Joseph Culotta Collection
Sample Photographs

The Culotta Collection includes 99 snapshots (all but two in color) of guests on the "Let's Talk It Over Show." Below is a small sample of these photographs.

Marc Morial, Joe Culotta [10/21/1990]

Joe Culotta, Allen Rosenzweig, Moon Landrieu. [10/25/1987]

Joe Culotta, Arthur Hardy, Morris Jeff, Sr., Don Henderson [2/25/1989]

Congressman Buddy Roemer, Karen Wimpelberg and Gary Groesch of Alliance for Affordable Energy [9/27/1987]

Police Superintendent Warren Woodfork, Joe Culotta [1/11/1987]

Mayor Sidney Barthelemy (back to camera), Congresswoman Lindy Boggs, Mickey Barthelemy, French Quarter Festival [4/15/1990]

Paul Prudhomme, Joe Culotta [1/18/1987]

Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni, Joe Culotta

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