Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1987

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1/4/87 Pezant, James N., Retired Stall, Gasper "Buddy", New Orleans Historian Kushler, David, W., News Director-WNOE

Looking ahead to 1987-National scene Looking ahead to 1987-Local scene Top stories of 1987 & what's ahead for 1987

33 03 1/11/87 Williams, Dennis, WNOE air personality Zewe, Charles, News Anchor Man-WDSU TV Newman, Joe, Invemtor (long Distance from Lucedale) Woodfork, Chief, Supt.-New Orleans Police

Dennis Williams looks at the world Look at the news with Charles Zewe Up-to-date energy machine with Joe Newman Alleviating crime in New Orleans

1/18/87 Watson, Brad, Air personality Rein, Ellen, Student Dittman, Amy, Student Allen, Bill, Student McMillan, Kevin, Student Garcia, Robert, Student Prudhomme, Paul, Chef par excellence

Yesterday's bond election in greater New Orleans Tomorrow's leaders look at the world Great cuisine and the cajun culture

1/25/87 Foster, Mary, Sports Director-WNOE AM Holmes, Henry, Publicity Director-Internal Revenue Service Stacy, Ted, CPA Serio, Vincent, Enrolled agent Andonie, Jack, M.D., Ob-Gyn

The 1987 Super Bowl Income Tax-1987 The morning-after abortion pill and Ob-Gyn

33 04, 05 2/1/87 Ellis, Paul, Siddha Meditation Center Pherigo, Steve, Teacher-Siddha Meditation Center Clyne, Bernard, Prison Counselor-Siddha Meditation Center Clyne, Nada, Teacher-Siddha Meditation Center Jones, Okla, New Orleans City Attorney McNeeley, Jackson P., New Orleans Assistant City Attorney Incaprera, Frank, M.D., Internist

Meditation to combat crime & other social ills The 1987 flu & impact upon AIDS sufferers The Earnings' Tax lost City Attorney

33 06 2/8/87 Dinicola, Ross, DDS, Incoming President-La. Dental Assoc. Gustafsen, Ronald, DDS, Louisiana Dental Association Culotta, Russell, Personnel Director-La. Dept. of Public Safety Leviege, Earl, Rev., President-Gethsemene Prison Ministry Brown, Charles, Rev. Full Gospel Church of God in Christ Harrell, Louis. Rev., Church of the Living Witness Bryan, Charles E., Pres.-International Assn. of Financial Planners Blaun, Buddy, Stock Broker-A.G. Edwards Co.

Dental Health Month Budget Crunch-State employees' point of view Black Ministers Against Crime Financial planning and the 2200 Dow Jones
(Sides 3 & 4 only)
33 07, 08 2/15/87 Barczykowski, Anthony, Sister, Dir.-Associated Catholic Charities Martinez, Jennie, National Committeewoman to The Republican Party Thayer, Marilyn, Pres.-La Federation of Republican Women Morial, Dutch, Former Mayor of the City of New Orleans

Associated Catholic Charities services Republican women A talk with former Mayor Morial

33 09, 10 2/21/87

Possibly mislabeled (See 2/22/1987)

2/22/87 Stall, Buddy, New Orleans Historian Early, Mike, Councilman-City of New Orleans Hand, Steve, Executive Director, Vieux Carre Commission Scheerle, Patricia K, American Nursing Association Demarco, Dennis, Acting Parish President-Jefferson Parish Lindsey, Bob, Director of Security-Parish President's Office

WNOE and Radiofone's Mardi Gras brochure The History of Fat Tuesday Saluting Louisiana's top 100 nurses Great Jefferson Parish street barrier controversy

3/1/87 McNeely, Jack, Mardi Gras Historian Jeff, Morris F.X., Former King of Zulu Price, Tom, Publicity Director, Zulu Cox, Chuck, Author of the Doubloon Checklist Stall, Buddy, New orleans Historian Kelly, Linda, Coordinator-An Evening with Ram Doss Baba Ram Doss (A.K.A. Richard Alpert) Alpert, Richard. Ph.D

Mardi Gras in New Orleans Telephone conversation with Ram Doss Note: Recording may be missing

3/8/87 Ochsner, Alton, Dr.,M.D., Cardiologist Dillonkopper, Robert, M.D., Cardiologist-VA Medical Center Wilson, Peggy, Councilwoman,City Of New Orleans Johns, Sylvia, Concert to remember Liberace Lemarque, Ronnie, Local businessman

New strides in cardiology Conversation with Peggy Wilson (phone) Concert to remember Liberace for Aids Task Force New Orleans, La. & Nation in eyes of Lamarque

3/15/87 Landry, Clare Roy, PH.D., Vice President-BESE Board Newman, Joe, Inventor Barthelemy, Sidney, Mayor, City of New Orleans Bagert, Barry, President-St. Tammany Police Jury Schwehm, Jerry, Member-St. Tammany Police Jury

Education and the BESE Board Mayor talks about N.O. & rest of state Green beer and Italian Altars St. Tammany Parish Week on LTIO

3/22/87 Howes, Randolph, M.D., Fire eater Boggs, Lindy, Congresswoman, Second Congressional Dist. of La. Smith, Lawrence, Attorney and Author

Positive thinking and being a fire eater Talk with Congresswoman Lindy Boggs Mal-practice suits and "facing" a jury

3/29/87 Andonie, Jack, M.D., Andonie, Priscilla Frank, Todd, M.D., Medical Director-De Paul Hospital Egan, Peter, Director, New Life Center at De Paul Hospital Warren, Jim, Assistant to Mayor Aaron Broussard Centanni, Kevin, Chairman-Kenner Italian Cultural Association Lentini, Anthony R., Chairman-Cultural Italian Exibit Lobello, Joey, Chairman-Cooking Committee for the Italian Exibit

Final four & affirmative action for women A doctor' wife hooked on prescription drugs Kenner as the Sicily connection

4/5/87 McCarthy, Hildereath, M.D., Colon-Rectal Surgeon Cullen, Bernie, RN, Reg. Pres.-International Assn. of Enterostomal Therapists Barthelemy, Sidney, Mayor, City of New Orleans Tauzin, Billy, 3rd. Congressional District

Increasing need for enterostomal illeostomies Conversation with Mayor Barthelemy Conversation with Congressman Billy Tauzin

4/12/87 Anderson, Eric, General Manager-WNOE-AM & FM Holmes, Henry, P.R. Director- Internal Revenue Service Pinner, Jim, CPA-Bougeois, Bennett, Thokey & Hickey Danner, Bob, CPA-Bougeois, Bennett, Thokey & Hickey Ramsey, Jan V., Pres. N.O. Music and Entertainment (NOME) Matassa, Cosimo, V.P.-N.O. Music and Entertainment (NOME) Early, Mike, Councilman, City of New Orleans Fernandez, Manuel, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Morial, Dutch, Former Mayor of City of New Orleans Boggs, Lindy, Congresswomen, 2nd. Congressional Dist. of La. On location at French Quarter Festival

33 11 4/18/87

Possibly mislabeled (See 4/19/1987)

4/19/87 McKay, Burton, Ph.D, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of the Living Witnesses Stirgus, Williaemene, Sister, Church of the Living Witnesses Haffert, John, Author of "The World's Greatest Secret" Trosclair, Margaret M., Mary's Helpers Albert, Jules, Pilgrim to Medjugorje Albert, Nancy, Pligrim to Medjugorje

Faith, morals on Easter Sunday Current Events on Easter Sunday Taped interview with John Haffert on miracles Update of Our Lady of Medjugorje

33 12 4/26/87 Cherhardy, Lawrence E., Assessor for Jefferson Parish Louiselle, Bruce M., Public Utilities Economics specialist-NOPSI Esalen, Gary, Editor of Gambit Bagert, Ben, Sen., Louisiana Legislature

Revising the property tax Should N.O. buy power company from NOPSI The Louisiana Legislative Session

5/3/87 Livingston,Bob, Congressman, 1st. Congressional District Hartshorn, Jeanette, Ph.D. & RN,Pres.-Elect Critical Care Nurses Wilson, Peggy, Councilwoman, Dist. A.-Ciy of New Orleans Baimonte, John A. Jr., Dr.,Director, Jefferson Parish Criminal Justice Council

Conversation with Congressman Bob Livingston The nursing shortage Councilman Peggy Wilson discusses local issues Is the mafia an anti-Italian myth?

5/10/87 Hof, Willie Jefferson Parish President Harvey, David, Photographer Hebert, F. Edward., Haikel, John, Rep., District 89-Louisiana Legislature Miller, Ralph, Rep., District 56-Louisiana Legislature

Talk with new President of Jefferson Parish on priorities Gary Hart debacle F. Edward Hebert's Mother Day Address (Pre-recorded) The 1987 Louisiana Legislature-Part Two

5/17/87 Connick, Harry, District Attorney - NOLA Miazaki, Takashi, Consul General of Japan

Crime in city and state Occidental or oriental-Talk with Japanese Consul General

5/24/87 Payne, Dwight A., Dr., Prof. of Chemistry-Miss. U. for Women Newman, Joe, Inventor Anderson, Eric, Station Manager Ellender, Bennie, Former Head Coach - Tulane University Goessl, Otto, Account Executive Noe, James A., President - WNOE AM & FM Noe, Betty Early, Mike, Councilman, City of New Orleans;

Current events on 1st. anniversary on WNOE

5/31/87 Gee, Terry, Rep., District 86 - Louisiana Legislature Heitmeier, Francis, Rep., District 102 - Louisiana Legislature Fernandez, Lee, Bio-Chem Clinic & former aide to Mayor Schiro Pezant, James M., Retired City Council Research Officer Bagert, Barry, President - St. Tammany Police Jury Caruso, Sam, Mayor, Slidell, La.

The chaotic 1987 Legislative Session AIDS testing Old time politics in New Orleans St. Tammany Week on LTIO

6/7/87 Nichols, Hugh, Dir. of Economic Development - Mid South Utilities Ross, Ben, Economic Development Specialist McCord, Lynne, M.D. Dillonkoffer, Robert, M.D. Clark, Celie, Chairman - National Right to Life Convention

Combatting illiteracy in Louisiana Scientific and social changes in medicine-30 years Upcoming Right To Life Convention in N.O.

6/14/87 Koppel, Woody, Member - Orleans Parish School Board Michaels, Jay, WNOE Air Pesonality and Eagle Scout Steiner, Kurt, Chief Administration Office - City of N.O. Chehardy, Lawrence E., Assessor for Jefferson Parish

Flag Day - 1987-88 New Public School Dress Code & Discipline rules Conversation with CAO of City of N.O. CAO of N.O. & Jefferson Assessor meet Political discussion with Lawrence Cherhardy

6/21/87 Martinez, Rene, Legal Advantage Serio, Vincent, Enrolled Agent Abramson, Joseph, Dr., Small Business Specialist Casey, Tom, Sen., Louisiana Senate Gleason, David King, Aerial photographer & author: "Over New Orleans"

What's happening to your paycheck A "Good Guy"'s swan song to politics Over New Orleans with David King Gleason

6/28/87 Anderson, Eric, Certified hypnotist Evans, Bob, Chairman - Jefferson Parish Council Evans, Allyson, Student and Mr. Evans daughter Leland, Ron, WNOE News Dept. Leland, Ron, WNOE Air Personality

Hypnotism Jefferson Parish Week Current Events

33 13, 14 7/5/87 Arsaga, Eldon, West Bank Dealer - Times Picayune Serio, John, Principal - Archbishop Philip Hannan High School Fernandez, Manny, Rep., State Rep. for St. Bernard Parish Stall, Buddy, Local Historian Perret, Marvin, Local Historian

Looking at the USA on the Fifth of July

7/12/87 Anderson, Eric, Co-Host - General Manager WNOE Noe, George, Co-Host - WNOE Baptiste, Othello A., Singer Hooper, Frank S., Algiers Brass Band Johnston, Edgar Jackie III, Agiers Brass Band Thibodeaux, Ruddley, Sr., Algiers Brass Band Baimonte, John A., Jr., Dr., Jefferson Par. Criminal Justice Comm Kain, Ernie, Engineer - WNOE Bagert, Barry, President - St. Tammany Police Jury Muniz, Ed, Jefferson Parish Council Meeting of metro leaders at International Airport

7/12/87 Cherhardy, Lawrence E., Jefferson Parish Assessor Rhorer, Janie, New Orleans Aviation Board Lentini, Sal, Chief of Police - Kenner Lentini, Tony, Community Leader - River Ridge Hand, Skip, Rep., La. State Rep., Jefferson Parish Freloux, Kevin, President - St. Charles Parish Miller, Ralph, Rep., State Rep. St. Charles & St. John Parish Cangelosi, Robert, M.D., Percle, Jason (Jay), WNOE & Piedmont Airlines Wiliams, Dennis, WNOE Meeting of metro leaders at International Airport

7/19/87 Landry, Buck, Ph.D. on Ph.D in Polical Science Anderson, Eric, General Manager - WNOE AM & FM Archer, Mike, Head Coach - LSU Tigers Andonie, Jack , M.D., LSU Board Member Sambola, Mickey, LSU fan Newton, Keith, WNOE News Volz, John, U.S. Attorney

Current national events Youth and LSU football Law & order and the temper of the times

7/26/87 Ochsner, Alton, Jr., Dr., Carribbean Commission Bringuier, Carlos, Ph.D, Cuban National Thang, Joseph, Fr., St. Dominic's Vietnamese refugees Calero, Mario J., Nicaraguan Freedom Fighters Morial, Sybil H., Dir. - Drexel Center, Xavier University Rice, Anne, Author of "Interview with A Vampire" Cordaro, John, Sr., V.P. - External Affairs, NOPSI Mouton, Rodney, Governmental Affairs Manager, NOPSI

Captive Nations Week Drexel Center and the Papal visit Taped interview with Anne Rice The NOPSI Proposal

8/2/87 Griener, Paul, (Co-Host), Chief - VA Home Loan Division Martinez, Chuck, V.P. of Investment - First National Bank Leavitt, Mel, Author & historian Starr, Blaze, Author (Pre-recorded in 1974) Harrington, Bob, Rev., Chaplain of Bourbon Street (Pre-Recorded) Fernandez, Manny, Candidate for Attorney General

Investments in summer of 1987 Old time Louisiana politics Manny Fernandez's candidacy for Attorney Gen.

33 15, 16 8/9/87 Iman Walli Abdel Raoof, American Muslim Missions Walli Abdel Raoof, Iman, Americam Muslim Missions Barthelemy, Sidney, Mayor, City of New Orleans Pittman, Jim, Former Head Coach & AD. - Tulane University Brown, Mack, Head Football Coach & AD. - Tulane University Blaylock, Joe, Kicking Coach - Tulane University

Evolution of the American Muslim Mission A conversation with Mayor Barthelemy Tulane Football - 1987

33 17, 18, 19 8/16/87 Berchak, Hank, Candidate for Jefferson Parish Sheriff Chatelain, Jerry, Candidate for Jefferson Parish Sheriff Hamilton, Bob, Candidate for Jefferson Parish Sheriff Lee, Harry, Candidate for Jeff. Parish Sheriff & incumbent Lentini, Art, Candidate for Jefferson Parish Sheriff Sander, Madeline, Candidate for Jefferson Parish Sheriff Landry, Claire, Ed.D, Vice Chairman - BESE Board Larson, Paul, M.D., LSU Medical School

The race for Jefferson Parish Sheriff Why is everybody picking on the BESE Board? New look at Alzheimers, Parkinsons & MS

8/23/87 Reilly, Kevin, Louisiana Sate Representative Burbank, Tom, Interim State Treasurer Livingston, Bob, Congressman, 1st. Congressional District Connick, Harry, District Attorney - Orleans Parish Williams, Dennis, WNOE Air Personality

Louisaiana State Treasurer's Race Congressman Livingston bid for Governor of La Harry Connick bid for State Attorney General

9/6/87 Knecht, Joe, President - Greater NOLA AFL-CIO Babin, Peter, Business Manager - International Union of Operating Enginers L-406 Amadee, Earl, Candidate for Governor of Louisiana Lewis, "Cousin" Ken, Candidate for Governor of Louisiana Vance, Alvao, Vietnam Veterans Organiztion Gregson, Vernon, Member, Ethics Committee La. Legislature & Dean Schmitt, Earl, Former Louisiana Legislator from Algiers

Labor - 1987 Earl Amadee and Cousin Ken Lewis-Gov. Candidate Viet Nam Veterans march to end communism in C.A. Two old time La Legislators reminisce

9/13/87 Yenni, Mike, Candidate for President of Jefferson Parish Anderson, Eric, General Manager _ WNOE AM & FM Brown, Jim, Sect. of State and candidate for Governor of La.

The Jefferson Parish race The Pope's visit and current events Secretary of State Jim Brown's candidacy for Governor

33 20 9/20/87 Barthelemy, Mickey, Chairman, Bi-Centennial of U.S. Constitution St. Piere, Emile J., Col.,Former Commissioned Officer of Washington Artillery Anderson, Eric, General Manager - WNOE AM & FM Newman, Joe, Inventor & candidate for President of the U.S. Long, Speedy O., Candidate for Governor of Louisiana Lee, Robert E., New morning air personality on WNOE

Constitution Week Current Events Joe Newman's announced candidacy for Pres. Speedy O. Long's Candidacy for Governor

9/27/87 Yenni, Mike, President Elect - Jefferson Parish (Phone) Jackson, Johnny, Councilman - District E, New Orleans Groesch, Gary, Executive Director-Alliance for Affordable Energy Wimpelberg, Karen F., President of Alliance for Affordable Energy Roemer, Buddy, Congressman - Candidate for Governor

The election of Mike Yenni Space Stations, Housing problems in Dist. E. The case for municipalization of NOPSI Buddy Roemer's candidacy for Governor

10/4/87 Bonvillian, Harry, Lafourche Service Officer Ledet, Donald, Fr., Assistant Pastor - St. Mary's Church Babin, Dickie, Past King - Sauce Piquante Festival Bollinger, Donald, Bollinger Boat Works Landwehr, Dawn, Queen - Sauce Piquante Festival Tauzin, Billy, Candidate for Governor Wilson, Steven, Councilman for Raceland on the Lafourche Council Landry, Ron, Sen., District 19 - Louisiana Senate Ayd, Don, Dr., President - Nicholls State University Landry, Buck, Dr., Former Professor -Nicholls State University On location at Sauce Piquante Festival Congressman Billy Tauzin's candidacy for Gov. Higher education and politics

10/11/87 Day, Linda, Anthropologist and witch Klein, Vic, Ghost hunter Niehaus, Earl, Fr., Rep. for Catholic & Jewish Relations at Loyola Samuel, Al, Zionist - Tickva Shalom Synagogue Anderson, Eric, General Manager - WNOE AM & FM Peterman, Bob, Louisiana Heat Pump Company

An early Halloween Conflict between Catholics and Jews Current Events Geothermal Energy

10/18/87 Shirk, Sharon, Geneologist Woodward, Larry, Ph.D., Professor, Southeastern Louisiana University Burton, McKay, Ph.D., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Barthelemy, Sidney, Mayor, City of New Orleans Fitzmorris, James, Former Lt. Governor of Louisiana

Your family tree Conversation with Mayor Barthelemy Analysis of Governors race with Jimmy Fitzmorris

10/25/87 Martinez, Chuck, Investment Advisor French, Charlie

Aftermath of governors election "Black Friday" Stock Market crash (10/19/87)

11/1/87 Harrell, Louis, Rev. Living Witness Church Harrell, Louis, Mrs. Orlando, Cynthia, Jefferson SPCA Lee, Harry, Sheriff of Jefferson Parish Lentini, Art, Candidate for Sheriff of Jefferson Parish

Teenage pregnancy-crisis in black community Joe Newman's revelations Jefferson SPCA's fund raiser Runoff for Jefferson Parish President

11/8/87 Lentini, Anthony, Director - VA Regional Office, NOLA Grippen, Glen, Asst. Director, VA Regional Office, NOLA Wells, Robert, M.D., Admitting Physcian-VA Regional Office, NOLA Newton, Keith, News Dept. - WNOE AM Harvey, David, Commercial photographer Taylor, John, Thomas Cook Travel Co. Wilson, Bruce, Concerned Citizens of Louisiana Powell, George, Concerned Citizens of Louisiana Cutshaw, Mike, Candidate for Secretary of State Anderson, Eric & Nancy, WNOE & FM Veterans Day - 1987 Should Judge Ginsberg have removed himself? Tourism and gambling Louisiana Sect. of State race

33 21, 22 11/15/87 Bougere, Gary W.,Mayor, Harahan, La. Liuzza, Ray, NOLA Tourist Commission Becker, Robert W., Executive Dir. - NOLA City Planning Commission Bagert, Ben, Sen., Louisiana Senate Vance, Alva, O., President - Louisiana Viet-Nam Veterans Connick, Harry, NOLA D. A. and candidate for Attorney General

Talk with Harahan's beleagued mayor Constitutional amendments & bond issues Peace Mission to Nicaragua The Attorney General's race

33 23, 24 11/22/87 Rozensweig, Alan, Pollster Pezant, James N., Retired city employee Anderson, Eric, General Manager -WNOE AM & FM Diliberto, Buddy, Sports Director - WDSU TV

Yesterday's runoff election State's economy 24th Anniversary of President Kennedy's death Tulane and LSU gameu New Orleans Saints
33 25 11/29/87 Taylor, Dorothy Mae, Councilwoman-at-Large, NOLAr Foti, Charles, Criminal Sheriff of NOLA Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of the Living Witness Ferry, John, M.D., Opthamologist Cangelosi, Robert, M.D., Opthamologist Cangelosi, Keith, M.D., Opthamologist Cangelosi, Glen, M.D., Optamologist

Combatting school drop-outs with mid-day curfew The prison riots Opthamology

34 01, 02 12/6/87 Coman, Rene, Ph.D., Area 1 Supervisor - Orleans Parish School System Giarusso, Joe, Councilman-at-Large -City of New Orleans Anderson, Eric, General Manager - WNOE AM & FM Early, Mike, Councilman, District C, New Orleans

Public education & loss of Space Station Contract Conversation with Councilman Joe Giarusso Louisiana's financial woes Next week's Summit in Washington Pearl Harbor Day & Amazing Saints
34 03, 04 12/13/87 Ontiveros, Floren, Psychic Counselor Reed, Ed, Author

Predictions by Floren Ontiveros Who killed Huey Long?

34 05, 06 12/20/87 Livingston, Bob, Congressman, 1st. Congr. Dist. of La.(Co-Moderator) Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of the Living Witness Brisolaro, Ashton, Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Stall, Buddy, Historian Houin, Henry, St. Vincent De Paul Society Custer, Michael, Brother, Ozanam Inn Furiel, Clement, Brother, Ozanam Inn Bachman, Patricia, Sister, Ozanam Inn Harvey, David, Photographer
Faith and morals on Sunday before Christmas

34 07, 08 12/27/87 Whitman, Bob, Safety Officer - New Orleans Fire Dept. Dawley, Harold, Ph.D., Psychologist Fury, John, Fury's Restaurant Hickson, Melanie, Hyatt Regeancy Sands, Jack, Tavern on the Park

Fire Safety for the holidays Using legalization to control drug addiction From red beans and rice to filet mignon

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