Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1985

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26 12, 13 1/6/85 Canzanelli, Linda, U.S. Park Services-Dept. of Interior Dugar, Don, Rev., Spiritualist Church-Chesterfield, Indiana Cassange, Lee Ann, Rev., Spiritualist Church-New Orleans, La. Connick, Harry, District Attorney-City of New Orleans

Bombing of Abortion Clinics Recreating the Battle of New Orleans Chasing the spirits Crime in New Orleans

26 14, 15 1/13/85 Hackerson, Ed, Rolfer and hypnotist Rooney, Kathy, Consciousness frontier Giarrusso, Joseph I., Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans Newman, Joseph, Inventor Soule, Evan, Publisher

Hypnotism and rolfing Secret society-"The Hands of Death" Councilman Giarrusso on police and the city Energy machine of Joe Newman & Patent Office

26 16, 17 1/20/85 Abramson, Joseph, Dr., CPA Matinez, Chuck, Financial Advisor Pearce, Joseph Chilton, Author of "the Crack in th Cosmic Egg" Baxter, Diane, Diddhis Meditation Society

Soaring economy Converstion with Joseph Chilton Pearce

1/27/85 Smith, Love, Ms., Horatio Alger Society Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman,City of New Orleans Broussard, Aaron, Mayor, Kenner, La.. Baroni, Nick, President of The Kenner Council Moore, Charles, Dr., Clinical Assoc. Professor-Tulane Med. School Knight, James, Dr., Professor of Psychiatry-LSU Medical School

Winning Should the city buy NOPSI? Kenner-the fastest growing community in La. Medical Ethics

26 18, 19 2/3/85 Massiha, Hamid, M.D., Plastic Surgeon Hainkel, John. Rep., Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Hamlin, James, M.D., Dean-Tulane Medical School, Dinicola, Ross, DDS.,Louisiana Dental Assn. Simon, Stan, DDS., Louisiana Dental Assn.

Tummy tucks, breast lifts & who am I really? Should the state subsidize sale of Saints? Tulane Med. School Dean and higher education National Children's Dental Health Month

26 20, 21 2/10/85 Hecker, Julian, President, Mellon Financial Griener, Paul, Chief, VA Home Loan Division, VARO, NOLA Truax, Dalton, Wagner and Truax Realtors Boissiere. Lambert, Councilman, District D, City of N.O. Arsaga, Eldon, Times Picayune dealer

Housing market & President's proposed budget Conversation with Councilman Lambert Boissier President Reagan's proposed 1985 budget

2/17/85 McNeely, Jackson P., Attorney and Mardi Gras historian Jeff, Morris F.X., Former King Of Zulu Gerard, David, General Manager, WTIX Stassi,Al, Sound Promenades Elliott, Stacey. Delmonte, Diana Cooney, Fredrick Borchert, Jim Fowlkes, David Delmonte, Michael Mardi Gras - 1985

26 22, 23, 24 2/17/85 Buckley, Dorothy Buckley, Mary, Students of Pope John Paul High School

Mardi Gras - 1985

26 23, 24 2/23/85

Possibly mislabeled (See 2/24/85)

2/24/85 Campbell, Tom, Dr., Pediatrician Lindsey, Carol, Social worker and psychologist Beer, Peter, Judge, U.S. District Court judge Webb, Watt, M.D., Chairman, Dept. of Surgery-Tulane Med. School Bethea, Morrison, M.D., Clinical Assoc. Prof. of Surgery-LSU Med.

Controversy over immunization Emerging image of modern woman Discussion with Judge Peter Beer Hearts,real & outherwise-Tulane-LSU series
(See also 2/23/85)

3/3/85 Chabaud, Arnold, Louisiana Boat Show Schlaeffer, Phil, Rev., Unity of Metairie Heiman, Sol, Dr., Optometrist Adema, Joyce, Dr Optometrist Muller, Dennis, Dr., Optometrist Fernandez, Manuel, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Pezant, Jim, Numismatist Case, Charles "Chuck", Numismatist Prior, Denis, WTIX air personality
Audience response to Edward's indictment Scenario for peace-a special project Eye Week The 1985 Boat Show Legislature's response to Edward's indictment
26 25, 26 3/3/85 Houston, Judy, Institute of Noetic Sciences

Buffalo nickles and Indian head pennies

27 01, 02 3/10/85 Harlan, David C., Engineer-NOPSI Fermandez, Manuel, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Senbory, Jacques A., School Board member-St.Bernard Parish Singleton, Jim, Councilman, District B, New Orleans Andonie, Jack, M.D.

Municipalization-NOPSI's side of story Educational problems in St. Bernard Parish Municipalization-Council's side of story

27 03, 04 3/17/85 Kerkoff, Marina, N.O. Center for Neuro Linguistics Stamper, Jacklyn, K., N.O. Center for Neuro Linguistics Accardo, Nick, Dr., Italian Cultural Society Montalvo, Eddie, Italian Cultural Society Gemelli Joe,, Italian Cultural Society Samuel, Larry, Attorney & Past President-La. Consumers League Katz, Ellen, Vice President-La. Consumers Leaague

Thoughts on St. Patrick's Day Neuro Linguistics The Italians & St. Joseph 's Day The bishops and the MX Consumerism
27 05, 06 3/24/85 Sundberg, Jennifer, Student Marx, Preston A., III, Student Lamare, Kerry, Student Landry, Buck, Dr., Chairman-Louisiana State Dept. of Housing Hughey, Byron R., Chm.-Mayor's task force for business in N.O. Palotta, Joseph, M.D., Psychaitrist & author of"True Riches"

Young people speak out on world affairs Buck Henry on politics & poor's low cost loan The image of business in New Orleans Psychaitrist on role of religion in medicine

27 07, 08 3/31/85 Holmes, Henry, Public Information Officer-Internal Revenue Pinner, James, CPA-Bourgeois,Bennett, Thokay and Hickey Jenkins, Howard, Supt. Parochial Education, Orleans Jones Curtis, Principal,Our Lady Star of the Sea Grammar School Loewe, Robert, Rabbi, Gates of Prayer Synagogue Bayhi, Dan, M.D., Asst. Professor of Anesthesiology-LSU Med. Sch. Grogono, Alan, M.D., Chm. Dept. of Anesthesiology- Tulane Med. Sc

Basketball point shaving scandal at Tulane U. Income Tax - 1985 Passover Parochial education in Louisiana Anesthesiology-Tulane/LSU Med School Week
27 09, 10 4/7/85 Harrell, Louis B. Rev., Church of Living Witnesses Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Jones, Herbert J., Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research Villere, Pauche J., Jr., Captain-Manresa Retreat House Arsaga, Eldon, Chess enthusiast Russell, J. Swan, Chess enthusiast Boneno, Rick, Hair Stylist Bertot, Anna Maria, Electrologist

Faith and morals on Easter Sunday morning Hair - 1985 Chess- sport of kings and knaves,

27 11, 12 4/14/85 Early, Mike, Councilman, Distrist C, N.O. City Council Waldron, Dennis, Judge, District F-Orleans Criminal District Ct. McKay, Jim, Judge, District H.-Orleans Criminal District Courts Boggs, Lindy, Congresswomen, Second Congressional Dist. of La. Breaux, John, Congressman, Seventh Congressional Dist. of La. Fernandes, Manuel, Rep., State Rep.-St. Bernard Parish Gerard, David, General Manager-WTIX Wagner, Bryan, Councilmam, District B, New Orleans City Council Berger, Daryl, Chairman-Second annual French Quarter Festival Morial, Ernest "Dutch", Mayor, New Orleans On location in Jackson Square-French Market F

4/14/85 Pezant, James A., Chief of New Orleans City Council, Ret. Chickini, Barry A., Chief Engineer-WTIX Land, Tom, Program Director-WTIX Gerard, Adam & Stefanie Lanoux, Henry Barbeaux, Sharon Anglaux, A. E. Simpson, Henry Arsaga, Eldon Catalano, Anthony P. On location at French Market Festival

27 13, 14 4/21/85 Gewirtz, Jonah, Rabbi, Beth Israel Temple Ledoux, Jerome, Fr., S.V.D., St. Paul The Apostle Church-Baton Rouge Iman Wali Abdel Raoof, Mosque of the Muslin Mission of America Folse, Rick, Cajun music artist Thibodaux, Gary, Cajun music historian

Christians, Jews & Muslins-Comparative study The history of cajun music

27 15, 16 4/28/85 Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman, City of New orleans Moulton, Rodney, Govt., Relations Mananger-NOPSI Singleton, Jim, Councilman, City of New Orleans Jones, Clayton, Dr., Psychologist-Odyssey House Simkin, Debbie, Medical student-LSU Medical School Binder, Jay, Medical student, Tulane Medical School

Proposition B - Pro and Con The drug scene Trials & tribulation of the medical student

27 17, 18, 19 5/5/85 Rozensweig, Pollster Heaton, Eddie, Rep., District #95-Louisiana Legislature Hanneman, Felix, ZEBRA Gennaro, Glen, Counselor-Jesuit High School Caruso, Salvatore (Sam), Mayor, Slidell, La.

Aftermath of Proposition One Victim's Conpensation Bill Louisiana's financial problems Conversation with Mayor of Slidell

5/12/85 Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman-at-Large Early, Mike, Councilman Boggs, Lindy, Congresswoman Jenkins, Howard, Supt. of Parochial Educationd Clancy, Ed, WTIX News Department Arsaga, Eldon Roman, Jay, Cafe Du Monde manager Fernandez, Manuel Culotta, Miriam Ellender, Bennie Current events on our 20th annivrsary

27 20, 21 5/19/85 Gerard, David, General Manager-WTIX Lentini, Anthony, President-Committee on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Brisolaro, Ashton, Chairman-Committee on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Soric, John, Astro-psychologist Chapman, Danae, Ms., Secretary of Streets-City of New Orleans Hardeberger, Max, Teacher and pilot Pezant, Jim, Retired city employee

Alcohol and drug abuse Astrologyy Potholes of the City of New Orleans Current events

27 22, 23 5/26/85 Howes, Randolph, M.D., Ph.D., Country singer, author & fire-eater Babineaux, Nolan, Dr., Pharmacist Epstein, Lew, Phd., Physicist-City College of San Francisco Frentz, Johnette, M.D., Tulane Medical School Wilber, John, M.D., LSU Medical School

Fire-eater discusses positive thinking Lew Epstein on pepetual motion &Mt.St. Helens San Andreas Fault Facing cancer, death and life, Tulane-LSU Medical scool series-Diabetes
27 24, 25 6/2/85 Hainkel, John, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Abramson, Joseph, Dr., Tax consultant Rooney, William E., Social Security Administration, Ret.

The 1985 Louisiana Legislature session Social Security and politics Viewing tax reforms

27 26 6/9/85 Grogono, Alan, M.D., Tulane Medical School Grogono, Anthea, D.D.S, LSU Dental School Tauzin, Billy, Congressman, Third Congressional District, La. Fernandez, Manuel, Louisiana Legislature Early, Mike, Councilman, New Orleans City Council

Socialized medicine The city, state and the nation

28 01, 01A 6/16/85 Foto, Joseph, Dist. Adm.- Vocation Rehab.For State of La. Meunier, Shirley, Facility Administrator for Orleans & Jefferson Lifflander, Justin, Student, Cornell University Bagard, Brod, Private attorney Gerard, David, General Manager WTIX radio Post, Edward T., Realtor-Wagner and Traux Hecker, Julian, President-Mellon Financial Griener, Paul, Chief, VA Home Loan Division

Hostages of TWA 847 Vocational Rehabilatation Aftermath of Grand Gulf distribution expense

28 02, 03 6/23/85

28 04, 05, 06 6/30/85 Syme, David, Seventh Day Missionary of Africa Martinez, Chuck, Registered Financial planner Cockerham, Carol, Stock Market Consultant-A.G. Edwards Co. Lardon, Paul, Dr., Dean-LSU Medical School

Flight 847's hostages are free Starvation in Africa Dr. Dean Larson's last day as Dean of LSU Med.

28 07, 08 7/7/85 Pezant, James N., Retired Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of The Living Witness Champagne, Leo P., Major, U.S. Army ret & ex-POW Donlon, Richard, P.R. Rep. for N.O. Spartans basketball team Jones, Ken "Moon", Coach-N.O. Spartans Jackson, Jaren, Former basketball player for the Spartans Schroeder, Richard, Spartans basketball player Haag, Greg, Director-VA Regional Office, NOLA Lentini, Anthony, Director, VA Regional Office, NOLA
Country on Independence Day weekend New Orleans basketball bid to the Olympics U.S. Veterans and their benefits

28 09, 10 7/14/85 Weeks, Vicky, Businesswoman Stewart, Gail, Businesswoman Penny 105, Chairman, Over-eaters Anonymous Jo Ann 158, Over-eaters Anonymous Alice 85, Over-eaters Anomymous Patti, Frank, Ph.D., Plaquemines Parish State Representive Fernandez, Manual, Rep., St. Bernard Parish State Representative Miller, Ralph, Rep., St. Charles Parish State Representative Boissiere, Lambert, Councilman, District D, City of New Orleans
Chased by a UFO Over-eaters Anonymous Controversial 1985 session of La. Legislature Energy and the City of New Orleans

28 11, 12 7/21/85 Dawley, Harold, Ph.D., Psychologist and author Gennaro, Glenn, Educator and Counselor-Jesuit High School Landrieu, Moon, Secretary of HUD and former mayor Burch, Robert E., M.D., Price-Goldsmith Nutrition Prof.-Tulane

Diet & cancer-aftermath of Reagon's colon operation Look at Democratic party & world with Landrieu

28 13, 14 7/28/85 Dinicola, Suzanna, Student-Florida State University Dinicola, Ross, Jr., Student-Louisiana Tech Rigg, Mark, UNO student and asst. engineer-WTIX Gaudet, Pat, Ms. Author of "The Body Beautiful" Gottlieb, Arthur, M.D., Chr. & Prop. of microbilogy & immunization-Tulane Massey, Andrew, Asst. Conductor-New Orleans Symphony Holmes, James, M.D., Asst. Professor of Surgery-Tulane Universary Beazley, Robert, M.D., Professor of Surgery-Tulane University

What young people think-Part 1 Discussion on health spas with N.O. author Acquired Immune Deficiancy (AIDS) Financial beleagued New Orleans Symphony Rectal and colon cancer
28 15, 16, 17 8/4/85 Lifflander, Justin, Student-Cornell University Loeb, Jesslyn, Student-University of Arizona Leech, Brian, Student-Centenary College Martinez, Chuck, Independent investment advisor Blaume, Buddy, Stock Broker-A.G Edwards Co. Landry, Buck, Dr., State director of low cost loans to students

Students look at the world Investing

6 35 8/8/85

LSU Coach Interview
28 18, 19 8/11/85

28 20 8/18/85 Arsaga, Eldon, Times Picayune Carmette, Frank, Investment Broker Caruso, Sam, Mayor, Slidell Louisiana Morial, Dutch, Mayor, New Orleans Rozensweig, Alan, Political Analyst

Current Events Discussion with Slidell's Mayor Discussion with New Orleans's mayor The zoo Third term for mayor & city's direction
28 21, 22 8/25/85 Roche, Alvin, La. Dept, Commander for American Legion Detwiler, Bill, Nat. Publicity Dir. for American Legion Guirovich, John, Baseball Chairman for American Legion Landry, Claire, Dr., Pres. of Board of Elementary & Secondary Education Soileau, James, Executive Director of BESE Board Erickson, Mary, Public Relations-Tenneco Co. Bernacki, Edward J., M.D., Tenneco Aerobic Labs, Houston, Tex.

American Legion Nat. Convention in N.O. Administering Education- a look at BESE Anerobic and Aerobic Medicine

28 23, 24 9/1/85 Schmitt, Earl J., Former State Rep, Algiers Smigrielski, Laurie, P.R. Director-Hyatt Regency Prior, Dennis, WTIX air personality Capone, Bernie, Businessman-Donaldsonville, La. Soileau, James, Executive Director-BESE Board McElwain, Mick, Auto dealer, New Orleans Oliver, Mary A., Tenneco Bertot, Anna Maria, Member-Mayor Morial's Council on Latin Affair

9/1/85 Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman, New Orleans Tauzin, Billy, Congressman, Third District Gerard, David, General Manager-WTIX Knecht, Joe, President-AFL-CIO for New Orleans Guirovich, John, Secretary-IBEW Local 105 Crowe, Carl, Asst. to the President-Louisiana AFL-CIO Dyer, Robert, Ph.D., Acting Dean-LSU Medical School Hamlin, James, M.D., Dean-Tulane Medical School Minyard, Frank, M.D., Coroner-City of New Orleans Perez, Juan "Street Fighter", Light. Kick-boxing world champ On location at Hyatt-Regency on Labor Day Labor in 1985 Muscular dystrophy and medical affairs

9/8/85 Gerard, David, Vice President and General Mannager-WTIX Ricks, Barbara, School-Businees Partnership Program Coordinator Wagner, Bryan Councilmam, City of New Orleans Ontiveros, Floren, Psychic Counselor

Conversation with WTIX Manager David Gerard School-Business Partnership In N.O. Conversation with Coiuncilman Bryan Wagner A look in the future with Floren Ontiveros

29 01, 02 9/15/85 Palao, Mike, National Rifle Association Davidson, Larry, National Rifle Association Livingston, Bob, Congressman, First District of Louisiana Jenkins, Howard, Supt., Orleans Parochial Schol System Leboeuf, Mickey, Dr., Author & professor of business at UNO

Mama, Don't let them take my gun away Education and state of the nation The greatest business principle in the world

9/22/85 Van Buskid, Joyous, Teacher Felton, Norma D., Teacher Parent, Beryl, Secretary-Pope John Paul II High School Ferry, John F., M.D., Opthamologist Skolfield, L. David, Regional Transit Authority of N.O. Aguilar, Norma Edith, Chancellor of Mexico Bertot, Anna Marie, Member-Mayor's Hispanic Affairs Council Epstein, Lew, Professor of Physics, City College of San Francisco Gerard, David, General Manager and Vice-President-WTIX Nickemetta, Mike, Co-owner of the Depot

29 03 9/22/85 Bagert, Barry, Member-St. Tammany Police Jury Sharp, Herman, President-St. Tammany Police Jury Burkhalter, Elsie, President-St. Tammany Federation of Teachers Hennssey, Joan, Member-St. Tammny Board of Education Smith, Albert R., Member of St. Tammany Board of Education Mulligan, Jean, Teacher Meredith, Sally, Teacher Naquin, Jay, Teacher Smith, Ann, Teacher Cousins, Lita P., Teacher Education The Mexico City earthquake The 150th anniversary of streetcars in N.O. Gov. Edwards' upcoming trial Economic problems in St. Bernard

9/22/85 Deluzain, Ben, Co-owner of the Depot Ricks, Barbara, Coordinator-Business/School Partnership, Orleans Parish Boucher, Al, Computer Specialist Barthet, Ron, Editor-St. Tammany Farmer Newspaper

Economic problems in St. Tammany Parish Olde Town Festival in Covington


Gambling anf the economy of St. Bernard Orthopedic surgery & joint replacement

29 04, 05 9/29/85 Heim, Charlotte, Asst. Director-YWCA Battered Woman's Program Farris, Pat, La. Department of Education Dietary Program Mandell, R. Jane, Department of Education Dietary Program Gerard David, General Manager and Vice President of WTIX Hanneman, Felix, Musician, ZEBRA (Pre-recorded) Fernandez, Manny, Rep, State Rep.-St. Bernard Parish Stevens, Jack, Sheriff-St. Bernard Parish Haddad, Ray, Dr., Chairman-Dept. of Orthopedics-Tulane Med.School Chunard, Robert, Dr., Asst. Chr.-Dept. of Orthopedics, LSU Med.Sc Chunard, Chris, Student-Jesuit High Schools Battered Women Nutrition in Public Schools Taped interview with Felix Hanneman of ZEBRA Pope John Paul's Honors chemistry class Ecology, law enforcement in St. Bernard,
29 06, 07 10/6/85 Price, Kevin, P.R. Raceland Sauce Piquante Festival Hebert, Bert, Mayor, Thibodaux, La. Landry, Buck, Dr. Ledet, Donald, Fr., Pastor, St. Mary's Catholic Church Bergeron, Marie, General Manager-KTIB Landry, Ron, Sen., District 19, Louisiana Senate Breaux, John, Congressman Gerard, David, General Manager-WTIX Chickini, Barry, Chief Engineer-WTIX Borne, Leon, Rep/, Louisiana Legislature Raceland Sauce Piquante Festival

10/13/85 Milling, Ann, President Pro-Tem-Sewerage & Water Board of N.O Katner, Harold, Exec. Dir-Sewerage and Water Board of N.O. Jefferson William, Sen, Louisiana Senate Williams, Ulysses, Councilman, District E, N.O. City Council Koppel, Woody, Orleans Parish School Board membere

U.S. capture of terrorists Proposition 2 - Flood control in N.O. Financial crunch in state South Africa and local blacks Conversation with newest city councilman
29 08, 09 10/13/85

Is Orleans Parish School Board breaking the law?

29 10, 11 10/20/85 Rozensweig, Alan, Political Analyst Clark, Constance W., Associated Catholic Charities Kelly, Diane, Elderly Program-Associated Catholic Charities Spahn, Karen A., Elderly Program-Volunteers of America St. Martin, Marcia A., Parking Administrator-City of N.O. Madere, Lee, Director-Bureau of Governmental Research

Analysis of yesterday's statewide election Problems of the elderly Parking problems in New Orleans View from Bureau of Governmental Research

29 12, 13 10/27/85 Klein, Victor C., Parapsychologist St. Martin, Marcia, Parking Director-City of New Orleans Yazdani, Malektag, M.D., Neo-Natologist-LSU Medical School Beckerman, Bob, M.D., Respiration Specialist & Pediatrician-Tulane Med Bateman, Cash, Col. Frost, Gavin Frost, Yvonne

Hurricane Juan Paranormal events on Sunday before Halloween Parking in New Orleans Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

29 14, 15 11/3/85 Beck, Howard, Candidate-2nd. Senatorial Dist. of La. Johnson, Jon, Rep., Candidate-2nd. Senatorial Dist. of La. Belletto, Dottie, Hospitality & Tourism training instructor Labouisse, Lennie, Student-Tourism course NORV_TC Early, Mike, Councilmam, District B Ricks, Barbara, School-Business Partnership Coordinator Vanbuskirk, Joy, Educator-Public Schools of New Orleans Mmahat, Arlene, City Park-Day in the park enthusiast

Debate between runoff candidates-Senate Dist.2 WTIX's place in the history of Rock & Roll Tourism in New Orleans Education in New Or;eans City Park
29 16 11/10/85 Haag, Greg, Director-VA Medical Center NOLA Threefoot, Sam, M.D., Chief of Staff, VAMC NOLA Boeshans, Tony, Asst. Director- VA Regional Office, NOLA Clausen, Mike, Congressional Medal of Honor, U.S. Marine Corps Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman-at-Large-City of New Orleans Newman, Joseph Wesley, Inventor-Lucedale, Miss. Soule, Evan, Assistant in P.R. to Mr. Newman Borchert, William, Airline Pilot-Delta Airlines Albert, Eddie, Film star (Long Distant from Hollywood) Early, Mike, Councilman, City Council-NOLA Veterans problems and state of country Discussion with Joe Newman & his friends

29 17, 18 11/17/85 Martinez, Chuck, Investment Counselor Peterson, Mike, Head Coach-Pope John II High School Kutzgar, George, MENSA Pezant, Jim, Retired Tremont, Stephen, Executive Director-Volunteers of America Simoneaux, Wilma, Program Director-Adoptions Sevice (VOA) Greco, Dorothy, Investigator, Adoptions Service (VOA)

Geo-Economy The Ozone Bowl Life at the Summits Adopting a child

29 19, 20 11/24/85 McCaffery,Kathleen, Director-Rape Crisis Center, YWCA Galloway, Gertrude, Interviewer-Rape Crisis Center YWCA Seachrist, Elsie, Author: "Dreams, Your Magic Mirror" Green, Joe, Dr., Chairman Dept. of Neurology, Tulane Med. School Hackett, Earl, Dr., Professor of Neurology-LSU Medical School

Analyzing rape Interview with Elsie Seachrist (Pre-recorded) Epilepsy-Tulane LSU Medical Schools series

12/1/85 Cangelosi, Robert, M.D., Opthamologist Cangelosi, Glenn, M.D., Opthamologist Cangelosi, Keith, M.D., Opthamologist Swisher, David, Member-New Orleans AIDS Task Force Pindaro, Carole, Member-New Orleans AIDS Task Force Austin, Margaret, Rev., Chaplain

The history of Tulane-LSU football game NOLA colleges The cellular phone controversy Opthamology AIDS from the viewpoint of the gay community
29 21, 22 12/8/85 Livingston, Bob, Congressman, First Congressional Dist,, La. Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman-at-Large, NOLA City Council Collarini, Cheryl R., Civil Engineer & Past Pres. La. Engineer Soc. Brown, Fred, Ph.D, Professor of Engineering-UNO

State of the nation according to B.Livingston Council Week on LTIO Problems in math and science education

29 23, 24 12/15/85 Garvey, Larry, President-Radiofone Corp. Stahl, Buddy, Public Relations Director-Radiofone Corp. Vincent, Ross, Director-Ecology Center of Louisiana Fernandez, Manuel, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Campbell, Velma, M.D., Oschner Foundation Galliano, Cal, Dept. Supt.-New Orleans Police Department Pepper, Clara, Psychic Bond, Marie, Sponsor

The cellular scandal Some New Orleans history Ecology in Louisiana DWI for the holidays & Raising drinking age A psychic looks at 1986
29 25, 26 12/22/85 Gerard, David, Vice Pres. and General Manager of WTIX McKay, Burtan, Ph.B, Bishop-Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of the Living Witnesses Guice, Ken, Ronald MCDonald House Lanasa, Willie, Ronald McDonald House Ancona, Toni, Author of "St. Jude and His People" Charwick, Kathy, Bood Bank of Louisiana Delery, Linda, Blood Bank of Louisiana

Faith and Morals The Ronald McDonald House Project Good works of St. Jude League in N.O. The Blood Bank of Louisiana

30 01, 02 12/29/85 Walker, Bob, Program Director-WTIX Pezant, Jim, Retired City Council Analyst Arsaga, Eldon, West Bank dealer-Times Picayune Martinez, Chuck, Financial Advisor (Kowski), Jim Francis, Air Personality Francis, Jim, Air Personality

The last look at 1985

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