Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1989

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37 05, 06 1/1/89 Payne, Dwight A., Ph.D., Mississippi University for Women Pezant, James N., Retired Boutillier, Dennis, Concerned Christians Steverson, Tommy, Concerned Christians Pinner, James, CPA

Ringing out old year & ringing in the new A dissenting look at Medjugorie Income Tax - 1988 A look at the future

37 07 1/8/89 Galatas, Maria, Rev., Pres. - GROW (Grass Roots Org. for Women) Lewis, Sylvester, Jr., Member - Queen of the South Church Thomas, Rocardo, Waddell and Associates Boggs, Lindy, Congresswoman, Second Congressional District Lewis, Ann, Member - GROW

Down-side of lottery, bingo & legalized gambling Scholarships and where to find them Conversation with Congresswoman Lindy Boggs

37 08, 09 1/15/89 Incaprera, Frank, M.D., Internist Morial, Ernest "Dutch", Former Mayor of New Orleans Rodrigue, Derrell, Computer expert Noe, George, General Manager - WNOE AM & FM

Drippy noses & scrachy throats & blood shortage Conversation with the former mayor Computer viruses An assessment of Pres. Reagan's eight years

37 10, 11 1/22/89 Diliberto, Buddy, Sports Director - WDSU TV Muzzy, William, Scottish Historian Muzzy, Melissa, Student - University of Southern Mississippi Minyard, Frank, M.., Coroner - City of NOLA Noe, Jimmy, Owner -WNOE AM & FM

The 1989 Superbowl Proposition 48 & 42 Racial unrest in sports Scottish tradition & Robert Burns' birthday Crime in New Orleans
37 12, 13 1/29/89 Powell Annette, Field Service Rep., Social Security Adm. Livingston, Bob, Congressman, First Congressional District Noe, Jimmy, Owner - WNOE AM & FM

Social Security A talk with Congressman Bob Livingston

Duke on LTIO

2/5/89 McNeely, Jackson P., Mardi Gras historian Perrett, Marvin, Author Jeff, Morris F.X., Former King of Zulu Hernandez, Don, P.R. Director - Zulu Hardy, Arthur, Mardi Gras author Noe, Jimmy, Owner - WNOE AM & FM Treen, John, Candidate for District 81 (phone)

Mardi Gras 1989 Equal time for John Treen of District 81

37 14, 15 2/12/89 Martinez, Chuck, Sisung and Associates McClure, Barney, President - Chilean Winter Fruit Assn. Guillot, Mike, Archdiocesan School System Barthelemy, Sidney, Mayor, City of New Orleans Ellis, Columbus "Lum", Ph.D., Dean of Students - Delgado College

The saving and loan crisis A talk with Mayor Barhelemy on city problems The future of Vo-Tec in Louisiana

37 16 2/19/89 Thayer, Marilyn, National Committee Woman - Republican Party Noe, Jimmy, President - WNOE AM & FM Solaiman, Ahmad, Ph.D., UNO Mc Daniels, Warren, Asst. Fire Chief - New Orleans Fire Dept.

The aftermath of District 81 election The Santanic Verses controversy Fire Prevention

37 17 2/26/89 Koppel, Harwood "Woody", Member - Oleans Parish School Board Mc Daniels, Warren, Asst. Fire Chief - New Orleans Fire Dept. MC Cord, Lynn, M.D., Community Health Networks Cranor, Ken, M.D., Community Health Networks Atkinson, Bob, Executive Officer - Slidell Memorial Hospital

The turbulence in Orleans Parish Public Education Fire Prevention Can we afford to get sick?

3/5/89 Bruneau, Emile "Pepe", State Legislature Felknor, Bob, Executive Director - Louisiana Cattlemen's Assn. Pieri, Sandro, Greater New Orleans Italian Cultural Society La Nasa, Mike, Greater New Orleans Italian Cultural Society Gemelli, Joe, Greater New Orleans Italian Cultural Society Brouphy, Bernadette, Adoption Connection Harrison, Jane, Adoption Connection Sercovich, Dianne, Adoption Connection Cole, Cicil S., General Manager - New Orleans Symphony Special Session of the Louisiana Legislature Cattle industry in New Orleans St. Joseph's Day and the Italians The Adoption Connection Symphony's back & silence is over

3/12/89 Leland, Guy, WNOE Air Personality Schindler,Wade D., Ph.D, Criminalogist -Tulane U. & author Speir, Jerry, Co-author - "Help Murder Police" Heitmeier, Francis, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Warner, Tommy, Rep., Louisiana Legislature

Current events Crime in New Orleans Legislature's new fiscal reform program

3/19/89 Leboeuf, Mickey, Author Sarrat, Walter, Pontchartrain Astronomy Society Sanders, Michael, Pontchartrain Astronomy Society Frichter, George, Pontchartrain Astronomy Society Jenkins, Howard, Supt. of Parochial Education

How to win customers & keep them forever Other jewels of commerce Red streaks in sky over New Orleans Exit exams, 12 month school years & education

3/26/89 Rev. Maria Galatas Rev. Louis Harrell Culotta, Mark

Faith and morals on an Easter Sunday morning

37 18, 19 4/2/89 Booth, Ken, Newsman Pinner, Jim, CPA Eberle, Ed, CPA Holmmes, Henry, Public Information Director - IRS Cochran, Steve, Executive Assiistant to the Governor Gomez, Ron, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Noe, Jimmy, President - WNOE AM & FM

Conversation with award winning newsman Income Tax - 1988 Part II The proposed tax reform program

4/4/89 Hollis, Ken, Sen., Louisiana Senate Barthelemy, Sidney, Mayor, City of New Orleans Walli Abdel Raoof, Iman, NOLA Mujad of Islam Iman, Walli Abdel Raoof, NOLA Mujad of Islam

The Senate vs. the Governor Conversation with Mayor Barthelemy The death of the Ayotollah

37 20, 21 4/9/89 Harrell, Louis, Rev., Living Witness Church Harrell, Bobbie, Mrs., Living Witness Church Dartus, Sandra, Executive V.P. - French Quarter Festival Hand, Steve, Director - Vieux Carre Commission Early, Mike, Councilman, District E - City of New Orleans Ochsner, Alton Jr., M.D. Kole, Ronnie, Chairman - 6th annual French Quarter Festival Roman, Jay, Manager - Cafe Dumonde Arsaga, Eldon, Times Picyune Culotta, Russell, State Police 6th annual French Quarter Festival

4/9/89 Galatas, Maria, Rev., Minister Connick, Harry, District Attorney - NOLA Morial, Dutch, Former Mayor of New Orlrans Fernandez, Manny, Assistant to the Governor

6th annual French Quarter Festival

37 22, 23 4/16/89 Cherhardy, Lawrence E., Assessor - Jefferson Parish Woodfork, Warren, Supt. - New Orleans Police Department Livingston, Bob, Congressman, First Congessional District of La.

Proposition One Crime in New Orleans A talk with Congressman Bob Livingston

4/23/89 Noe, Jimmy, Co-Host Skelton, Frederich, President - La. Federation of Teachers Lecour, Nat, President - United Teachers of NOLA (UTNO) Berger, Sylvia, Interior Designer Brousaard, Joanna, Gallier Hall Restoration Gala McInnes, Val, Fr,,Ph.D., Exec. Dir - Tulane Judeo-Christian Chair

How are we going to vote on Proposition One? Gallier Hall Gala The Judeo-Christian Chair at Tulane

4/30/89 Noe, Jimmy, Co-Host Fernandez, Manny, Aide to Gov. Buddy Roemer McJilton, Gail, President - East New Orleans Area Coalition Galatas, Maria, Rev., East New Orleans Area Coalition Todd, Shelly Rae, Dir.- Child/Adolescence Service-River Bend Hosp

Proposition One defeat Housing upheaval in East New Orleans Teenage suicide

5/7/89 Noe, Jimmy, Co-Host Weidman, Frederich, Mrs., Pres.- NOLA Chapter, Freedom Foundation Gaudin, Evelyn, Member - NOLA Chapter, Freedom Foundation Peidiscal, Tara L., Student Schmidt, Arthur C. III, Student Morgan, Joseph, Student Ditta, George J. II, Student Perrett, Marvin, Author Schell, Leo & Lois, U.S. Navy retired Bagert, Brod, Author and activist Discussion with our youth Landing craft reunion in Jefferson Parish Torrid discussion with Brod Bagert

5/14/89 Beer, Peter, Federal Judge - U.S. Eastern District Noe, Jimmy, Co-Host Odinet, Ken, Rep., District 103 - Louisiana Legislature Forster, Gary, Rep., District 98 - Louisiana Legislature Andonie, Jack, M.D., Ob-Gyn

The Federal Judiciary - Law & world today Th e1989 Legislature Session Ob-Gyn on Mothers' Day

5/21/89 Dimos, Jimmy, Rep., Speaker of the House-La. Legislature (phone) Noe, Jimmy, Co-Host Kutzgar, George, Attorney and MENSA Solomon, Neil, M.D. & Ph.D, Author of "I Am Sick and Tired"

Long distance talk with Speaker of the House The student's uprising in Beijing, Red China Pronounced Sensitivity Syndrome

5/28/89 Hainkel, John, Sen., Louisiana Senate Noe, Jimmy, Co-Host Ritter, Kenneth, M.D., Past. President - La. Psychiatric Assn. Keller, Larry, Principal - Pope John Paul II High School Boggs, Lindy, Congresswoman, Second Congressional District

The 1989 Legislative Session Sociopathic behavior in our youth Jim Wright affair & other problems in Democratic Party

6/11/89 Ochsner, Alton, M.D., Americans for Freedom Herberg, Richard, Col.,USMC ret.,- Americans for Freedom Nungesser, Billy, Chairman - Republican Party of Louisiana Noe, Jimmy, Co-Host

The failure of Communism The Republican Party in Louisiana

6/18/89 Noe, George, Co-Host Early, Mike, Co-Host Noe, Jimmy, Co-Host Mueller, Herbert, Dr., UNO Gagliano,Tony, UNO Halpern, Bert Wall, Stan

Education of the family N.& S. Louisiana & limited terms for Congress Joe Culotta on vacation

6/25/89 Bruneau, Emile "Pepe", Dstrict 94 Frank, Todd, M.D., Medical Director - Recovery Unit Andonie, Jack, M.D., Ob-Gyn Andonie, Prescilla Quare, Vera, Substance Abuse Counselor - De Paul Hospital Goslee, Cathy, Bridge Lights, Inc. Harris, Cathy, Bridge Lights, Inc. Archer, Mike, LSU Football Coach Archer, Barbara Boggs, Bill, LSU fan Supreme Court ruling on burning the flag Louisiana Legislature Combatting substance abuse Talk with Mike Archer on morals & football

6/25/89 Boggs, Bryan, LSU fan Reis, Matt, LSU fan Way, John, LSU fan

Talk with Coach Archer on morals & football

7/2/89 Gregson, Vernon, Retired Dean of the Louisiana Legislature Schmitt, Earl, Retired Dean of the Louisiana Legislature Stall, Buddy, Local historian Arsaga, ldon, Business dealer - Times Picayune

Honoring the flag on Independence Day New Orleans on Independence Day America goes to the moon - 20 years later

37 24, 25 7/9/89 Connick, Harry, District Attorney of New Orleans Vasseur, Martine, Ms., French Vice-Counsel - NOLA

Drugs,lottery, crime, abortion & incarceration Bastille Day -1989

37 26, 27 7/16/89 Rozensweig, Alan, Pollster Nowak, Van, Ms., Student Boissiere, Lambert, Councilman, District D, - NOLA Sherman, Harry, Ph.D., Chm. of Science & Math-Miss U. for Women Eddington, Herb, Dr., Chiropractor Beck, Robert, Dr., Chiropractor

Chappaquidick - Plus 20 Discussion with Councilman Lambert Boissiere Women in higher education Chiropractic

7/23/89 Rodi, Sharon, Legislative Chairman - Pro Life Organization Holden, "Kip", Rep., District 63 - Louisiana Legislature Fernandez, Manny, Asst. Chief of Staff-Health, Energy & Enviornment Atkinson, Chris, Producer - LTIO

Pro-life, Pro-choice - 1989 Teds, the enviornment and Louisaiana

38 01, 02 7/30/89 Kern, Blaine, Promoter Mullican, Denver, Mullican Communications Wagner, Herb, Former WW II fighter pilot Cordaro, John - NOPSI Sanders, Mike, NOPSI

Are you afraid to fly? City gets the USS Cabot Discussion with officials of NOPSI A nine member New Orleans City Council
38 03, 04 8/6/89 Noe, Jimmy, Co-Host Coritas, Vicky, Graduate Student - UNO Mullican, Denver, Mullican Communications Samuels, Al, Zionist

The A-Bomb - Forty four years later A talk with Jimmy Noe Trouble in the Mid-East again

38 05, 06 8/13/89 Serio, John, Principal - Archbishop Phillip Hannan High School Laveolatte, Ed, Public Relations - Archbishop Phillip Hannan H.S. Morial, Dutch, Former Mayor of New Orleans

Back to school Current events A talk with Dutch Morial

8/20/89 Noe, Jimmy, Co-Host Duke, David, Rep., 81th District - Louisiana Legislature Lentini, Sal, Chief of Police, Kenner, La.

What David Duke thinks Law enforcement in Kenner, La.

38 07, 08 8/27/89 Griener, Paul, Chief - VA Home Loan Division Chimento, Tony, Past President - La. Mortgage Bankers Assn. Sterbcow, Arthur, V.P. - Latter & Blum Realtors Martinez, Chuck, Investment Counselor Cummings, Rush, V.P. - Abita Beer Company Gennaro, Glen, Chief of Counseling - Jesuit High School

The housing crisis in Louisiana Booming national & recovering local economy Small business and education in Louisiana

9/3/89 Noe, Jimmy, Co-Host Kutzgar, George, Attorney Retif, Milton, Tulane University (phone) Levy, Susan, Preservation Resource Center Attenhoffer, Ken, Stained glass expert Knecht, Joe, President - Greater New Orleans AFL-CIO Babin, Peter III, Businessman-International Union of Operating Engineers, Loc.406

Controversial program to beat DWI Church tour of the Preservation Resource Cen. Labor on Labor Day weekend

38 09, 10 9/10/89 Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Psychiatrist for La. Court System Boneno, Rick, Louisiana activist Walli Abdel Raoof, Iman N.O. Masjid of Al Islam & Kingsley House Iman Walli Abdel Raoof, Prog. Mgn. Youth Programs-Kingsley House Murray, Stephen, Chairman - New Orleans Aviation Board Barthelemy, Sidney, Mayor, City of New Orleans

President Bush's drug program The New Orleans Airport Talk with Mayor Barthelemy

38 11, 12 9/17/89 Noe, Jimmy, Co-Host Sarrat, Walter, Pontchartrain Astronomy Society Sanders, Mike, Pontchartrain Astronomy Society Watts, Judith, Former City Hall finance officer Levy, Rusty, Louisiana Insurance Service Lee, Steve, Louisiana Insurance Service Gillies, Keith, Union Central Insurance

Science and Education The tax scandal at City Hall All about insurance

38 13, 14 9/24/89 Noe, Jimmy, Co-Host Samuels, Al, Zionist Mc Inness, Val, Fr. O.P., Chm. - Judeo-Christian Studies, Tulane Eguchi, Mitsuru, Consul General of Japan

Christian-Jewish relations or lack of them Japan Week in New Orleans

38 15, 16 10/1/89 Noe, Jimmy, Co-Host Brinson, Ron, Director of the Port of New Orleans Knecht, Joe, President - Greater New Orleans AFL-CIO Trinchard, Paul, Fr., Author of "Apostasy in the U.S. Church"

The 1989 Constitutional Amendments Catholicism from the right

38 17 10/8/89 Heitmeier, Francis, Louisiana State Legislature Widmer, Mary, Author Brandt, Jim, Exec. Dir. - Bureau of Governmental Research Rozensweig, Alan, Health Care Community Services (Pollster)

Politics as usual New Orleans in the thirties Westerday's Constitutional Amendment election

38 18, 19 10/15/89 Casey, Tom, Special Assistant to the Governor Barthelemy, Sidney Mayor, City of New Orleans Wilson, Peggy, Councilwoman, City of New Orleans

Interview with Tom Casey Interview with Mayor Barthelemy Interview with Councilwoman Peggy Wilson Sundry issues
38 20, 21 10/22/89 Retif, Milton, Ex-Basball Coach - Tulane University (phone) McCord, Lynn, M.D., Cummunity Health HMO Incaprera, Frank, M.D., Internist Atkinson, Bob, Chief Exec. Officer - Slidell Memorial Hospital Early, Mike, Councilman, City of New Orleans Epstein, Lew, Professor - City College of San Francisco (taped)

The Great San Francisco Earthquake The high cost of medical care Conversation with Councilman Mike Early

38 22, 23 10/29/89 Bertot, Ana Marie, Psychic Klein, Vic, Author Seab, Greg, Ph.D., Astronomy Dept. - UNO Noe, Jimmy, Co-Host Patrick, Jamie, News Director - KNOE TV Monroe, La Mintz, Donald, Candidate for Mayor Landry, Claire, Ed.D, BESE Board Peabody, Weegie, Sect. to BESE Board

UFO's for Halloween Conversation with Donald Mintz The changing face of education in Louisiana

38 24, 25 11/5/89 Lentini, Tony, Director - VA Regional Office NOLA Spivey, Dave, Adjudication Officer - VARO NOLA Clark, John, Veterans Service Officer - VARO NOLA Noe, Jimmy, Co-Host Cohen, Harold, S.J., Fr. Triola, Joe, City detective - Slidell Police Dept. Sarrat, Walter, Reserve Officer - Jefferson Sheriff's Office Hepting, Dirk, Reserve Officer -Gretna's Police Dept. Abboud, Ronnie, Reserve Officer - New Orleans Police Dept.
Veterans Day - 1989 Is charasmatic & evangelical movement wounded Gangs, crime and the Reserve Police

38 26, 27 11/12/89 Fernandez, Manny, Ecology Activist Deano, Eddie, Rep., La. State Representative Bonino, Rick, Ecology Activist Ochsner, Alton, Dr., Carribbean Commission Vinterulla, John, Ph.D, Historian Morial, Dutch, Former Mayor of New Orleans

Louisiana ecology, abortion & current events 72 years to nowhere A convrsation with Dutch Morial

39 01, 02 11/19/89 Livingston, Bob, Congressman, 1st Congressional District (phone) Cooper, Charmaine, Student - Tulane U. Lambrinos, Pat, Student - Tulane U. Blank, Eric S., Student - Tulane U. Webber, Michael, Student -Tulane U. Atkinson, Chris, (Producer), Student - USM Barthelemy, Mickey, First Lady of New Orleans Barthelemy, Sidney, Mayor of New Orleans Lemarque, Ronnie, Local businessman
Rep. Livingston talks it over with students Talk with the Mayor and First Lady Business, tourism, new cars and horse racing

39 03, 04 11/26/89 McCord, Tracy, Carrington Medical Lundberg, L.L., St. Tammany Coin Club Lundberg, L.L., Jr., Local visitor, Houston, Tex. Beer, Ken, V.P.-Corporate Finance-Howard, Weill, Labouissee Freidrichs Blaum, Buddy, Managed Accounts - Stottler & Co. Acosta, Albert, U.S. Airforce (ret.), Christmas tree grower Ferry, John, M.D., Opthmologist Cangelosi, Robert, M.D., Opthamologist Cangelosi, Glen, M.D., Opthamologist Cangelosi, Keith, M.D., Opthamologist Current events Economy in '80's and hopes for 90's Where do all the Christmas trees come from? Good eye care & advances in vision research
39 05, 06 12/3/89 McInness, Val., O.P., Fr. Ph.D , Judeo-Christian Chair, Tulane Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of the Living Witness Noe, Jimmy, Co-Host Canulette, Pat, Sheriff, St. Tammany Parish Thomas, Clark, Captain, St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office

Relevence of Gorbachev & the Pope meeting Law and Order north of the lake

39 07, 08 12/10/89 Noe, Jimmy, Co-Host Landrieu, Moon, Former Mayor of New Orleans Bathelemy, Sidney, Mayor, City of New orleans Francis, Ron, DVM, Chairman-Conservative Polical Action Committee Dempsey, Chuck, CPAC Jones, Bob, CPAC

Survey of the City & Metro Area CPAC, St. Tammany Parish & the world

39 09 12/17/89 Brisolaro,Ashton, Dir.-Committee on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Volz, Henry, Former teacher & Poet Lauraete of Louisian Noe, Jimmy, Co-Host Starr, Blaze, Author and former stripper Harrington, Bob, Chaplain of Boubon Street Volz, John, U.S. Attorney for Eastern District Billingsley, Ed, Pres. ofRising Sun, Indiana City Council

Drinking and the Holidays Interview with Henry Volz Interview with Blaze Starr & Rev. Harrington White Collar Crime, drugs and N.O.

12/24/89 Mc Kay, Burton, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Faith & Morals - Our 25th. annual Christmas

12/31/89 Arsaga, Eldon, West Bank dealer - Times Picayune Perrett, Marvin, Author and poet Abboud, Ronnie, Reserve Police Officer - NOPD Pinner, James, CPA and LLB Atkinson Christ, Producer Laborde, John, WNOE FM Air Personality Payne, Dwight Dr. Chem. Dept. -Mississippi U. for Women Boggs, Lindy, Congresswoman, Chr.-Bicentennial Comm. Congress

End of a decade - The 80's Conversation with Congresswoman Boggs

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