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Mayor Marc H. Morial
Correspondence/Subject Files. Inappropriate Mail

These documents appear to have been kept by the security officers who protected the Mayor, i.e., his "bodyguards." They comprise mainly correspondence addressed to the Mayor, much of which might be classified as "crank letters." Some appear to have been regarded at least as potentially serious threats to the safety of the Mayor and/or members of his family. Others are heavily critical of city policy or performance without being threatening, overtly racist, or "hateful." The remaining letters came from incarcerated prisoners, individuals claiming to be "in love" with the Mayor, and religious zealots. Also included are letters from individuals with possible mental health problems, often characterized by wild scribbling taking up multiple pages per individual communication. Some of the correspondence is signed, much is not.

Not all of the documents were filed in folders when the records came to the Archives and not all folders were titled. The first two boxes in the sub-series contain folders titled with subject headings (see below for inventory); most of box 2 and all of box 3 comprise "103M" (no threat?) files, followed by folders titled with individual names (not inventoried); boxes 4-5 also contain individual name files (not inventoried). Boxes 6-8 contain letters from attorney Bruce E. Naccari relative to the activities of radio broadcaster Robert Namer along with numerous tape recordings of WTIX programming alleged to be proof of racist commentary, etc. The final two boxes contain miscellaneous letters not originally filed in folders (not inventoried).

Detailed Description of the Records

Box 1

AIDS Hate Group
A**hole File
City Employees
City Hall Complaints
City Hall (Possible Threat)
City Workers
City Workers--Complaints
Concerned Citizens…Complaints
First Lady File
Hate and Racist
Latin Kings
Master File Listing of at least some of the names of individuals included in the uninventoried portions of this sub-series
Mid City
Most Racist!
NaChampassak (Murder)
Neighborhood Anger
Possible "Stalker" Letters
Postcard Racist
Radical Groups (Operation Rescue)
Rebuild New Orleans--Racist

Box 2

Stalking/4210 Bienville The Morial residence
Threat to Mayor
Threats Reported by Outside Agencies
Tourist or Citizen Complaints
Unknown (Civic Center)--Very Racist

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