use at the Gallier Hall reviewing stand. Also included are invitations to several Carnival-related events.

    Visitors' register--recording name, address, etc. of visitors to the Mayoral Transition Office in 1994.

  • Box 7
    Affidavits endorsing the candidacy of Marc Morial for Mayor in the 1994 elections. Each card includes name, signature, address, phone number, and ward/precinct of residence; some also have signatures of a notary public.

  • Boxes 8-10
    Records relating to the inauguration of Marc H. Morial as Mayor of the City of New Orleans, 1994--we have retained these documents more or less as they were received from the Office of Special Events, ca. 1995. They include items that we would not normally save, but perhaps they will be of interest because of what they show about the attention to detail involved in a ceremonial event.

  • Box 11
    Posters--four items.

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