Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1990

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1/7/90 Pezant, Jim, Research Officer, City of New Orleans - ret. Perrett, Marvin, Author Gilyard, Aaron, Assistant to Mayor Barthelemy Galatas, Maria, Rev., Minister Lemarque, Ronnie, Businessman Mintz, Donald, Candidate for Mayor Mintz, Susan, Candidate's wife

Predicting the '90's Business and politics in New Orleans

1/14/90 Ellender, Bennie, Former Tulane and Arkansas State head coach Ochsner, Alton, M.D., President - Caribbean Commission Ramirez, Ernesto, Panama citizen Goyaneche, Rafael, Col., U.S. Army retired Canulette, Pat, Sheriff, St. Tammany Parish Thomas, Clark, Capt., St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office Albert, Nancy, Chairman - Women for a Better Louisiana Dubea, Myrtle, Co-Chm. - Women For a Better Louisiana Walli Abdel Raoff, Iman - N.O. Masjid of the Am. Muslim Missions
B. Ellender's election to Ark. Sports Hall Our Latin American policy Law enforcement & St. Tammany Par. tax vote Cleaning up N.O. for Super Bowl Black History, MLK & where blacks are today
39 10, 11 1/21/90 Mintz, Donald, Candidate for Mayor of New Orleans Connick, Harry, District Attorney of New Orleans Zelman, Kathleen, Nutricionist - La. State Dietitic Assn.

Donald Mintz's candidacy for Mayor Abortion, DNA and crime in NOLA Can your diet save your life?

39 12, 13 1/28/90 Diliberto, Buddy, Sports Director - WDSU TV Epstein, Lewis, Author & physics prof.- U. of Cal, Berkeley Sarrat, Walter, Pontchartrain Astronomy Society Wood, J. Stuart, Professor - Loyola U. Borne, David, Student Barhelemy, Sidney, Mayor, City of New Orleans

The 1990 Super Bowl & related sports events Did flu & Adam nd Eve come from a comet? The Mayor's race - Sidney Barthelemy's turn

39 14, 15 2/4/90 Rosenzweig, Allen, Pollster Rozenzweig, Allen, Pollster Jones, Mel, Local businessman Vinturella, John, Ph.D., Economist Fernandez, Manny, Attorney Early, Mike, Councilmam, District C - NOLA Barthelemy, Sidney, Mayor of New Orleans

Politics & yesterday's mayor & Council vote Racial relations & liberalization in S.Africa

42 25 2/8/90

Charlie Lee
39 16, 17 2/11/90 Robichaux, Mike, DDS, Pres. Elect. - N.O. Dental Assn. Westfall, Russell, DDS, Oral Surgeon Babin, Vic III, DDS, Pediatric Dentist Matthews, Murray, Ph.D., Professor - LSU Dental School Brown, Fred, Ph.D., Professor - Engineering Dept. - UNO Stall, Buddy, Historian & arthor Snowden, Phillip R., Chairman - Issues Committee - YMBC Barber, Montrice M., YMBC Day Linda Lee, YMBC Crumley, Tom, YMBC New strides & problems in Dentistry Math counts New Orleans & Mardi Gras history The YMBC scans the voucher system

39 18, 19 2/18/90 Francis, Ron, DVM, Vetenarian Meier, Diana, Students for the Ethitical Treatment of Animals(SET Seigle, Wendy - SETA Uman, Charity, SETA Blank, Erick, SETA (long distance from New York) Champagne, L. Pierre, Engineer - UNO Clarkson, Jacqueline, Candidate for Dist. C - N.O. City Council

Animal Rights The engineering profession The District C race

2/25/90 Jeff, Morris F.X., Former King Of Zulu Hermandez, Don, P.R. Director - Zulu Gennaro, Glen, Mardi Gras buff Hardy, Arthur, Mardi Gras Guide Roman, Jay, Owner - Cafe Dumonde Reugher, Warren L. Jr., Pres. - N.O. Exibition Hall Authority

Mardi Gras - 1990 The Cafe Dumonde Proposition One & tourism

39 20, 21 3/4/90 Goyaniche, Rafael, U.S. Army (ret.) Rostrum, Alex, Nicaraguan refugee Bertot, Ana Marie, Latin Activist Ochsner, Alton, Dr., President -Carribbean Commission Samuels, Al, Zionist Activist Mason, Henry, Ph.D., Politicall Scientist - Tulane University

The elction upset in Nicaragua Eastern Europe and an United Germany

39 22, 23 3/11/90 Bailey, Theresa, Acting Public Affairs Officer - IRS Pinner, Jim, CPA Serio, Vinson, Enrolled Agent Gemelli, Joe, Italian Cultural Society De Matteo, Sal, Chairman - Italian Open Lanasa, Mike, Coordinator - Italian Open Accardo, Nick, M.D., Retired surgeon (phone) Brylski, Cheron, Political Activist Jenkins, Howard, Supt,-Parochial Education, Archdiocese of N.O.
Income Tax - Part II The Italian culture in New Orleans Women in politics Parochial education in the New Orleans area

39 24, 25 3/18/90 LeBoeuf, Mickey, Ph.D., Author and retired professor Koppel, Woody, Orleans Parish School Board Palotta, Joseph, M.D., Psychiatrist and author

What business needs to do in New Orleans Have people lost faith in public education? Incresing rash of satanic worshio problems

39 26, 27 3/25/90 Gee, Terry, Rep., District 86 - Louisiana Legislature Fernandez, Manny, Former Represenative & Governor's aid Cochran, Steve, Director - Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation

The upcoming Louisiana Legislature session Solving the problems of our lake

40 01, 02, 03 4/1/90 Incaprera, Frank, M.D., Internist Klein, Vic, Author Martin, Valerie, Author

Alergies, arthritis and AIDS The world's greatest hoaxs A talk with Valerie Martin

4/8/90 Dartus, Sandra, Exec. Dir. - 7th annual French Quarter Festival Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of the Living Witness Lion, Karl, Director of Tourism - NOLA Clarkson, Jackie, Councilwoman Elect - District C NOLA Volz, John, U.S. Attorney Livingston, Bob, Congessman, 1st Congressional District Kole, Ronnie, Festival Chairman Barthelemy, Sidney, Mayor, City of New Orleans Boggs, Lindy, Congesswoman, Second Congressional District Jeff, Morris F.X., Zulu Organization 7th annual French Quarter Festiva;

40 04, 05 4/15/90 Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of the Living Witness Culotta, Mary Ann, O.P., Sister, Dir.-Dominican Center Andonie, Jack, M.D., Ob-Gyn Andonie, Prescilla, Housewife Jenkins, Howard, Supt. - Parochial Education in Archdiocese N.O. Jenkins, Seton, Housewife

Faith and morals this Easter Sunday morning Our Lady of Medgujore

40 06, 07 4/22/90 Borne, Dan, Spokesman - Louisiana Chemical Assn. Fermandez, Manny, Attorney & former Legist. Champion of Ecology Epstein, Lew, Physicist and author (phone) Payne, Dwight A., Dr., Professor - Miss. University for Women Vicknair, Margie, Director - Earth Day-1990 Alfortish, Lester, Ph.D., Principal - East Jefferson High School Howard, James, Principal - John Ehret High School Liciardi, Etta, Principal - Marrero Middle School Simpson, William, Rudolph Matas Grammar School
Earth Day-1990 Discussion with Jefferson Parish Principals

40 08, 09 4/29/90 Etienne, Henri, Former Commercial Counselor Etienne, Fan, Wife of Henri Etienne Buffardi, Louis, Ph.D., Russian Expert Haag, Greg, Dir, of Medical Specialist procurement for U.S. Gov. Baucum, Joe, Coordinator - 10th annual Wheelchair Games Ingrum, Roger, Pres. of Bayou Chapter-Paralyzed Vets. of America

Astrology The upheaval in the Baltic States Nursing shortages & activities for handicappe

40 10, 11 5/6/90 Coco, Jeffrey, M.D., Infectious Medicine Incaprera, Frank, M.D., Internist Forster, Gary, District 98 - Louisiana Legislature Zavala, Diego, Local Chairman - Amnesty International Abril, Evangeline, JD, Faculty - Loyola Law School

AIDS The Louisiana Legislature-1990 Part 2 Refugees, political prisoners & amnezty

40 12, 13 5/13/90 Gaja, Angelo, Wine maker Edelman, Barbara, Publicist Moreau, James A., Dr., Dentist Ledoux, Jerome, Fr., Priest (phone) Schmitt, Earl, Former State Representative Alfortish, Lester, Captain, USN-R Leblanc Marcel, Midshipman Kleinpeter, Mark, Midshipman Mitchell, Susan, Midshipman
Congr. F. Edward Hebert's Mothers Day message Wine for mama Curent events The Naval Academy experience

5/20/90 Palazzo, Carmen, M.D., Director - The Rader Institute Smith, Shannon, Family Counselor - The Rader Institute Rick ???, Gay Lifeline Dawn ???, Gay Lifeline Jane ???, Gay Lifeline

Eating disorders Problems and lifestyles of gays

5/27/90 Anderson, Eric, Manager - WEAS Savannah, Ga. Payne, Dwight, Dr., Mississippi State University for Women

Current events on our Silver Anniversary

5/27/90 Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of the Living Witness Arsaga, Eldon, Station Manager - Times Picayune Fernandez, Manny, Attorney & lobbyist Pezant, James Retired Budget Research Officer Serio, Vinson, Enrolled IRS Agent Thayer, Marilyn, Women's Republican Party Chairperson Kennedy, Tom, General Manager - WNOE & FM Barhelemy, Sidney, Mayor, City of New Orleans Walker, Bob, The Oldies King Engel, Bill, Birch Current events on Silver Anniversary

6/3/90 Ray, Ben, Clinical Social Worker Thayer, Stuart, Vice President for Engineering - Lykes Brothers Dawley, Howard, Ph.D., Coordinator of Smoking Cessation-VA Med, C

Affirmative action and the La. Legislature Co-dependency The shipping industry & Port of N.o. What ever happened to cigarette smokers?
(See 6/4/90?)
40 14, 15 6/4/90

Possibly mislabeled (See 6/3/1990)
40 16, 17 6/10/90 Bragg, Chuck, Bridge House Capitano, Phil, Cajun Caper Donelon, Jim, District 88 - State Representative Hand, Skip, District 79 - State Representative

Drug Abuse, Alcoholism and Bridge House The Louisiana Legislature

40 18, 19 6/17/90 Katpacinskas, Tom J., Dr., Jung Institute of psychology-Chicago Culotta, Mary Ann, O.P., Sr., Director - Domincan Conference Cent Detweiler, William, Constable - First City Court of NOLA Ibert, Carmen, Carnaval International

Wonderful world of sleep and dreams Latins and the Carnaval International Burning the flag and fighting words Government funding of th Arts Council Evictions, slum housing and slum lords
40 20, 21 6/24/90 Fernandez Manny, Guest Host Watsky, Steve, UPI Bruneau, Peppi, Rep. Perez, Nick, Louisiana Retailers Assn. Charbonnet, Louis

Legislature's attitudes on issues Capital punishment Homestead Exemption Meter Maids

7/1/90 Donelon, Jim, Rep. State Legislature Parnell, Mel, Former All Star pitcher for Boston Red Socks

The Legislature & 214th Birthday of U.S. Baseball, then and now

40 22, 23 7/8/90 Gandy, Tilly, Automatic Writer Rozensweig Alan, Pollster Fermandez, Manny, Formr Legislator Yenni, Mike, President - Jefferson Parish Melancon, Kirk, President's Aide

Messages from the "other side" Requiem for 1990 La. Legislature Conversation with President of Jefferson Par.

40 24, 25 7/15/90 Broussard, Aaron, Mayor, Kenner, La. Vasseur, Martine, Press Represenative - French Counsel Bremond, Cathy, French teacher Baimonte, John, Dr., Dir.-Jeff. Par. Criminal Just. Cord. System Hernandez, Don, Chief Pub. Defender-St. Martin, St. Mary, Iberia

The political climate in Kenner French custure and Bastille Day Crime and the Criminal Justice System

40 26, 27 7/22/90 Stall, Buddy, Author and historian Buffardi, Louis, Dr., Professor Schexnaildre, Carmen, Eisenhower grant person to USSR Schxnaildre, Barat, Student

The Supreme Court and Louisiana history The USSR today

41 01, 02 7/29/90 Walli, Abdul Raoff, Iman, New Orleans Masjid Cherhardy, Lawrence E., Assessor - Jefferson Parish Cherhardy, Micki, Wife of the Assessor Harrell, louis, Rev., Church of the Living Witness

Crime, hunger, welfare from Black Perspective Politics in and out of Jefferson Parish

41 03, 04 8/5/90 Donahue, Jack, Co-Chairman - Excel, St.Tammany Atkinson, Bob, Co-Chairman - Excel., St. Tammany Volz, John, U.S. Attorney Archer, Mike, Head Coach - LSU Football Andonie, Jack, M.D., LSU Board of Supervisors Higgins, Rob, Student Thorjusen, Michael, Exec. Dir., St. Tammany Econ. Dev. Foundation

Economic development in St. Tammany LSU Football-1990 Conversation with John Volz

41/42 05/24 8/12/90 Reed, Ed, Author and Louisiana historian Retif, Milt, West Side Oil Abdul Sattar Al Dahir, Iraqi-American Hally Al Dahir, Iraqi-American Warner, Debra, Graduate Student-UNO

Louisiana politics & how we got this way Oil,the crisis in Mid-East & La. econ. future

41 06, 07 8/19/90 Kahn, Felicia, Political Activist Titus, Sydney, Comptroller - WNOE AM & FM Bailey, Teresa, Public Information Officer - IRS Titus, Lee, Lt. Col., Airforce Liason Officer to CAP Whitesell, Carole, Former Director of CAP Cadet Program Sewell, Frank R., Cadet Cdr., CPA Northshore Composite Squadron Whitsell, Jennifer C., Cadet Commander - Civil Air Patrol

The women look at the world The Civil Air Patrol

41 08, 09 8/26/90 Kordich, Jay, The Juice Man Ritter, Kenneth, M.D., Forensic Psychiatrist for Louisiana Courts Rilola, Joe, Detective - Slidell Police Dept.

Healthy living thru juice diets The Criminal Mind

41 10, 11 9/2/90 Retif, Milton, Special Asst. to Tulane AD Knecht, Joe, President - New Orleans AFL-CIO Babin, Peter, President - Operators Union Valence, Andy, Mayor, Grand Isle, La.

Labor in the 90's Ecology and thhe saving of Grand Isle

41 12 9/9/90 Wilcox, Carolyn, Asst. Dir., Jefferson Par. Emergency Mgt. Dept. Giddings, Bryan K., Dir. - Orleans Office of Emergency Mgt. Dept. Epstein, Lew, Physcist _ Univeraity of Calif. Berkeley & author Bagert, Ben, Sen., Louisiana Senate

Hurrican Betsy, future preparedness & others Senator Ben Bagert's bid for U.S. Senate

9/16/90 Nungesser, Billy, Chairman - Louisiana Republican Party Duke, David, Rep., Dist. 81, La. Rep. & candidate for U.S. Senate

The Republican Party in Louisiana Rep. David Duke's candidacy for U.S. Senate

41 13, 14 9/23/90 Odinet, Ken, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Heitmeier, Francis, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Barthelemy, Sidney, Mayor, City of New Orleans Accardo, Nick, Jr., M.D., Candidate for U.S. Senate

15 Louisiana Constitutional Admendments Dr. Nick Accardo's candidacy for U.S. Senate Mayor Barthelemy answered questions on tax

41 15, 16 9/30/90 Retif, Milton, Eisenhower Oil Delegate to USSR Donelon, Jim, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Deano, Eddie, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Hainkel, John, Sen., Louisiana Legislature Perrett, Marvin, Author Woodfork, Warren, Chief, Supt. - New Orleans Police Dept.

Oil, politics & next Saturday's election Marvin Perrett's poem on Op. Desert Shield Crime in New Orleans

41 17, 18 10/7/90 Accardo, Nick, M.D., Candidate for U.S. Senate Fernandez, Manny, Attorney Rozensweig, Alan, Pollster Boggs, Lindy, Congeresswoman, 2nd. Congressional District (phone)

Yesterday's election in La. & rlated issues A conversation with Congresswoman Lindy Boggs

10/14/90 Retif, Milton, Private Oil company & former Tulane baseball coach Mason, Henry, Ph.D., Political Science Dept. - Tulane University Schultze, Mathias, Graduate student & German citizen Seeb, Greg, Dr., Professor of Astronomy UNO Sandroz, Mike, Observatory Curator Bosio, Remy, X-Ray Technician Epstein, Lew, Dr., Professor of Physics-Un. Of Calif. Berkekey

Oil, Tulane and the world's Series Reunification of Germany & impact on world Earthquakes, astronomy sunspots & Kenner Obs

41 19, 20 10/21/90 Palkovitz, Susan, Communication Student - Tulane University Fernandez, Jill, Communication Student - Tulane University McShan, Clyde, 1990 Chairman - United Way Breaud, Al, Exec. Dir, - United Way Morial, Marc, Candidate for Congress for 2nd. Congressional Dist. Cachere, Garrett, Communication Student - Tulane University

Future communication leaders & media & world The 1990 United Way Marc Morial's bid for Congress

41 21 10/28/90 Klein Victor, Ghost hunting author Day, Linda, Anthropologist and witch Seab, Greg, Dr., Physics & Astronomy Dept. - UNO Bosio, Remy, Pontchartrain Astronomical Lab Jefferson, William, Sen. Candidate - 2nd Congressional District Sandras, Mike, Kenner Astronomical Lab

Ghost, witches and Halloween UFO's or did you come from Planet Arbitron? Sen. Jeffeson's candidacy for Congress

41 22, 23 11/4/90 Retif, Milton, West Side Oil Francis, Ron, Dr., Conservative Politicl Action Committee Voivedich, Ben, Conservative Political Action Committee Walli, Abdul Raoff, Iman New Orleans Masjid of Al Islam Pezant, James, Numismatist Schaeffer, Ron, Chairman - World Wide Classics_

Oi Watch Issues and future and Congressional election Investing in a shaky economy

41 24, 25 11/11/90 Landrieu, Moon, Former Mayor of NOLA & Sect. of HUD Lentini, Tony, Director - VA Regional Office NOLA Bowron, Sandy, Adjudication Officer - VARO Bell, Cleve, Home Loan Officer - VARO

Housing, politics & perils of New Orleans Veterans Day-1990

42 01, 02 11/18/90 Tucker, Bob, Metrovision Broussard, Johanna, Metrovision Roushel, John, Young Leadership Council and Metrovision Stall, Buddy, Author of :Buddy Stall's New Orleans" Beer, Kenneth H., V.P. - Howard, Weill, Labouisse Freidrichs Voivedich, Ben E., Sr. Mgmt, Consultant Tech Mgmt Systems Inc'

Building the image & economy of 9 parish metr History of Great City of New Orleans Are we going into recession or depression?

42 03, 04 11/25/90 Cangelosi, Robert M.D., Medical Director Hotel Dieu Hosp Cangelosi, Glen, M.D., Opthamologist Cangelosi, Keith, M.D., Opthamologist Ferry, John M.D., Opthamologist Gennaro, Glenn, Counselor - Jesuit High School Burke, Shawn, Student - Jesuit High School Roper, Wendy, Student - Pope John Paul II High School Berault, David, Student - Pope John Paul II High School Lange, Gary, Student - Pope John Paul High School Berault, Warren, Student - John Paul II High School Tulane-LSU football and orthmology Young people look at society and world

11/25/90 Fitzmorris, Jimmy, Former Lt. Governor of Louisiana

Louisiana number one salesman-J Fitzmorris

12/9/90 Wilson, Hugh, CEO -Lakeside Hospital Young, Fred, President - Methodist Hospital McCord, Lynn, M.D., President - Community Health Sevices Andonie, Jack, M.D., LSU Board member Livingston, Bob, Congressman First Congressional District

Medical and hospital cost and care A talk with Congressman Bob Livingston

12/16/90 Harribance, Sean, Psychic Bertot, Ana Marie, Psychic Mc Fadden, Lillian, Aide to Sean Harribance Pinner, Jim, CPA Caruso, Sam, Mayor, Slidell, La. Caruso, Sam, Jr, Student Volz, John, U.S Attorney- Eastern District of th U.S Volz, Judy, Housewife

Predictions for 1991 Preparing your 1990 Income Tax & looking ahea Busines, politics & race relations in Slidell Look at crime, law enforcement & media-Volz

12/21/90 Tonovich, Sam, Moslem Faith-Yugoslavia Jenkins, Seton, New Orleans Medjugore Society Andonie, Prescilla, NOLA Medjugore Societyc Andonie, Jack, M.D., NOLA Medjugore Society Epstein , Lew, Physcist - Un. Of California at Berkeley Jenkins, Howard, Archdiocese Supt. of Parochial Education - NOLA. Acosta, Albert, Children's Christmas Tree Forest Samuels, Al, Zionist

Medjugore Conference in NOLA Will we have big one on New Madrid fault? Parochial Education in Louisiana The Christmas tree industry in La. & Miss. Israel and Operation Desert Shield

12/23/90 Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of the Living Witness Culotta, Mary Ann, Sr., Director - Dominican Center Andonie Jack, M.D., Andonie, Prescilla Barthelemy, Sidney, Mayor, City of New Orleans Lemarque, Ronnie, Auto dealer, horse owner & political activist

Faith an morals Discussio12/30/1990n with Mayor Barthelemy

12/30/90 Incaprera, Frank, M.D.a Ellender, Bennie, Former Football coach -Tulane Universityu Beer, Peter, Judge, Fderal Court - Easten District Harrell, Lousi, ev. Churchof the Living Witness Thayer, Stuart, Exec. Officer -Lykes Brothers Thayer, Marilyn, Committee Person - National Republican Party Fernandez, Manny, Former State rep.s Serio, Vincent, Mr.& Mrs,IRS ENrolled Agebt Anmdrson, Erci & Nancy, Formr Manager WNOE Radi Ne, Jimmy, Former owner of WNOE Last hurrah of Let Talk it Over

12/30/90 Hamer, Collin, Head of Louisiana Division - NOPL Cherhardy, Lawrence, E. Assessor of Jefferson Parish Ferry, John, M.D. & Mrs, Opthamologist Atkinson Christ, Producer Arsaga Eldon and Mr., Times Puicayune Gennaro, Glen, Counselor - Jesuit High School Pezant, James N., Retired Early, Mike, Former Councilman - City of New Orleans Culotta, Miriam (Arcoleo), Wife and last guess
Last hurrah of Let's Talk it Over

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