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Records of the Mayor's Office Administration

For an administrative history and scope note for this series see the main page for the Division of Federal & State Programs and Mayor’s Office Administration.

Detailed Description of the Records

Box 1
A. P. Tureaud/Bradford Building 2000
Aging, Mayor's Advisory Committee on 1997
Agriculture Street 1998
Air National Guard Communications Flight Conference 1999
Albertson's Property 1999-2000
All Congregations Together (ACT) 1998-2001
Alpha Phi Alpha 1997
American Cancer Society 2000
American Medical Association 1999
Americans with Disabilities Act 1998-2001
Amtrak 1999-2001
Animal Protection Advisory Committee, Mayor's 1997
Anti-Defamation League 1999
Archdiocese of New Orleans 2000
Arena Advertising Inc. 1999
Arts Council of New Orleans 1995-2000
Asian/Pacific American Society 2001
Assessors 1997-2001
Association of Trial Lawyers of America 2001
Atlanta Life Insurance Co. 2000
Attorneys at Law 1999-2002
Audubon Institute 1997-2000
Audubon Park Golf Course 2001
Box 2
Aviation Board, New Orleans 1997-2000
B. W. Cooper Resident Management Corp. 2000
Bank One 1999
Baton Rouge Metropolitan Council 1999
Bayou Classic 1998
Bienville Corridor Project 1998
Bishop Perry Middle School 1997 Includes several photographs
Black Organization of New Orleans Fire Fighters 1999
Black Organization of Police 1997
Blanco, Lieutenant Governor Kathleen 1997-1999 Includes correspondence relating to the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism.
Blight Busters 2000-2001
Box 3
Board of Liquidation, City Debt 1998-2001
Board of Zoning Adjustments 1997
Boards and Commissions 1999-2001
Bond Program 1995-2000
Bourbon Vieux Room 1999
Budget Request, Mayor's Office 1998 This folder was lost in the flood following Hurricane Katrina in 2005
Budget Request, Mayor's Office 2000
Box 4
Budget Request, Mayor's Office 2001
Budget Request, Mayor's Office 2002
Bureau of Governmental Research 1997; 2000
Bus Barn, Magazine Street 2001
Campaign '98 1997-1998
Campaign Assignments 2000
Campaign Materials 1998 Various candidates
Campaign, Bond Proposals A & B 2000
Campaigns 1999
Box 5
Canada, Consulate of 2000
Canal Street Development Corporation 1998-2001
Casino 1996-2000
Castle Rock Pavers 1997
Central Permitting Office Proposal 1998 NOTE: includes a cover memo from MHM to Connie Thomas directing to open this file and keep it at her desk
CEOs for Cities 2000
Chamber/New Orleans & River Region 1998-2001
Charleston, South Carolina 1999-2000
Charter Revision 1995
Chief Administrative Office 1997-2002
Christian Community Youth Against Drugs Foundation 2001
Christopher Park Homebuyers Association 2001
City Attorney 1997-2001
City Council 1998-2001
City Park 1998-2002
Box 6
City Planning Commission 1998-2002
City-Owned Cemeteries 1997
Civil District Court 1997-1998
Civil Service Commission 1998
Civil Sheriff 2000
Clinton, Bill 1999
Committee of One Hundred 1998 Campaign fundraising effort
Communications Office 1997-1998
Construction and General Laborers' Local Union No. 689 1995
Correspondence, General 1998
Correspondence, Incoming 1998/1 Marked "Reading File," but includes original incoming letters
Correspondence, Incoming 1998/2 Marked "Reading File," but includes original incoming letters
Correspondence, Incoming 2001/11
Correspondence, Incoming 2001/12
Correspondence, Incoming 2002/1
Box 7
Correspondence, Incoming 2002/2
Correspondence, Incoming 2002/3
Correspondence, Incoming 2002/4
Council of Religious Advisors 1994
Councilmember Eddie Sapir 1998-2001
Councilmember Ellen Hazeur-Distance 1997-2000
Councilmember Jim Singleton 1997-2001
Councilmember Oliver M. Thomas 1997-2001
Councilmember Peggy Wilson 1997
Box 8
Councilmember Roy Glapion 1997-1999
Councilmember Scott Shea 2000-2001
Councilmember Suzanne Haik Terrell 1996-1999
Councilmember Troy Carter 1997-2001
Cox Communications 1999-2000
Criminal District Court 1997-2001
Criminal Justice Coordination, Office of 1997-2002
Criminal Sheriff 1998
CSX Transportation 1997
Cultural Arts Center 2000
D-Day Museum 2000
Defense Manufacturing Conference 1998
Delta Airlines 1999
Democratic National Committee/Democratic Party 1996-2000
Democratic National Convention [2000] 1998 Folder 1. City of New Orleans proposal to host the convention.
Box 9
Democratic National Convention [2000] 1998 Folder 2. City of New Orleans proposal to host the convention.
Design Engineering, Inc. 1999
District Attorney 1998-2001
Donation/Sponsorship Requests 2001
Downtown Development Corporation Meeting 1998 Re: cleanup
Downtown Development District 1997-2000
Earth Day at the Market 2001
East Lake Hospital 1999
Box 10
Economic Development, Division of 1997-2001
Education 2001
Edward Wisner Donation Advisory Committee 1994 Information Guide and Historical Record
Edward Wisner Donation Advisory Committee 1994-2000 2 folders
Elections 1998-2000
Box 11
Emergency Preparedness, Office of 1998-2000
Employees' Retirement System 2001
Empowerment Zone 1994-1998
Encuentro Las Americas, Staff Briefing Book 1997
Engineers, Environmentalists, Surveyors 1999-2001
Entergy 1998-2001
Environmental Affairs, Office of 1994-2001
Ernest N. Morial Asthma, Allergy and Respiratory Disease Center 1994-1999
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center 1994-2002
Esplanade Ridge & Treme Civic Association 1999
Essence 1997-1998
Executive Council, Office of 2000
Exhibit, Ernest N. "Dutch" Morial: One Man's Impact on Politics and People 1998 Includes a copy of Ernest N. Morial's 1989 deposition in Chiasson et al. Vs. Roemer et al., before the U.S. District Court relative to the "desegregation" of the Louisiana Supreme Court.
Father Francis 1997-1998 A priest in Taiwan.
Box 12
Federal Agenda Week, Washington Representatives Briefing Book 1998
Ferry Boats 1997
Film & Video Commission, New Orleans 1999-2000
Finance Department 1997-1998
Finance Reporting, Major Fundraisers 1998-2000
Fire Department 1997-2000
First City Court 1998
Flamingo Casino 1997-1998
Florentine Development Corp. 1999
Formosan Termite Initiative Protocol for Trees undated
Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal 1997
France, Ambassador of 1999
Freight Carriers 1998 Re: Union Passenger Terminal.
French Market Corp. 1998-2000
French Quarter Festivals 1997-2000
Funerals 2001
Gaming 1994-1996
Gaming Presentation, Institute on City/State Relations (Philadelphia) 1997
Gaming/Rivergate 1994 Includes a "Preliminary Gaming Briefing Book."
Box 13
Gert Town/Carrollton Historical Society 2000-2001 Re: a proposed slave ship museum on the river.
Global Web High-Tech, Inc. 1999
Gold Coast, City of 1999 City in Queensland, Australia.
Good Shepherd Nativity Mission School 2000
Gore Campaign 2000
Governor's Office 1996-2000
Great Expectations 1997-2000
Greater New Orleans Education Foundation 1998-1999
Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation 1997-2000
Gregory C. Rigamer & Associates 2001
Gun Suit 1999-2000
Gun Violence/Gun Control 2000-2001
Gusman, Marlin N. 2000-2001
Box 14
Harrah's 1995-2001 2 folders
Box 15
Hawaii 2001
Health Policy 1998-2002
Hirt, Al 1999
Historic District Landmarks Commission 1997-1999
Historic Restoration Inc. 1999-2001
Home Builders Association 1998
Housing and Neighborhood Development, Division of 2001-2002
Housing Authority of New Orleans 1995-2002
Human Relations Commission 1998-2001
Human Services, Department of 1998-2001
Hurricanes 1998
Inauguration 1998
ING Aetna Financial Services 2001
International Relations and Trade Development, Office of 2000
Japan, Consulate General of 2000-2001
Jazz Casino Corp. 1998-2000
Box 16
Jazzland 1996-2000
Jefferson Parish Courts 2000
Jefferson Parish Government 1997-2001
Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans 2000-2001
Juvenile Court 1995-2001
Kenner 1997-1998
Krauss Company, Ltd. 1997
L.I.F.E. 1998
Laborers' International Association of North America 1999
Lakeview Civic Improvement Association 1998
Law Department 2000-2001
League in Support of Animals (LISA) 1999-2000
Lee, Harry 2000
Lincoln Beach Development Corporation 1998
Local Development 1999-2000
Lockheed Martin 1999-2001
Louisiana Airport Authority 2001
Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry 2000
Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality 1994-1996
Louisiana Department of Labor 1997-2000
Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development 2000
Box 17
Louisiana House of Representatives 1994-2001
Louisiana Municipal Association 2000-2001
Louisiana Public Service Commission 1998-2000
Louisiana Senate 1998-2000
Louisiana State Treasurer 1994-1995; 1998
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center 2001
Louisiana Supreme Court 1995-1998
Louisiana-NFL Stadium Advisory Commission 2001
Magazine Articles 2001-2002
Magnolia Marketing Co./William Goldring 1999-2000
Mardi Gras 1994-2000
Master Planning Advisory Committee 1999
Mayor Marc H. Morial 1998-2001 Thank you letters, congratulations, memorabilia, etc.
Mayor Morial Committee, Request for Payment 2000-2001
Mayor's Administrative Office 1994-2001
Mayor's Advisory Committee on Hispanic and Latin American Affairs 1998
Mayor's Homecoming Week with Alpha Phi Alpha 1996
Mayor's Military Advisory Committee 1998-2001
Mayors of Other Cities, Correspondence 1997-1998
Mayor's Summer Youth Employment and Training Program 1998-2000 Includes photographs from 1998.
Mayor's Youth Congress 1997
Box 18
Metropolitan Crime Commission of New Orleans, Inc. 1998
MetroVision 1997-1998
Milestone Academy 2001
Milne Asylum for Destitute Orphan Boys 1999-2001
Minority Business Participation 1996-1997
Mitchell, Randy/Treme Issues 1999
Mobil Corporation 2000
Municipal Yacht Harbor 2001
Music and Entertainment Commission of New Orleans 1998-2001
NAACP 1998-2000
NASCAR Racing in the New Orleans Area 2000
National Baptist Convention 2001
National Black Farmers Conference 1999
National Black Music Hall of Fame 1998
National Conference of Black Mayors 1998 Annual convention in New Orleans.
National Football League 1998-2000
Navy League Luncheon 1999-2000
Netherlands, Consulate of The 2000
New Oleans Police Foundation, Inc. 1997-2001
New Orleans African American Museum 2000
New Orleans Brass 1997 Includes a copy of the lease to play in the Municipal Auditorium
New Orleans Building Corporation 2000
New Orleans Business and Industrial District (NOBID) 1998-2000
New Orleans Economic Development Corporation 2000-2001
New Orleans Film and Video Studio undated Proposal submitted by Robert Maloney
New Orleans Fire Fighters Association/Black Association of New Orleans Fire Fighters 1997-1999
Box 19
New Orleans International Airport 1998-2001 2 folders
New Orleans International Motor Speedway 2000
New Orleans Jobs Initiative 2001
New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau, Inc. 1997-2001
New Orleans Museum of Art 1998-1999
New Orleans Police Department 1997-2002
New Orleans Public Library 1995-1999
New Orleans Public Library Board Vacancies 1998
New Orleans Public Schools, Criminal Justice Task Force 2000
Box 20
New Orleans Public Schools/Orleans Parish School Board 1995-2001 2 folders
New Orleans Recreation Department 1994-2001
New Orleans Redevelopment Authority 1998-1999
New Orleans Saints 1998-2001
Box 21
New Orleans Saints Community Relations 1998 Includes a copy of the several hundred page "brochure" with color photocopies of photographs showing players and team staff interacting with the community
New Orleans Saints/State of Louisiana 2001
New Orleans Technology Council 1997
New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation 1998-2000
Not For Profit Organizations undated
Opportunties Industrialization of Greater New Orleans, Inc. (OIC) 1994-2000
Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard Redevelopment Plan, Abstract ca. 1999
Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard Tourism District 1997
Orleans Dollars for Scholars 2000-2001
Orleans Levee District 1994-2000
Orleans Parish Communications District 2000
Orleans Private Industry Council (OPIC) 1995-1997
Orleans Private Industry Council (OPIC) 1997-2000
Box 22
Parking and Parking Violations 1994-2001
Parking Task Force 1997-1999
Parks and Parkways, Department of 1994-2001 2 folders; also includes the earlier Parkway and Park Commission
Piazza d'Italia Development Corporation 1998-2001
Pilgrimage for Peace, Prayer and Reconcilation 1996
Pittsburgh, City of 1999
Box 23
Plaza Shopping Center 1998-1999
Police Compensation Commission 1995
Police Task Force 1997-1998
Port of New Orleans 1994-1999
Pre-Election Summit: Developing a Local Communities Agenda for the Year 2000 1995
Preservation Resource Center 1998-1999
Project Return, Opposition Letters 2001
Property Management, Department of 1994-2001 2 folders
Proposal for Environmental and Insurance Cost Recovery and Environmental Compliance 2001 Submitted by Zevnik, Horton, Guibord, McGovern, Palmer, & Fognani
Box 24
Proposal for Management of the New Orleans Cultural Center 1999 Submitted by Leisure Management International (LMI) and Pampy's, Inc.
Proposal for Management of the New Orleans Cultural Center 1999 Submitted by SMG
Providence, Rhode Island 1998
Public Belt Railroad Commission 1998-2002
Public Works, Department of 1997-2001
Queen of New Orleans Casino 1997-1998
Raintree Children Services 2000
Rebuild New Orleans Now 1995-1997
Reed, Judge Morris 1996
Regional Crime Summit 1997
Regional Crime Summit 1997
Regional Planning Commission 1998-2001
Box 25
Regional Transit Authority 1994-2001 3 folders
Box 26
Registrar of Voters 1994-2000
Religious 1998
Republican/Democratic National Conventions 1998
Resumes 1998
River City Casino 1995
Riverboat Gambling 1995-1996
Rivergate Development Corporation 1995-2001 3 folders
Box 27
Rodney, Bordenave, Boykin, Bennette & Boyle 1995-2000 Mainly comprising documents dealing with the Harrah's bankruptcy.
Rural Development 1995
Russell, Avis 1999 Campaign materials
Safety and Permits, Department of 1997-2000
Sanitation, Department of 1996-2002
Save Our Lake/Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation 2000
Security 1994-1999 For the Mayor and for other city agencies.
Security Briefing 2001 Briefing dated September 14, 2001
Sewerage and Water Board 1994-2001 2 folders
Singleton, Councilman Jim 2000-2001
Southeast Louisiana Building and Construction Trades Council 1999
Box 28
Special Events, Office of 1998-2000
St. Charles Parish 1999
St. Thomas Resident Council 1998
St. Thomas Revitalization Program 2000
St. Thomas/Hope VI Redevelopment 2000 Includes several photographs of properties in the surrounding area
State and Federal Programs, Division of 1998-2001
State of the Black World Conference 2002
Stationary Engineers Licensing 2001 Request for the Office of Municipal Investigation to investigate the alleged sale of licenses
Superbowl XXXVI (2002) 1998
Taxicab Bureau 1994-1998
Telephone Message Log 2001
Texaco 1998
Third Term 1999; 2001
Times-Picayune 1994-1997
Tourism and Arts, Office of 1999
Traffic Court 1996-1998
Transition 1998 Re: transition from MHM's first term to his second
Treme Community Education Program, Inc. 1999
Tulane Scholarships 1998
Tulane University Health Services Center 2001
U.S. Airways Group 1999
U.S. Bio-Chem Medical Laboratories, Inc. 2000
Box 29
U.S. Conference of Mayors 1997-2001
U.S. Conference of Mayors Emergency, Safety, and Security Summit 2001
U.S. Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting 1999
U.S. Congress 1996-1999
U.S. Department of Commerce 1994-1999
U.S. Department of Education 1995
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 1997-2000
U.S. Department of Justice 2000
U.S. Department of Labor 1997
U.S. Department of the Interior 1994-1999
U.S. Department of the Treasury 1998-2000
U.S. Department of Transportation 1995-2000
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 1995
U.S. House of Representatives 1994-2001
U.S. Magistrate Judge Calvin Botley 1997
U.S. Senate 1994-2001
Union Passenger Terminal 1997-2000
Box 30
Unison Maximus Consulting Solution 2000
United Negro College Fund 1999
United Way 1997-2001
Unity for the Homeless 2001
Universities 2000-2001
University of Memphis 1998
University of New Orleans 1995-2000
University of Pennsylvania 1997-1999
Upper Pontalba Building 1994-1998
Urban Systems, Inc. 1999
Utilities, Department of 1997-2001
Vancouver Grizzlies 2000-2001
Vice President of the United States 1998-2000 Includes one 1998 letter from Al Gore.
Victims and Citizens Against Crime 1999-2001
Vieux Carre Alliance 2002
Box 31
Vieux Carre Commission 1994-1997
Vieux Carre Property Owners, Residents, and Associates, Inc. 1994-1999
Vieux Carre Task Force 1996
Visual Jazz Art Gallery 1998
Vitter, David/Airport Issue 2000
Waste Management, Inc. 2000
White House 1995-2000 Includes letters from Bill and Hillary Clinton and from Al Gore
Wilkerson, Fire Fighter Kathy 1998
Wilson Avenue Improvements 1997-1998
WLAE-TV 1995-1996
Woolworth Property 1997
World Trade Center 1994-1999
World Trade Center Hotel Conversion 1997
WYES-TV 1994-1999
Xavier University 1997-2000
Zoning Moratoria 1994

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