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Audio Tapes, 1988

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34 09, 10 1/3/88 Pezant, James, Retired Newton, Keith, Sport's Director - WNOE Stall, Buddy, Local Historian Early, Mike, Councilman, District C - NOLA Anderson Eric, General Manager - WNOE AM & FM Harvey, Dave, Photographer

Saint's first playoff game Future of Louisiana's economy History of football in Louisiana The "T" shirt ordinance & other local events

34 11, 12 1/10/88 Lambert, Robert, Director - Causeway Commission Hollis, Ken, Sen., Louisiana Senate Boissiere, Lambert, Councilman, New Orleans City Council Holmes, Henry, Public Information Officer - IRS Pinner, James, CPA

The Jefferson Parish Elevated Expressway Race reations & remembering Martin L. King Your 1987 Income Tax

34 13, 14 1/17/88 Bush, Melvin, Chairman - Louisiana Assoc. of Minority Affairs Moore, Eulis, Chairman - Louisiana Black Republican Council Eddington, Herb, Dr., Pres. - Louisiana Black Republican Council Newton, Keith, Spors Director - WNOE Incaprera, Frank, M.D., Internist Cochrane, Steve, Asst. Dir. - Gov.-Elect Roemer's Transition Team Fernandez, Manuel, Member - Gov.-Elect Roemer's Transition Team

Black Republicans on Jimmy the Greek's firing Drippy noses and scratchy throats Louisiana - The precarious future

34 15, 16 1/24/88 Ellis, Paul, Siddha Meditation Center Brauner, Mike, Siddha Meditation Center Demond, Frank, Siddha Meditation Center Bush, Melvin, Chairman - Louisiana Assoc. of Minority Affairs Moore, Eulis, Chairman - Louisiana Black Republican Council Samuel, Al, Zionist - Tik Vat Shalom Synagogue Gaver, Amos, Israeli Community emmissary to the U.S. Eddington, Herb, Dr., President - Black Republican Council

Getting through life with meditation Return of the black republicans The conflict on the Gaza Strip

34 17, 18 1/31/88 Guillot, Mike, Educator Barthelemy, Sidney, Mayor, New Orleans, La. Anderson, Eric, General Manager - WNOE-AM & FM Ochsner, Alton, Jr., Dr., Americans for Freedom Patrick, Stan, Americans for Freedom Vance, Alva O., Louisiana Vietnam Veterans Assn.

No! to Contra aid The mayor talks about public housing & others Yes! to Contra aid

34 19, 20 2/7/88 Wagner, Bryan, Republican National Committeeman for Louisiana Martinez, Chuck, V.P.-Investment, First National Bank of Commerce French, Charley, Investment Analysis - WNOE Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of the Living Witnesses

Southern Republican Leadership Conference The faltering economy The furor over the projects

34 21, 22 2/14/88 Jeff, Morris McNeely, Jack Price, Tom Stahl, Buddy Francin, Dr. Glapion, Desiree

34 23, 24 2/21/88 Blache, C. J., Lobbyist - Louisiana Council for Fiscal Reform Dinicola, Ross, DDS., President - Louisiana Dental Association Oinner, Jim, CPA- Tax Consultant Eberely, Ed, CPA- Tax Consultant

Remedies for Louisiana's financial problems Dentistry Income Tax - Part II

34 25, 26, 27 2/28/88 Burns, Tim, Volunteer - Louisiana Council for Fiscal Reform Ryce, Michael, Dr., Author & lecturer Hughes, Yvonne, Candidate for N.O. Civil District Court Barnett, Robert A., Candidate for N.O. Civil District Court Cresson, Kathleen, Candidate for N.O. Civil District Court Giarusso, Robin, Candidate for N.O. Civil District Court

Attempting to solve La. Financial Problems II Forgiving N.O. Civil District Court judgeship race

35 01, 02 3/6/88 Brag Sushri Palakari Devi, Vendantic Holy Woman Hamunante, M., Ph.D, Vendantic practicioneer Bollinger, Don, State Chairman - Republican Party Landrieu, Moon, Former Sect. of HUD & Mayor of New Orleans Livingston, Bob, Congressman, First District of Louisiana Wagner, Bryan, Republican Convention Chairman Moore, Eulis, Black Republicans Bush, Melvin, Black Republicans Morial, Dutch, Former Mayor of New Orleans
Vendanta and India Super Sunday before Super Tuesday

35 03, 04 3/13/88 Panzeca, Sal, President, Italian American Federation Cardenia, Joe, St. Joseph Marching Club Pieri, Allessandro, St. Joseph Altar Socierty Anderson, Eric, General Manager - WNOE AM & FM Noe, James A., President - WNOE AM & FM

St. Joseph's Day Goodbye Edwin, Hello Buddy Captured by a flying saucer Relevant advice to our elected leaders in La.

35 05, 06 3/20/88 Rousso, Matt, Fr., St. Charles Boromeo Church Remson, Jane, Sister, House of Bread Blaise, Sister, Mt. Carmel High School Warner, Tommy, Rep., Ph.D. and State Rep. from St. Bernard Odinet, Ken, Rep., State Rep. - Dictrict 103 Fernandez, Manny, Aide to Governor Roemer Larson, Paul, M.D., LSU Mediacal School

Feeding the hungry Upcoming special Legislative Session Relevent advice to our elected officials

35 07, 08 3/27/88 Pezant, James, Coin Broker Mezza, Jim, PH.D., Interim Supt. of Education Landry, Clair, Ph.D., BESE Board Newton, Keith, Newsman . Rye, Doug, WNOE Air Personality Lemarque, Ronnie, Car dealer

Coin collecting Education and the new look of the BESA Board Relevant advice to our elected leaders

35 09, 10 4/3/88 Stall, Buddy, New Orleans historian Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of the Living Witness Johnson, Percy, Rev., First Baptist Church of Baton Rouge Diamond, Dan, Program Director - WNOE AM Mc Daniel, Jodie, Children's Home

Juvenile Diabetes Faith and morals on Easter Sunday morning Montessori Education

4/10/88 Dardis, Sandra, Chairman - 5th Annual French Market Festival Wells, Carol, Chairman - French Market Corp. Albert, Margaret, Teacher Landry, Clair, Dr., BESE Board Pinner Jim, CPA Hecker, Julian, Financier Abramson, Joe, Dr., CPA Fernandez, Manuel, Dep. Chief Assistant to Governor Roemer Bagert, Brod, Attorney Cangelosi, Robert, M.D. On location at 5th annual French Market Fest

4/10/88 Cole, Ronnie, Musician Bart, Morris, Attorney Kahn, Joe, Gates of Prayer Synagogue Morial, Dutch, Former Mayor of New Orleans

On location at the 5th French Market Festival

35 11 4/17/88 Forster, Gary, La. State Rep., - District 98 Heitmeier, Francis, State Rep. - Dustrict 102, Remez, Gideon, Head Political Desk-Israel Broadcasting Authority Soleiman, Ahmad, Ph.D., Chemistry Dept.- UNO

1988 Louisiana Legislative Session The problems in Israel

35 12, 13 4/24/88 Lauricella, Hank, Sen., District 10 - Louisiana Senate Hainkel, John, Sen., District 6 - Louisiana Senate Early, Mike, Councilman, District C - NOLA Takashi, Mizazaki, Counsel General of Japan Anderson, Eric, Station Manager - WNOE AM & FM

Straightening out the State of Louisiana Expanding business in New Orleans

5/1/88 Kutzgar, George, MENSA Istrati, Ted, Roumanian Refugee Velaska, Stefano, Czecheslovokian Refugee Epstein, Lewis C., Physicist - City College of San Francisco Martinez, Chuck, V.P. - First NBC

Communism and May Day Will California fall into the sea? Solving La.'s financial problems by bond sales

35 14, 15 5/8/88 Thayer, Marilyn, Vol. National Chairman of Rpublican Party Hebert, F. Edward, Recording Thompson, R. Terry, Exec. V.P.. - Junior Achievement Anderson, Eric, General Mananger -WNOE AM Downs, Lori, Student- Dominican High School Iman Walli Abdel Raoff, N.O. Masjid of Al Islam Walli Abdel Raoff, Iman, N.O. Masjid of Al Islam

Women's point of view on Mother's Day F.Edward Hebert's Mothers Day message Junior Achievement Muslims' anti-drug program

35 16, 17 5/15/88 Grogono, Anthea, DDS, LSU Medical School Grogono, Alan, M.D., Tulane Medical School Daggett, Stephen, Senior Analyst - Committee for National Security Landry, Buck, Ph.D., Political Science Professor Schmitt, Earl, Former State Rep. - Algiers La. Anderson, Eric, General Manager - WNOE AM & FM Brockoff, Joe, Baseball Coach - Tulane University Retif, Milton, Former Baseball Coach - Tulane Universityr Francingues, Kenny, Baseball Coach - Pope John Paul II H.S.
Socialized Medicine SDI - Should we give it up? Plight of the LDVA Baseball - 1988

35 18, 19 5/22/88 Anderson, Eric, General Manager - WNOE AM Anderson, Nancy Diamond, Dan, Program Director - WNOE AM Morrell, Cynthia, Principal - McDonough 15 Livingston, Bob, Congressman - First Congressional District Burch, Robert, M.D., Price-Goldsmith Fellow, Tulane Medical School McCormick, Twyla, LTIO Producer - WNOE AM Person, Pam, Librarian - Archbishop Hannan High School Early, Mike, Councilman, District C - N.O. City Council Moecklin, Larry, Swiss Bakery - NOLA Current events on second anniversary at WNOE Nutrition in the U.S.

42 09 5/25/88

Mid-Month in N.O. (Legislature in Baton Rouge)
35 20, 21 5/29/88 Schlanger, Harley, SW Coordinator - LaRouche Democratic Campaign NcNair, Forest, Local Member - LaRouche Democratic Campaign Barthelemy, Sidney, Mayor, New Orleans

The Lyndon LaRouche group speaks Conversation with the mayor

35 22, 23 6/5/88 Detweiler, Bill, Constable of City Court of New Orleans Stall, Buddy, Historian Hastings, Wesley, Mr. Stall's grandson Victor, Ann, Americam Cancer Society Figures, Mike, Cyclist Wall, Stan, Health in Government

The Constable's office & the homeless Cycling for the American Cancer Society Political Reform

35 24, 25 6/12/88 Donelon, Jim, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Marrier, Robert, M.D., LSU Medical School Incaprera, Frank, M.D., Bosworth, Gretchen, Executive Director - NO AIDS Task Force Hughes-Nugent, Colleen, Health Educator - NO AIDS Task Force Reeves, Roy M., The Landing in Algiers Brown, Claire, Louisiana State Museum Walker, Bob, Editor - Official N.O. Wedding Guide Walker, Scott, Mr. Walker's son Moecklin. Jannice, Swiss Confectionary The Louisiana Legislature AIDS and the Koop Report Weddings - A great New Orleans industry

6/12/88 Green, Mike, Roget's Austin, Dolores, Austin's Bridal Gowns Pieri, Sandro, American Italian Federation r

Weddings - A great New Orleans Industry

6/19/88 Wilson, Peggy, Councilwoman, N.O. City Council Stall, Buddy, Historian Anthony, Sister, Daughters of Charity Boggs, Lindy, Congresswoman, 2nd. Congressional District

National Republican Convention & NOLA The work of the Daughters of Charity A conversation with Congresswoman Boggs

36 01 6/26/88 Lemarque, Ronnie Anderson, Eric

Risen Star's victory New Orleans bridge tolls
Joseph Culotta was on vacation

7/3/88 Stall, Buddy, Historian Perret, Marvin, Local Historian Thayer, Marilyn, National Chm. of Volunteers - Republican Party Hines, Ann, Coordinating volunteer for transportation Means, Jeff, Director of Transportation for Republican Party Aguilar, David, Student - L.W. Higgins High School Fellows, Kelly, Student - Grace King High School Miller, Rene, Student - Pearl River High School Stolhberg, Bernard, Student - De Lasalle High School Livingston, Bob, Congressman. First Congressional District The Fourth of July and our community Transportation for the Republican Covention Our youth on the Fourth of July Taped interview with Congressman Livingston LSU Football

7/3/88 Andonie, Jack, M.D., Mem. of LSU Med. School Bd. of Supervisors Archer, Mike, Head Football Coach- LSU

LSU Football

36 02, 03 7/10/88 Rozensweig, Alan, Pollster Mc Cpord, Tracy, Private medical consultant Emerson, Sandra, Jefferson Parish Chm. of the Republican Party Highstreet, Marta, La. State Vice Chm. of the Republican Party

The state of the State - Evaluating the Legis The Republican Convention & City of N.O. Current events

36 04, 05 7/17/88 Ochsner, Alton, M.D., Chairman - Captive Nations Week

The Democratic Convention Captive Nations Week

7/17/88 Lee, Deborah, WNOE Air Personality Benelli, Dave, Sgt., 2nd. V.P. - Police Assn. of New Orleans Blue, Kit, Information Division of the Republican Party Sherlock, Joyce, Information Division of the Republican Party Thayer, Marilyn, Chm. of Volunteers - Republican Party Sarrat, Walter, Pontchartrain Astronomy Society Frichter, George, Pontchartrain Astronomy Society Sanders, Mike, Pontchartrain Astronomy Society Davis, Greg, Tulane Football Coach Anderson, Eric, Manager - WNOE AM & FM Meeting a new WNOE Air Personality What does PANO want? Tracking the Republican Convention SDI, Quantum Physics and space travel Tulane Football - 1988
36 06,07 7/24/88 Denegre, George, Sec. for La. Council for Fiscal Reform Friloux, Henry, Board Member - La. Council for Fiscal Reform Thayer, Marilyn, Chm. of Volunteers for the Republican Party Martinez, Ginny, Hostess V.Chm. for the Republican Party Culotta, Vincent, M.D., Let's Talk Program Abdalian, Sue Ellen, M.D., Let's Talk Program Ullo, Chris, Sen., Louisiana Senate

Fiscal Reform Republican Party parties Let's Talk Program to abate teen pregnancy Summing up 1988 legislative session

36 08, 09 7/31/88 Bertot, Anamarie, President - Louisiana Board of Electrolysis Feder, Louis, President - Joseph Fleischer Hairpiece Co. Scott, Carolyn, Joseph Fleischer Co. Belletto, Dottie, New Orleans Republican Party Broussard, Johanna, Chm. - Jazzy Cab Drivers of the Zoo Gootee, Pat, Chm. - Mayor's Clean City Committee Koloski, Pat, Dept. Head - New Orleans Dept. of Sanitation Early, Mike, Councilman, District C - City of New Orleans Gourgues, Marion, President - Morality in Media Anderson, Eric, Station Manager - WNOE AM & FM Hair, stress and baldness Tourism, cab drivers & Republican Convention Cleaning up for the Republican Convention Censorship

36 10, 11 8/7/88 Leavitt, Mel, Author and Media Personality Thayer, Marilyn, Chm. - Republican Platform Committee Noe, George, General Manager - WNOE AM & FM Connick, Harry, District Attorney - City of New Orleans

New Orleans' great neighborhoods The Nisei Americans & prejudiced news media DA on drugs and city sales tax

8/14/88 Barrow, Willie, Composer

The Republican Convention in N.O.

8/14/88 Noe, Jimmy, Co-Host and owner - WNOE AM & FM Livingston, Bob, Congressman, 1st. Congressional District Thomas, Cal, Author and Columnist Barthelemy, Sidney, Mayor, City of New Orleans Barthelemy, Mickey, Chm., - Republican Prayer Breakfast Noe, George, General Manager - WNOE AM & FM Wagner, Bryan, Convention Chairman - Republican Convention Thayer, Marilyn, Co-Chm. - Platform Committee, Republican Convention Bollinger, Donald, Former Chirman - Louisiana Republican Party Chenault, Clair, Mrs., Author The Republican Convention in N.O.

36 12 8/21/88 Morrell, Cynthia, Principal - McDonough 15 Serio, John, Principal - Archbishop Hannan High School Keller, Larry, Principal - Pope John Paul II High School Barthelemy, Sidney, Mayor, City of New Orleans Noe, Jimmy, Owner - WNOE AM & FM Volz, John, U.S. Attorney-Eastern Division

Education 1988 Conversation with the mayor Conversation with the U.S. Attorney

36 13, 14 8/28/88 Kennedy, Alice P., Exec. Director - Let's Talk Program Neely, L. Anne, Advisor - Let's Talk Program Culotta, Vincent, M.D., Ob-Gyn Chehardy, Lawrence E., Jefferson Parish Assessor

Rememering the 1968 Civil Right March -Wash. Teenage Pregnancy A tax discussion with Lawrence Chehardy

36 15, 16 9/4/88 Perret, Marvin, Author Heitmeier, Francis, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Knecht, Joe, President _ Greater New Orleans AFL-CIO Noe, Jimmy, Owner - WNOE Noe, George, General Manager - WNOE Holloway, Clyde, Congressman, 8th. Congressional District

Labor Day in New Orleans Taxes and the Special Session of Legislature Labor and business in New Orleans A discussion with Congressman Clyde Holloway

9/11/88 Tidrick, Dal E., Director - Slidell Museum Early, Mike, Councilman, New Orleans City Council Sager, Jeff, Slidell businessman

On location for Slidell's Centennial

36/43 17/12 9/11/88 Caruso, Sam, Mayor, City of Slidell Barnes, Charles, City worker - Slidell Williams, Pearl, Council-person, Slidell Schwehm, Jerry, Former Police Juror - St. Tammany Parish Bagert, Barry, President - St. Tammany Parish Police Jury Van Sandt, Richard, Councilman, Slidell Stall, Buddy, Historian Barthelemy, Lynn, Councilman, Slidell Keller, Larry, Principal, Pope Joh Paul II High School Guillot, Teddy, Student On location for Slidell's Centennial

9/18/88 Steiner, Kurt, CAO - City of New Orleans Yenni, Mike, President - Jefferson Parish Retif, Milton, Businessman Sarrat, Walter, Pontchartrain Astronomical Society Frichter, George IV, Physicist Sandras, Michael D., Pontchartrain Astronomical Society Melancon, Kirk, Commentator - WVUE-TV

Financial problems of New Orleans Winding up Mike Yenni's first year in office Science and the Community

9/25/88 Beer, Peter, U.S. Judge - Eastern Division Court Schwartz, Mark, Sc.D., Dir. - Clinics for Sex & Marital Therapy Andonie, Jack, M.D. Ob-Gyn

The Federal Courts, N.O. & the Community Human sexual disfunction, AIDS & Womens Movem

36 18 10/2/88 Bruneau, Emile "Pepe", Rep., District 94 -Louisiana Legislature Rozensweig, Alan, Pollster Noe, George, General Manager - WNOE AM & FM

Special Session of 1988 Louisiana Legislature Welfare Reform,the ACLU & yesterday's election

10/9/88 Howell, Mary, LLB Solaiman, Ahmad, Ph.D, UNO Hakes, Jay, Ph.D, Aide to Senator Robert Graham Morris, Elias, Deputy Master - Rosacrucians Webster, Clara, Regional Monitor - Rosacrucians Vairet, Nancy, Master - Rosacrucians Ambrogia, C. David, P.R. Rosacrucians

The Israeli Detention Camps The Liberal faction The Rosacrucians

36 19, 20 10/16/88 Smith, Don, President - St Tammany School bus drivers Koppel, Woody, Member - Orleans Parish School Board Robert, Theresa, BD, Member - Save our Selves (SOS) Cointment, Ruby, Vice President - Save Our Selves (SOS) Spradley, Tom, Lobbyist for fiscal reform

The anticipated school bus strike Problems in Public Education The SOS - Its ecological controversy Fiscal Reform again

10/21/88 McNeely, Jackson P., Mardi Gras buff Jeff, Morris F.X., Former King of Zulu Pryce, Tom, P.R. Director of Zulu Fransen, Theodore, Dr., European Mardi Gras expert Stahl, Buddy, Local Historian Amadeo, Anthony, Medallion designer Glapion, Desiree K., 1988 Zulu Queen

Love on Valentine's Day Mardi Gras - 1988

10/23/88 Bain, Bridget, 1st. Assistant - Distrct Attorney's Officer Murhammer, Elaine, Morality in Media Gourgues, Marion, Morality in Media Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of the Living Witness Peddler, Shirley, Executive Director - NOLA ACLU

Drugs, crime and tax collection Morality in Media Week Card carrying ACLU'ers

10/30/88 Agannis, Jimmy, Local businessman Bertot, Anna Marie, Local businesswoman Klein, Vic, Parapsychology student Ullo, Christ, Sen., Louisiana Senate Odinet, Ken, Rep., Louisiana House of Representatives Ritter, Ken, M.D., Past President - La. Psychiatric Assn.

Scary stuff for halloween The aftermath of the Special Session Politicians,stars and psychiatry

36 21, 22 11/6/88 Thayer, Marilyn, Republican Party Brown, Dara, Student Keller, Larry, Principal, Pope John Paul II High School Sewell, Scott, Republican Paty Noe, James a., Owner - WNOE AM & FM

Presidential Election - 1988

36 23, 24 11/13/88 Lentini, Tony, Director -VA Regional Office NOLA Haag, Greg, Director - VA Medical Center NOLA Baptiste, Orthello, Musician and Vocalist Perret, Marvin, Local historian Parton, Gerald, Director - Lakeside Hospital Teague, Elizabeth, Patient Rep., - Northside Regional Med. Center Andonie, Jack, M.D., LSU Medical School Board member Spivey, Dave Adjudication Office - VA Regional Office NOLA

Veterans benefits Remembering our vets Problems in hospital care

36 25, 26 11/20/88 Reid, J. David, Ph.D., MENSA Kutzgar, George, MENSA Gilyard, Aaron, U.S. Army (ret.) Guidry, Sandra, Home for the holidays - YMCA Samuels, Al, Zionist Solaiman, Ahmad, Ph.D., UNO

Remembering JFK 25 years after Feeding the hungry with the YMCA Arab vs.Jews or reconciliation in Mid-East

37 01 11/27/88 McCaffery, Kathleen, Director - Health Care for the Homeless Houin, Henry, St. Vincent De Paul Society - Ozanam Inn Compagno, Peter, St. Vincent De Paul Society Cangelosi, Robert, Jr., M.D., Opthamologist Cangelosi, Keith, M.D., Opthamologist Cangelosi,Glen M.D., Opthamologist Martinez, Chuck, Sisung & Associates Investment

The homeless and the poor Restoring the Cabildo Eye Care The eonomic future

37 02 12/4/88 Jenkins, Howard, Supt. - Parochial Education Rosolino, Joe, Area Supervisor - Parochial Education Noe, George, General Manager - WNOE Noe, Jimmy, Owner - WNOE Volz, John, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District

Proposed New Orleans water surtax Parochial Education The legal direction of the United States

12/11/88 Lemarque, Ronnie, Auto Dealer Bonner, Mark, Bonner and Associates Epstein, Lew, Professor of Physics-City College of San Francisco Noe, Gorge, General Manager - WNOE AM Ochsner, Alton, M.D., President - Carribbean Commission

Cars, horses and Siddhartha Earthquakes and Science Can we trust Gorbachev & the Russians?

12/18/88 Brisolaro, Ashton, Chairman - Committee on Alcohol & Drog Abuse Stall, Buddy, Historian Schwehm, Jerry, Gideons Livingston, Bob, Congressman, First Congressional District Keller, Paul, President - St. James Parish Wells, Robin, Hyatt Regency Wells, Ken, WVUE TV - Channel 8 Fury, John, Fury's Restaurant

Alcoholism and the Hoildays Long distance talk with Congressman Livingston St. Jamesd Parish - A Louisiana success story New Orleans food

37 03, 04 12/25/88 Schneller, Ann Culotta, Dir. of Religious Ed.-St. Theresa Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of the Living Witness Harrell, Bobbie, Mrs., Church of the Living Witness Leland, Guy, Producer - LTIO Bertrand, Nancy, Sister, Theresian Sisters ) Gendusa, Beth, Volunteer ) Pre-recorded Deris, Judith, Volunteer ) 12/18/1988 Martinez, Rosemary, Guitarist ) Gendusa, Amy, Student ) Gendusa, Allison ) Faith and Morals on a Christmas morning Conversation with students

12/25/88 Gendusa, Katie, Student Deris, Dana, Student Roos, Robin, Student Schimmel, Cathy, Student Pre-recorded 12/18/1988 Spahn, Jennifer, Student Atkinson, Chris, Student

Conversation with the students Faith and morals on a Christmas morning

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