Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1986

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Sam LeBlanc's candidacy for Mayor of N.O.

30 03, 04 1/5/86 Ledoux, Jerome, Fr., SVD, St. Paul Apostle Church-Baton Rouge, La DuQuesnay, Marcie, CPA Danner, Robert E., CPA Lombard, Rudy, Candidate for Mayor of New Orleans Brende, Ray, Ranger-U.S. Park Service Tankerseley, Tom, Ranger-U.S. Park Service LeBlanc, Sam, Candidate for Mayor of New Orleans

Should U.S. take reprisals against Libya? Prayer to open 1986 by Fr. Ledoux Income tax 1986 and Tax Reform 1986 Rudy Lombard's Candidacy for mayor Battle of N.O. & Chalmette National Park
30 05, 06 1/12/86 Bennett, Lance, "Mr. Hard Hat" Mr. Hard Hat Barthelemy Sidney, Councilman, Candidate for Mayor of New Orleans Bertot, Anamaria, Psychic Boggs, Lindy, Congresswomen, Second Congressional District Rein, Ellen, Student-Pope John Paul II High School Stano, Tiffany, Student-Pope John Paul II High School

Problems with Louisiana's skilled labor Councilman Barthelemy's Candidacy for Mayor Open lines on legalized gambling Discussion of Hale Boggs with Lindy Boggs Lindy Boggs talks with students
30 07, 08 1/19/86 Smith, T. J., Dr., Pastor-Mount Zion Baptist Church Harrell, Louis B., Rev.,Chaplain-Church of Living Witnesses Jefferson, William, Sen., Candidate for Mayor of New Orleans Wagner, Bryan, Councilman, District A-New Orleans City Council Roesler, Bob, Executive Sports Director-Times Picayune

First national Martin Luther King holiday Senator William Jefferson-Candidacy (Mayor) New Orleans City Council Week on LTIO Super Bowl XX and City of New Orleans

30 09, 10 1/25/86

Super Bowl Sunday (Possibly mislabeled -- see also 1/26/1986)
30 11, 12 1/26/86 Incaprera, Frank, M.D., Internist Bertot, Raoul, Student and intern Hardy, Terry, Ms.,Candidate for Mayor-Socialist Workers Party Hainkel, John, Rep., District 89-Louisiana Legislature Rausch, Ben, Candidate for Mayor

Open lines on Superbowl Sunday Drippy noses and scratchy throats Terry Hardy's candidacy for mayor Will there be a special legislature session? Ben Rausch's candidacy for mayor
30 13, 14 2/2/86 Rozensweig, Alan, Pollster Gerard, David, General Manager and V.P.-WTIX Early, Mike, Councilman, District B.-City of New orleans Rausch, Ben, Unsuccessful candidate for mayor

WTIX's Mardi Gras lagniappe promotion Yesterday's election and today's aftermath

2/9/86 McNeely, Jack, Mardi Gras buff Jeff, Morris F.X., Former King of Zulu Cox, Chuck, Author of N.O. Doubloon Shoppers Guide Giarusso, Joe, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans Jackson, Johnny, Rep., Runoff candidate for Dist. E-NOLA Collier, Ed, Runoff candiadre for Dist. E-NOLA

Mardi Gras-1986 A discussion with Councilman Giarusso Runoff debate for District E of N.O. Council

30 15, 16 2/16/86 Wilson, Peggy, Runoff candidate for Dist. A-N. O. City Council Dirosa, Joseph V., Runoff candidate-Dist. A, N.O. City council Jefferson, William Se., Runoff mayor for Mayor of N.O. Moorehead, Myron, Dr., Director-Lakeside Fertility Center Brown, Fred, Dr., Engineering Department-UNO Giangrosso, Roy, Fossil fuel supply mannger Wernicke, Jim, American Society of Mechanical Engineers Newman, Joseph, Inventer (long distance interview )

The District A Council race Sen. Williams bid for Mayor of N.O The new fertility drugs and procedures Engineers, energy costs and inventors

30 17, 18 2/23/86 Taylor, Dorothy Mae, Runoff candidate for Councilman-at-Large Bagneris, Michael, Runoff candidate for Councilman-at-Large Ontiveros, Floren, Psychic Fernandez, Manuel, Rep., State Rep. for St. Bernard Parish Barthelemy, Sidney, Candidate for Mayor of New Orleans Medley, Lester M., Camera Man-WDSU TV-6 Banks, Logan, Newsman-WDSU TV-6

Councilman-at-Large runoff race Psychic phenomenaa Councilman Barthelemy runoff candi. for Mayor

30 19, 20 3/2/86 Rosensweig, Lan, Pollster Barthelemy, Sidney, Mayor-Elect,City of New Orleans Murphy, Gerald J., Crossroards Louisiana Inc. Moreau, C. Michael, Travelers Aid Society Quigley, William P., Attorney Caruso, Salvatore (Sam), Mayor, City of Slidell, La. Early, Mike, Councilman, New Orleans City Council

The Run-Off Election Problems of the homeless Bridging gap between city and the suburbs

30 21, 22 3/9/86 Bertot, Anamarie, Mayor's Spanish Outreach Task Force Caruso, Vincent, Chairman-XVII Annual Italian Open Accardo, Nick., M.D., Italian-American Cultural Society Gemmelli, Joe, Asst. Chairman-Italian Open Singleton, James, Councilman, District A-City of New Orleans Landry, Claire Roy, ED.D, Member of BESE Board Soileau, James, ED.D, Executive Director-BESE Board Soileau, James, Mrs.

Open lines on current events The Italians in New Orleans A discussion with Councilman Singleton The BESE Board and education in Louisiana

30 23, 24 3/16/86 Payne, Dwight, Ph.D., Chemistry Dept., Miss. Univ. for Woment MCkay, Burton, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Shirk, Sharon, Geneology Lecturer-YWCA Hamer, Collin B., Director, Louisiana Division-New Orleans Public Libraryc Lanasa, Joseph, M.D., Member of Notre Dame Alumni Assn. Morgan, Robert, Band Director-Holy Cross High School Serio, John, Asst. Principal-Pope John II High School Thayer, Marily, Republican State Central Committeeman Henry, Buck, Ph.D., Democratic State Central Committeeman
Conversation with Dr. Dwight A. Payne Geneology Holy Cross-Notre Dame Band concert Should we give aid to Contras?

30 25, 26 3/23/86 Groesch, Gary L., Executive V.P.-Alliance for Affordable Energy Lousteau, Patricia, Stewardess-TWA Airlines Kruse, Goldie, Stewardess-TWA Airlines Montegut, Michele, Stewardess-TWA Airlines Pinner, James A., CPA Serio, Vinton, Accountant Vance, Sarah, LLB, New Orleans Bar Association Gamble, Cameron, LLB., First V.P.-New Orleans Bar Association

THhe Alliance for Affordable Energy TWA stewardess strike Income Tax 1896-Part II Some pressing legal questions

21 01 3/30/86 McKay, Burton, Ph.D., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of the Living Witnesses Ledoux, Jerome, Fr.,SDV, St.Peter and Paul Church, Baton Rouge Giarusso, Charles, Trooper 1st. Class, Aff. Pres. La. State Troopers Ryan, Mel, Lt., Troop B Guth, Paul, Ph.D., Professor of Pharmacology-Tulane Medical School Upjohn, Johann, Sister, Director-Nursing Homes-Archdiocese Of N.O. Jenkins, Howard, Supt. of Education-Archdiocese of NOLA

Faith and morals on an Easter Sunday morning Budget cuts in Dept., of Public Safety in La. Tinnitus Nursing homes & Parochial education in N.O.

31 02, 03, 04 4/6/86 McCaffery, Kathleen, YWCA Rape Crisis Simeral, Ron, Bayou Cajun Folk Festival in Thibodaux, La. Martin, Perry, Bayou Cajun Folk Festival of Thibodaux, La. Chadwick, Kathy, Marketing Director-Blood Bank of S.E. Louisiana Whelan, Tom, Executive Director-Serologicals Reistad, Dale R., President-Electronic Fund Transfer Assn. Newman, Joseph Westley, Inventor (Long Distantce from Lucedale) Casey, Thomas A., Sen., Louisiana Senate

Combatting rape, incest and child molestation Bayou Cajun Folk Festval in Thibadaux, La. Blood shortages, AIDS and rare blood Electric fund transfer and banking Upcoming Legislature session
31 05 4/13/86 Brennan, Ralph, Chairman, 3rd. Annual French Quarter Festival Dartus, Sandra, Coordinator-French Quarter Festival Gerard, David, General Manager-WTIX Martinez, Chuck, Investor Deal, Arch, Skydiver Newman, Joseph Wesley, Inventor Stall, Buddy, Historian Kole, Ronnie, Musician Anderson, Joseph, General Manager-WNOE Arsage,Eldon, West Bank distributor-Times Picayune 3rd. annual French Quarter Festival

31 06, 07 4/20/86 Iman Walli Abdel Raoff, Iman of N.O. Masjid of Al Islam Walli Abdel Raoff, Iman, Iman of N.O. Masjid of al Islam Arsaga, Eldon, Westbank Dealer-Times Picayune Levy, Adolph J., Private attorney Cassagne, Gail, New Orleans Public Library-Computer Division Livingston, Bob, Congressman, 1st. Congressional District Epstein, Lewis Carroll, Professor of Physics-CCSF University Wood, Don, Dr., Curator of Oriental Art-N.O. Museum of Art Fernanadez, Manny, Rep., Louisiana Legislature
The U.S. and Libya Modems and the computer revolution Discussion with Congressman Livingston Good-bye Halley's Comet with Lew Epstein-CCSF A detective story in the N.O. Museum of Art

4/20/86 Fernandez, Manny, Rep., Louisiana Legislature

Kicking off the 1986 Legislative Session

31 08 4/27/86 Enquilina, John, National Public Information-National Rifle Assn. Palao, Mike, Member-NRA McCord, Tracy, Member-NRA Sager, Jeff, Member-NRA Dileo, Jimmy, Member -NRA Bagert, Brod, Attorney and former Councilman in NOLA Bagert, Barry, Sen., Louisiana Senate Bagert, Barry, Police Juror, St. Tammany Police Jury Blaum, Buddy, Stock Broker-A.G. Edwards Co. Martinez, Chuck, Registered independent investment counselor NRA's National Convention in New Orleans Current Events Bagert Family looks at politics in Louisiana Local and national outlook on economics

31 09 5/4/86 Johns, Robert, Student-Pope John Paul II High School Fontaine, Stephanie, Student-Pope John Paul II High School Bonck, Andrea, Student-Pope John Paul II High School Hammell, Brian, Student-Pope John Paul II High School Short, Christine, Student-Pope John Paul II High School Upjohn, Joanne, Sister, Wynhoven Nursing Home Retif, Milton, Westside Oil Co. Tauzin, Billy, Congressman, 2nd Congressional District Tauzin, Gayle, Mrs. b Samuels, Al, Mechanical Engineer Youth-God bless them Apparition of Blessed Virgin at Medjugorje Baseball, oil & Libya & other things Conversation with Rep. Tauzin & his wife Spiritual Judism & its impact on world
31 10, 11 5/11/86 McKay, Burton, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Early, Mike, Councilmam, City of New Orleans Moreau, James A.,Jr., Son of Col. James A. Moreau Dawley, Harold, Dr., Vets Day Care center Gregson, Vernon, Past Dean of the Louisiana Legislature Boggs, Lindy, Comgresswoman, 2nd. Congressional District Fernandez, Manny, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Ellender, Bennie, Former Tulane Head Football coach Blaume, Buddy, Stock Market Advisor Bagert, Brod, Author and former City Councilman of N.O. Last Let Talk It Over Program at WTIX

31 12 5/25/86 Barthelemy, Sidney, Mayor, City of New Orleans Anderson, Eric, General Manager of WNOE Caruso, Salvatore (Sam), Mayor, City of Slidell Miller, Danny, Chief Engineer-WNOE

Hands across Lake Pontchartrain First program at WNOE

31 13, 14 6/1/86 Early, Mike, Councilmam, District C-City of New Orleans Anderson, Eric, General Manager-WNOE-AM Watson , Brad, Producer and engineer, WNOE AM Williams, Dennis, Air personality-WNOE AM Heitmeier, Francis, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Donelon, James, Rep., State Legislature

Discussion on economic crisis in N.O. Problems of District C Welcoming Dennis Williams to WNOE Fireworks in th Legislature

31 15, 16 6/8/86 Cherhardy, Lawrence E., Jefferson Parish Assessor Anderson, Jim, M.D., Jefferson Parish Medical Society Lentini, Anthony R., Dir.-U.S. Veterans Adm. Regional Office in N.O Griener, Home Loan Guaranty Officer-VARO, Nola Boggs, Lindy, Congresswomen- 2nd. Congressional District in La.

Future of property tax in La.'s troubled time Controversy over infant and toddler immunization Wavering economy strikes VA Home Loam Programa Five munutes with Congresswoman Lindy Boggs

31 17, 18 6/15/86 Breaux, John, Congressman, U.S. Congress Anderson, Erci, Vice President and General Manager-WNOE

Conversation with Congressman Breaux Gone With The Wind's 50th Anniversary The City of New Orleans and current events

31 19, 20 6/22/86 Moore, Henson, Congressman, 6th. Congressional District of La. Schmitt, Eral, Retired State Representative Newman, Joseph, Inventor (Phone) Hyslop, Newton, Dr., Chief of Infectious Disease-Tulane Medical Center Harrier, Robert, Dr., Faculty-LSU Medical School & Charity Assistant Medical Director

Conversation with Congressman Henson Moore Telephone interiew with Joe Newmano First LTIO TV show on BLAB TV Earl Schmitt on Veterans gathering in Baton Rouge Medical update on new developments in AIDS Epidemic
31 21, 22 6/29/86 Cherry, Ralph, Program Director-WNOE AM & FM Tauzin, Billy, Congressman, Third District of Louisiana Tauzin, Billy, Jr., 8th. grade student Fernandez, Manny, Rep., La. Legislature; Interview from Baton Rouge Connnick, Harry, District Attorney-City of New Orleans

Statue of Liberty Refurbishment Project Current events Conversation with Congressman Billy Tauzin Conversation with D.A. Harry Connick

31 23, 24 7/6/86 Leavitt, Mel, Author and air personality at WNOE & WGNO-TV Bernard, Sherman, Insurance Commissioner-State of Louisiana

Something about country on Liberty Weekend Insurance problems in the State of Louisiana

31 25, 26 7/13/86 Martinez, Chuck, Registered Investment Advisor Pezant, James, Investment Analyst Fernandez, Manny, Rep., State representative for St. Bernard Wilson, Peggy, Councilman, District A-City of New Orleans

The sluggish economy Will there be a special legislature session? New taxes and economy in N.O.

32 01, 02 7/20/86 Livingston, Bob, Congressman, First Congressional District of La Ochsner, Alton, Jr., Dr., President-Carribbean Commission Rostran, Alejandro, Nicaraguan refugee Neuman, Peter J., Rev., Vietnamese refugee Patrick, Stan, Carribbean Commission Wurnbrand, Richard, Rev., Christian Missions to Communist World Kohler, Peter, Dr., Chief of Medicine-Tulane Medical School at Charity

Discussion with Congressman Bob Livingston Captive Nations Week Charity Hospital's 250 years old Tulane-LSU Medical Schools' Weekend

32 03, 04 7/27/86 Running Bear-Houma Tribe Medicine Man New Dawn Breaking (Beverly Bishop), Houma Tribe Bishop, Beverly, Houma Tribe Billiot, Joe, Houma Tribe Cheramie, Steve (Elk Eagle Hawk), Houma Tribe Dufrene, Denise (White Dove), Houma Tribe Vekovius, Al, Dr., Softdisk Magazine (Phone) Anderson, Eric, General Manager-WNOE John "Q" (Martin De Salvo), Ex-convict De Salvo, Martin, Ex-convict How to solve La.'s high unemployment? Louisiana Indians Computer Industry in La.-Unfortunate secret Life in and after Angola

32 05, 06 8/3/86 Nunez, Sammy, Sen., President of Louisiana Senate Volz, John, U.S. Attorney for Southeastern District of La.

Candidacy of Sen. Sammy Nunez for U.S. Senate Discussion with U.S. Attorney John Volz

8/10/86 Broussard, Aaron, Mayor, Kenner, La., & Co-Moderator for Day Anderson, Eric, General Manager-WNOE AM Chubbick, James, Director of Aviation-N.O. Intl. Airport Lentini Anthony R., 1st. President-River Ridge & Dir., VARD NOLA Wynn, Jerry, Flag Bearer-United Way Brown, Mack, Athletic Director & football coach Bartelemy, Sidney, Mayor, City of New Orleans Early, Mike, Councilnan, New Orleans Lentini, Sal, Chief of Police-Kenner Muniz, Ed, Councilman-Kenner On location at N.O. International Airport

8/17/86 Huddleston, Betty, Business and Professional Women Brigham, Paula, BPW Cummings, Denise Jordan, BPW Hennessey, Joan, St. Tammany School Board member Brown, Jim, Secretary of State of Louisiana Leboeuf, Michael, Dr., Author and Time Management Specialist Anderson, Eric, General Manager-WNOE

Women in business A 3 1/2 cut for teachers in St.Tammany Our work force & local economy's economic problem

32 07 8/24/86 Albert, Nancy, Pres.-Women for a Better Louisiana Jenkins, Howard, Supt. of Parochial Education D'Anthony, Nels, Socialist Workers' Party candidate for U.S. Senate Artopius, Ellen, Member-Women for a Better Louisiana

Proposed 7 parish cleanup by Women for a Better Louisiana Predictions of an Indian seer Parochial School outlook for 1986-1987 The world from Socialist Workers' Party view

8/31/86 Roohi, Bill, Kentwood Spring Water Bircher, Barra, New Orleans Saints Crowe, Carl K., Asst. to the President of State AFL-CIO Knecht, Joe, President- Greater New Orleans AFL-CIO Barthe, Earl A., Business Agent of the Plasterers' Union Kutzgar, George, MENSA

The 1986 Saints Labor-Past, present and future The Legal Systrm: Game vs, reality

9/7/86 Coman, Rene, Dr., Assoc. Supt. of Dist. 1-Dept. of Orleans Public Education Brown Jim, Secretary of State for State of Louisiana

Public Education & 40 mills resolution Jim Brown talks about constitutional amendments Jim Brown talks about September 27 election

9/14/86 Caruso, Salvatore (Sam), Mayor, Mayor of Slidell & Co-Moderator Hall, Adrian, Fr., Pastor-St. Luke Evangelist Church Bagert, Barry, St. Tammany Parish Councilman Kingston, Kevin, Slidell Jaycees Dyer, Mark, Slidell Jaysees Klassen, James, Principal-Pope John Paul II High School Guillot, Mike E., Dir. of Development-Pope John Paul II H.S. Gennaro, Glenn, Counselor-Jesuit High School Lacour, Nat, President-Orleans Parish Teachers Union Williams, Pearl, President-Slidell Police Jury On location from Courthouse in Slidell

9/14/86 Boneno, Rick, Local businessman Williams, Dennis, WNOE air personality Early, Mike, Councilman, City of New Orleans Anderson, Eric, General Manager-WNOE

On location from Courthouse in Slidell

9/21/86 Hecker, Julian, Former President, Mellon Foundation Clarkson, Jackie, Mitchell Homes Lentini, Anthony R., Director, VA Regional Office Griener, Paul, Home Loan Officer, VA Regional Office Perkins, Donald, Candidate for Orleans Parish School Board Busoff, Betsy Lamber, Dr., Candidate for Orleans Parish School Board Thomas, Turner, Candidate for Orleana Parish School Board Lombard, Lionel, Candidate for Orleans Parish School Board Koppel, Harwood "Woody", Candidate for Orleans Parish School Board Wiliams, Henry, Dr., Candidate for Orleans Parish School Board Sagging La. economy reflected in Housing Market Forum with School Board candidates Mayor on Proposition One

32 08 9/21/86 Evans, Doug, Candidate for Orleans Parish School Board Zanders, Willie M., Dr., Candidate for Orleans Parish School Board

Forum between eight School Board candidates

10/5/86 Bonvillian, Harry, Lafourche Veterans Service Officer Borne, Leon, Rep., District 55, Lousiana Legislature Landry, Ron, Sen., Lousiana Senate Landry, Lucille, Mrs., Vice Pres.-Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce Wilson, Steve, Lafourche Parish Council

On location-17th. annual Sauce Piquante Festival

32 11 10/7/86

Possibly mislabeled (See 10/5/1986)

10/12/86 Bagert, Barry, St. Tammany Parish Police Jury Houston, Marty, St. Tammany Parish Police Jury John "Q" (Martin Desalvo), Ex-con Desalvo, Martin, Ex-con Boissiere, Lambert, Councilman, District D-N.O City Council

St. Tammany Parish Week on LTIO St. Tammany's Parish-wide sales tax proposal Mini-summit in Iceland "Pardon Me" Proposed New Orleans Earnings Tax
32 12, 13 10/16/86

Possibly mislabeled (See 10/12/1986 or 10/19/1986)

10/19/86 Brockhoff, Joe, Tulane Baseball Coach Schwarner, Tom, UNO Baseball Coach Francingues, Kenny, Pope John Paul II's Baseball Coach Ochsner, Alton, Jr., M.D., Carribbean Commission Patrick, Stan, Author of "Central Ameica-The Cancer Within" Haddad, Ray, M.D., Chairman, Orthopedic Surgery-Tulane Medical School

Baseball and the World's Series Nicaragua & problems of Central America Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

32 14, 15 10/26/86 Klein, Vic, Parapsychologist Gandy, Tilly, Psychic Breaux, John, Congressman-U.S. Congress Breaux, Lois, Supporter and wife of Congressman Breaux Mintier, Thomas, National Political Correspondent-CNN News Forman, Ron, Director of New Orleans Zoo Anderson Eric, Station Manager-WNOE Am & FM Goessl, Otto, Private Account Executive

Spirits, spooks & messages from "Grandpa" Congressman Breaux for United State Senate The proposed New Orleans aquarium

11/2/86 Puglia, Rosemarie, Neurolinguistic Society Rye, Doug, WNOE Air personality Moore, Henson, Congressman, Candidate for U.S. Senate Lambert-Bushoff, Betsy, J.D., Candidate for N.O. School Board McKenna, Dwight, M.D., Candidate for N.O. School Board Arsaga, Eldon, Dealer-Times Picayune Guillot, Mike, Member-Common Cause Lester, Cathy, Fire Walking Society

Relief through humor Congressman Moore's bid for U.S. Senate Orleans Parish School Board run-off election Look at mood of people Sunday before election

32 16, 17, 18 11/9/86 Lester, Cathy, Firewalker Lester, Ernest, Firewalker Hannemann, Felix, Member of ZEBRA Hanneman, Odette, Mrs., Mother Haag, Greg, Director, VA Medical Center, NOLA Lentini, Anthony R., Director-VA Regional Office, NOLA Turnage, Thomas, Gen., Adm.- U.S. Veterans Administration

Firewalking Directions of youth and entertainment Veterans Day

11/16/86 Samuels, Al, Engineer Bagert, Brod, Author, poet and activist Linvingston, Bob, Congressman, 1st. Congressional District Giarusso, Joe, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans

Israel, Iran and the President "A Bullfrog at Cafe du Monde"Poetry by Bagert A discussion with Congressman Livingston Congressman & Councilman on local issues

32 19, 20, 21 11/23/86 Casey, Thomas, Senator-District 6, Louisiana Senate Fernandez, Manuel, Rep., Louisiana House of Representatives

Where were you on November 22, 1963 Upcoming special session of La. Legislature The financial crunch in St. Bernard Parish

32 22 11/30/86 Kellogg, James, ACLU attorney, member, National Organization for Defense of Gays & Lesbians Cangelosi, Robert, M.D., Opthamologist Cangelosi, Keith, M.D., Opthamologist Cangelosi, Glen, M.D., Opthamologist Houin, Henry, St. Vincent De Paul Society Marcellus, Brother, Brothers of Good Shepherd-Ozanam Inn Marchand, Majella, Brother, Brothers of Good Shepherd-Ozanam Inn

Upcoming ordinance for equal rights for gays AIDS situation Opthmology and medical advertising Caring for homeless with tough love i
(Sides 3 & 4 only)
32 23, 24 12/7/86 Murphey, Cyril, Pearl Habor survivor (pre-recorded) Brown, Carmel, VIA's Christmas Bureau Yenni, Joe Pinner, Jim, CPA Danner, Robert, CPA Austin, B. J., Reporter-WNOE AM Harrington, Dorothy, Former TV reporter Patiquinn, Ronnie, Writer-Shreveport Journal

Remember Peat Harbor Income Tax Reform Act of 1986 Women journalists look at the world

32 25, 26 12/14/86 Charles, Delton, Jefferson Parish School Board member Hoppe, Henry, Jefferson Parish School Board member Ritter, Kenneth, M.D., Past President-La. Psychiatric Society Heiman, Sol, Director, Mardi Gras Chorus Trahan, Russell, Dr., Engineering Dept.-UNO Champagne, Pierre, Engineer Lacombe, Allen "Black Cat", P.R. Director-Fairgrounds Walker, Bobby, Jockey

Creationism and education in Jefferson Parish The blues for Christmas Racing at the Fairgrounds

32 27 12/21/86 Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of The Living Witness Sturgis, Willamene, Sister, Church of the Living Witness Diamond, Dan, WNOE Minister Fort, Jim, Volunteer for the Salvation Army Fort, Ann, Volunteer for Salvation Army Marcellus, Brother, Ozanam Inn Deano, Eddie, Rep, St. Tammany Parish-Louisiana House Hainkel, John, Rep., New Orleans-Louisiana House Patti, Frank, Dr., Rep., Plaquemines Parish-Louisiana House Faith and morals for Christmas Closing of Special Session of La. Legislature

(Sides 3 & 4 only)

12/21/86 Fernandez, Manuel, Rep,, St. Benard Parish-Louisiana House

Closing of Special Session of Louisiana Legislature

33 01, 02 12/28/86 Martinez, Chuck, V.P. National Bank of Commerce Roessler, Bob, Executive Sports Director-Times Picayune Brisolaro, Ashton, Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Brown, Charles E., Rev., Full Gospel Church of God in Christ Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of the Living Witness

The Economic Future Sports in New Orleans Drinking and driving Black Ministers against Crime

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