Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1984

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22 15, 16 1/1/84 Arsaga, Eldon, Tines-Picayune Distributer Pezant, James, City Council Research Officer, Ret. Bertot, Anna Marie, Mayor's Hispanic Advisory Committee

The year in review, 1984 Is Orwell vindicated Recorded interviews with Jesse Owens, Father Charles Coughlin, F. Edward Hebert, Charles Mastion & John L. McGovern

1/8/84 Polk, Eddie, The Travel Agency Gennaro, Glenn, Principal, John Paul II High School Harrell, Louis, Teacher, Orleans Public School System Boggs, Lindy, Congresswoman, Second District of Louisiana Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman, City of New Orleans Keller, Paul, President of St. James Parish

World War II - 40 years after Why is La. almost at bottom in education? Conversation with Congresswomen Lindy Boggs Up the river from N.O. to St. James Parish

22 17, 18, 19 1/15/84 Price, John Randolph, Quartus Foundation Price, Jan, Quartus Foundation Schlaeffer, William, Rev. Unity of Metairie Samuel, Larry, Louisiana Consumers Assn. Boissiere, Lambert, Councilman, District D., City of New Orleans

Superbeings and the salvation of the world Consumerism, 1984 Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King

22 20, 21 1/22/84 Morgan, Janet, Air Personality, WTIX Fox, Falvey, Judge, Small Claims Court Pinner, James, Certified Public Accountant Venanzi, Edward, Director, Control Data Institute Incaprera, Frank, M.D.

Super Bowl-'84 The Small Claims Court How do we balance the U.S. budget? Computers and the 1983 Income Tax Type A virus and other pesky flus
22 22, 23 1/29/84 Villavaso, Bill "Murphy", Captain, Edwards to Europe Winter Trip Fernandez, Manuel, La. Rep. & traveler to Europe with Gov.Edwards Fort, Jim, Public Information Officer, Louisiana Power & Light Hamlin, James, Dr., Dean, Tulane University Medical School Larson, Paul, Dr., Dean, LSU Medical School Brandt, Carole, Psychologist

Vacation with Gov. Edwards at Versailles The future of your light bill Medical perspective of Tulane & LSU Med. Sch. The fear of being alone and other phobias

2/5/84 Engel, Bill, General Manager, WTIX Benigno, Anthony, Telephone Company Sbisa, Ken, New Orleans Boat Show McSteen, Martha, Acting Commisioner, Social Security Adm. Isbell, John, Police Officer, NOPD Marrionne, Kelly Jr., Police Officer, NOPD

Where do the future jobs come from? The New Orleans Boat Show Discussion with Social Security Commissioner Crime Prevention

23 01, 02 2/12/84 Day, Winston, Secretary, Dept. Of Environmental Safety Dawley, Harold, Dr., Psychologist Serio, Vinson, Businessman Curran, Ron, DDS, Chairman, Childrens' Dental Health Month Reed, Bob, Crescent City Coin Club Pezant, James N., Crescent City Coin Club Kramer, Bruce, WTIX

Mission of new La. Dept. of Invironmental Safety Current Events Kids and the dentist Numismatism Collecting the oldies
23 03, 04 2/19/84 Griener, Paul, Chief, VA Home Loan Division Hecker, Julian, Vice President, Mellon Finance Albert, Jules, Jay-Mar Corp. Hunderup, Judith, Author Stennett, Jane, Dr., Change Corp. Gautreaux, Joseph, M.D.

Building and buying your dream home Staying positive in th 80's Current Events Allergies

2/26/84 Lilly, James O., Dr., Gastroenterologist Martinez, Roslyn, R.N., Pres. Greater N.O. Ostomy Assn. Porter, Janice, Recording Secretary, Greater N.O. Ostomy Assn. Chachere, Chris (Berthelson), Member, Greater N.O. Ostomy Assn. McKay, Jim, Judge, Sect. "H", New Orleans Criminal Courts Waldron, Dennis, Sect. "F", New Orleans Criminal Courts Melancon, Kirk, Media Coordinator, Criminal Courts Morris, Richard, M.D., Head of Pain Unit,Touro & LSU Med. Faculty

Ostomy Surgery Criminal Courts Pain

23 05, 06 2/26/84 Engel, Bill, WTIX Pandolfi, Frances, Pres. Scaraborough Systems, Terrytown, NY Adams, Scott, Adventureland Games, California Gordon, Dave, Computer Books, New Jersey Pickens, David, Hewlett-Packard, New York Navarette, Ramsey, Select Software, California Winegrad, Joe, Artificial Intelligence, California

First International Sof-Con Meeting at Dome

23 07, 08 3/4/84 McNeely, Jackson P., Mardi Gras Avocational Historian Jeff, Morris F.X., Zulu Organization Cox, Chuck, Author "Mardi Gras Doubloon Guide" Morial, Ernest "Dutch", Mayor, City of new Orleans Adema, Joyce, Dr., Optometrist Muller, Dennis R., Dr., Optometrist Heiman, Sol, Dr., Optometrist

Mardi Gras 1984 A discussion with Mayor Morial Dyslexia and sight

23 09, 10 3/11/84

Open discussion: Prayer in Public Schools

3/11/84 Platt, Ramona, Ms., Nomenclaturist Macdonald, Mary Hope, Dr., World of Research and Development Kellermann, Marie, LeMonde Francois School Barra, Norvalee, Mrs., Public School teacher Marquers, Joseph, Louisiana Association of Surveyors Estopinol, Steve, Louisiana Association of Surveyors Wagner, Bryan, Councilman, District B, New Orleans, La. Morris, Henry, Chief, Superintendent, N.O. Police Dept.

The Art of Nomenclature Educating the special child Surveyors and your property Gay rights and the N.O. City Council A discussion with the Chief of Police

3/18/84 Mancini, Tom, Greater New Orleans Italian Cultural Society Capiano, Louis, Greater New Orleans Italian Cultural Society Palao, Mike, Italian American Marching Club McKinnon, Ellen, Student Exchange Program Sewell, Scott, Republican Candidate, House of Rep., District 100 Sella, Al, Dir., Jefferson Par. Dept. of Fire & Emergency Service Connick, Harry, District Attorney, Parish of Orleans

St. Joseph Day & Italians in N.O. Foreign students in the United States Planned debate for House of Rep. race Dist100 Fire prevention in Jefferson Parish District Attorney talks about crime in N.O.
23 11, 12 3/18/84

Should Amos & Andy be run on TV again? Should we hold DemocraticPresidential primary?

23 13 3/25/84 Holmes, Henry, Public Infomation Officer, IRS Pinner, James F,, CPA, Past President, American Institute of CPAs Donnels, Joan, Ms., CPA, American Institute of CPAs Larson, Paul, Dr., Dean, LSU Medical School Hamlin, James, Dr., Dean, Tulane Medical School Campbell, Tom, Dr., Pediatrician

Income Tax-1983 Medical Economics Did LBJ have a government official murdered?

23 14, 15 4/1/84 Martinez, Chuck, Registered Investment Advisor Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman, City of New Orleans Seale, Lori, Student, Pope John Paul High School Miller, Christine, Student, Pope Joh Paul High School Cazanavette, Joe, Student, Pope John Paul High School Culotta, Timmy, Student, Pope John Paul High School Fitzmorris, Jimmy, Ex-Lt. Governor of Louisiana

Economics of First Quarter of 1984 WYES-1984 Auction City Council week on Let's Talk It Over Students look at the world Reminiscing with former Lt. Gov. Fitzmorris
23 16, 17 4/8/84 Dawley, Harold, Dr., Psychologist Babineaux, Nolan, Dr., Pharmacist Bouquet, Glen, Postal Inspector Livingston, Bob, Congressman, First Congressional Dist. of La. Alvarez, Everett T. Jr., Deputy Administrator, U.S. VA Campbell, Thomas, Dr., Pediatrician

Current Events A discussion with Congressman Bob Livingston A talk with Everett T. Alverez, Jr. of the VA Update on Pediatrics and Adoptions

23 18, 19 4/15/84 Romig, Mark, Dir.,Protocol & Guest Relations, La. World Expostion Baptiste, Othello, Chied Stewart, Louisiana World Exposition Landrieu, Mary, Representative, Louisiana Legislature Fenandez, Manuel, Representative, Louisiana Legislature Ullo, Chris, Representative, Louisiana Legislature Wood, Colleen, Friends of City Park Bellina, Joseph H., M.D. & Ph.D., Laser Research Center Voros, Janos, M.D., Laser Research Center

The Louisiana World's Fair-1984 Kicking off the 1984 La. Legislature Session Revitalizing City Park Laser Surgery

23 20, 21 4/22/84 Boeshans, Francis, Msg., Pastor, Ressurrection of Our Lord Church Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of the Living Witness Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Arsaga, Eldon, New Orleans Times Picayune Bryant, Aaron, Intitute of Devine Metaphysics LeDoux, Jerome, Father, Pastor, St. Martin De Pores,Prarieview,TX Hailey, "Red", Attorney

Faith and morals on Easter Sunday morning

23 22, 23 4/29/84 Tauzin, Billy, Congressman, Third U.S. Congressional District Watts, Judy, Child Care Advocate Kelso, Karen, Nurse, State of Louisiana Dept. of Health Garza, Sandra G., Child Care Center Director Webber, Ferrand G., Child Care Advocate Hussey, Jack, Dr., Tulane University Medical Center

Open line on Current Events A discussion with Congressman Tauzin The problems in Day Care Centers Organ transplants

23 24, 25 5/6/84 Valentino, Mike, President, Greater N.O. Hotel & Motel Assn. Langkopp, William, Exec. V.P., Greater N.O. Hotel & Motel Assn. Fitzmorris, Pete, Treasure hunter and deep sea diver Landry, Buck, Dr., Exec. Director, La. Housing Finance Agency Hainkel, John, Rev., District 89, Louisiana Legislature Forrester (Forster), Gary, District 98, Louisiana Legislature

Opening of the World's Fair Treasure hunting in Louisiana & Florida Aftermath of La. Primary Low interest home loans The red-hot Louisiana Legislature session
24 01, 02 5/13/84 Moreau, James, DDS, Dentist Payne, Dwight A, Dr., Miss. State University for Women Spurney, Peter, Executive Director, Louisiana World Exposition

The World's Fair Mother's Day Current Events on our 19th. anniversary

5/13/84 Engel, Bill, General Manager, WTIX, Guest Moderator Arsaga, Eldon, Times Picayune Bertot, Ana Maria, Mayor's Latin American Council Enriquez, Gloria, Mayor's Latin American Council Lentini, Anthony, Director, VA Regional Office Early, Mike, New Orleans City Council-Guest Moderator Haag, Director, VA Medical Center Accardo, Nick, Dr., Orthopedic Surgeon Mitchell, Bob, Program Director, WTIX, Guest Moderator Ozenovich, Steve, Weekend Anchorman, WVUE-TV World's Fair Mother's Day Current Events on our 19th anniversary

5/20/84 Wynn, Keenan, Sertoma Club & movie actor Burke, John, M.D., Director, Speech and Hearing Center Fernandez, Elisabeth, Editor, La Prensa newspaper Bertot, Ana Marie, Mayor's Council on Latin America Masija, Hamid, Dr., Plastic Surgeon Hoffman, George, Dr, Plastic Surgeon DeMarco, Dennis, Finance Officer, Jefferson Parish Biutler, Dennis, Sewerage Director, Jefferson Parish Cahn, L. Joseph, Ph.D., B'nai B'rith
Hearing problems and talk with Keenan Wynn Problems in Central America Plastic surgery and tummy tucks Sewerage & Jefferson Parish Tax Election The World according to Cahn
24 03, 04 5/20/84

How far have we come in 30 yrs of integration

24 05, 06 5/27/84 Polk, Eddie, The Travel Agency Acharyapada, Srils, Swami, Hare Krishna Raganantha, Ron, Hare Krishna Gennaro, Glenn, Principal, Pope Joh High School Henderson, Steve, Student, Pope John High School Steudlein, Irwin Jr., Student, Brother Martin High School Gum, Oren B., Dr., Chief of Rheumatology, Tulane Medical School Biundo, Joseph, Dr., Chief of Rheumatology, LSU Medical School

Memorial Day - D-Day +40 Whatever happened to Hare Krishna? Young people look at the world Arthritis

24 07, 08 6/3/84 Rooney, William, Social Security Adm.inistration McDonald, William, Dr., Divorce Counselor Lipscomb, Nell, Dr., Divorce Counselor Jenkins, Goldie, Queen, 1st. Annual Cajun Rodeo Carraway, Katy, WTIX News Dept. Nead, Kim, Big Sisters of N.O.La. Beer, Peter, Judge, First U.S. District Court

Social Security Cajun Rodeo Dealing with divorce Big Sisters of N.O.La. Discussion of the Federal Courts
24 09, 10 6/10/84 Leavitt, Mel, Author Haase, Charles A., Gen., Dir.,La. Registration for Selective Service Charbonnet, Louis Sr., Director, Charbonnet Funeral Home Pellerin, Harris, President, La. Society of Funeral Directors Brown, Fred, Dr., Engineering Dept.,UNO Gary, Lee P., Ph.D., New Orleans Chamber of Commerce Clemens, Betty, Horizons Unlimited

Great characters of New Orleans The draft that doesn't exit Death and dying Our floundering science education

24 11, 12, 13 6/17/84 Boucher, Al, Businessman and amateur economist Kruell, Keith, National Commander, The American Legion Detwiler, Bill, National Public Relations Dir., American Legion Stevens, Jack, Sheriff-Elect, St. Bernard Parish Fernandez, Manuel, State Rep., St. Bernard Parish Heitmeyer, Francis, State Rep., Algiers, La. Deano, Eddie, State Rep., St. Tammany Parish

Our rising national debt American Legion Commander on National Defense Talk with Sheriff-Elect of St. Bernard Par. The Louisiana Legislature, 1984, Part IIIt

24 14, 15 6/24/84 McKevitt, Margaret, Dir., Baccularaete Nursing Prog., LSU Med Sch Morvant, Barbara L., Exec. Dir., Louisiana State Nurses Assn. Samardzija, Lillian A., Dir. of Nursing, Touro & St. Board member Ritter, Kennett, Dr., Psychiatrist for N.O. Criminal Courts Berlin, Charles I., Dr., Prof. of Otorhinolaryngogology, Tul.M.S. Guth, Paul, Ph.D., Prof. of Pharmacology, LSU Medical School

Crisis in the nursing profession Exploring the criminal mind Hearing and cochlear prosthesis-Tul/LSU serie

24 16, 17 7/1/84 Leslie, Bill, Pasr Commander, La. POW Assn. Champagne, Leo, Commander, Louisiana POW Association Lentini, Anthony R., Director, VA Regional Office, N.O. Clausen, R. "Mike", Congressional Medal of Honor Receipient Boggs, Lindy, Congresswoman, Second District of La. Perret, Marvin, Author of "More Nostalgia" Fitzmorris, Jimmy, Former Lt. Governor

State of nation on Independence Day weekend

24 18, 19 7/8/84 Arsaga, Eldon, Businessman Gennaro, Glenn, Educational Counselor Serio, Vincent, CPA McNeely, Jackson P., Attorney Singleton, James B., Councilman, District B., City of N.O. Anderson, Eric, Hypnotist

Current Events World's Fair and the City of New Orleans Hypnotism

24 20, 21 7/15/84 Ochsner, Alton, Dr., National Captive Nations Week Board King, Richardson, National Captive Nations Week Board Esteves, Carlos, Cuban Refugee LaGasse, Elton, Pres., Jefferson Parish School Board Giambelucca, Nick, Jefferson Parish School Board Charles, Delton, Jefferson Parish School Board Bertot, Ana Maria, Women's Pavillion, World's Fair Lambert-Busso, Becky, Pres., Women in the Maimstream Lopez, Carmen, Women in the Mainstream Early, Mike, Councilman, City of New Orleans Captive Nations and Human Rights The Women's Pavillion at the World's Fair Education in Jefferson Parish The upcoming Democratic Convention


Should Miss America be dethroned? Open discussion

24 22, 23 7/22/84 Hannemann, Felix, Zebra (musician) McGinnis, Pam, Local Manager of Zebra Masselli, Joe, Director, Italian Village at World's Fair Kowalski, Pat, Director, Solid Waste Management, Jefferson Parish McInnis, Val, Father, Director, Vatican Plaza at World's Fair

Zebra-Ideas on music & morals of young genere The Italian Village at the World's Fair Garbage collection & waste management in Jeff The Vatican Plaza at the World's Fair

24 24, 25 7/29/84 Hotard, Henry, Assesor, St. James Parish Hecker, Julian, President, Mellon Financial Griener, Paul, Chief, VA Home Loan Division Pepper, Clare, Psychic Dixon, Jeanne, Psychic Landrieu, Moon, Former Mayor & Secretary of HUD Arnsparger, William, Head Coach, LSU Tigers Andonie, Jack, Dr., LSU Board Member

Housing in Louisiana Live interview with Clare Pepper Taped interview with Jeanne Dixon The Democratic Party in this election year The LSU Tigers in 1984

8/5/84 Wagner, Bryan, Councilman, District A, N.O. City Council Winston, James, President, National Black Funeral Directors Sparrow, Wayne, Pub. Relations Director, Nat. Black Funeral Dirs. Dawley, Harold, Dr., Psychologist Newman, Cliff, Dr., Dean of Admissions, Tulane U. Medical School

Sunday Blue Laws, Cox Cable controversy City Budget Nat. Black Funeral Directors conference in NO Psychology of skyjacking & hostage talking Getting into Medical School

8/12/84 Tauzin, Billy, Congressman, 3rd. Congressional District Blaume, Buddy, Stock Broker Martinez, Chuck, Investment Counselor Boucher, Albert, Businessman Sorum, William, Dr., Psychiatrist, LSU Medical School

Program 1000 A discussion with Congressman Billy Tauzin The Booming Economy Bumps and economic bruises of medical profess

06 33 8/19/84 Martin, Howard, Dr., Supt. of Education, Orleans Parish Deruzzio, David, Dr., Supt. of Education, Jefferson Parish Jenkins, Howard, Supt. of Education, Archdiocese of N.O. Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman, New Oreans City Council Rozensweig, Alan, Pollster

Education: 1984-1985 Back to School Black and white block voting in N.O. Pollster on Republican Nat. Conv. & Fair

Mrs. Guillot on 8/19/84


How should N.O. collect back taxes from Fair?

8/26/84 Roulon, George, National Baseball Chairman, American Legion Guirovich, John, State Baseball Chairman, American Legion Marchese, Mike, Director, American Legion Little World's Series Walters, Harry, Administrator, U.S. Veterans Administration Ledoux, Jimmy, Executive Director, Humana Hospital for Women Potter, Pam, DVM, Veterenarian Andonie, Jack, Dr., LSU Medical School Board Member Pernoll, M. L., Dr., C.J. Miller Prof. & Chm., Ob-Gyn Dept Tulane

The Little World's Series in New Orleans Discussion with VA Administrator H. Walters Impact of Humana Hospital Dogs, cats and exotic animals Ob-Gyn: Tulane/LSU Medical School segment
25 01, 02 8/26/84 Campbell, Tom, Dr., Pediatrician McKevitt, Margaret, Ms., Dir., Baccalaurate Nursing, LSU S.of N. Newman, Marje, Ms., Pres., N.O. Business & Professional Women Clu Sunda-Meier, Carmen, Ms., Chm. Nat. Business Women's Week Committee Thomas, Loretta, Ms., 2nd V.P. La. Fed. of Business & Professional Clubs Blancato, Louis, Dr., President, American Anesthesiologists Soc. McCord, Lynn, Dr., Anesthesiologist Arens, James, Dr., Annual Meeting Chairman Albin, Maurice, Dr., Research Anesthesiologist
The doctors and the nurses National Business Women's Week New Strides in Anesthesiology Who was greatest the woman in history? Who was the most despicable person in history
25 03, 04 9/2/84 Knecht, Joseph, President Greater New Orleans AFL-CIO Taylor, Sibal, the President , State AFL-CIO Bostic, Al, Business Manager, IBEW LOCAL 130 Thayer, Marilyn, Co-Chairman, Reagan-Bush La. Compaign Carson, Lane, C-Chairman, Regan-Bush La. Campaign

Labor in the United States Republicans Shooting down of KAL-007

25 05, 06 9/9/84 Schumacher, Holly, Battered woman's program, YWCA Perret, Marvin-Author of "More Nostalgia" Wilson, Mercedes-President, Family Foundation of America Larue, Madeline, Coordinator, Family Foundation of America

Battered women and battered wives Nostalgic New Orleans Sex education in the home & natural birth control

25 07, 08 9/16/84 Rozensweig, Alan Pollster McCabe, Patrick, Attorney Davis Maudelle, Social Worker-Family Services of New Orleans Herman, Fred, Attorney Daigle, Teddy, Sgt., in Charge of Child Abuse Unit-NOPD Cohen, Pamela, Program Coordinator-Child Abuse Unit-NOPD Fernandez, Manuel, Rep.-District 104, Louisiana Legislature Gross, Bill, Chairman-St. Bernard Home Rule Charter Iman Wali Abdel Raoof, Southern leader of the Americam Muslins
Jurametrics-The art of choosing a jury Alleviating the sexaul abuse of children The proposed Home Rule Charter in St.Bernard Discussion with southern leader of AmericanMuslims

25 09, 10 9/23/84 Hollinsworth, William, Dr.,Physcians for Social Responsibily Cohen, Irwin, M.D.- N.O. Physicians for Social Responsibility Early, Mike, Councilman-New Orleans City Council Wagner, Fritz, Ph.D.-Dept. of Urban Studies-UNO McDonald, Anne, Secretary Schexneidre, Carman-Educator Mart, Cheryl-Attorney

Ban the Bomb-Physcians for Social Responsibility The new Vieux Carre Study From the women's point of view

25 11, 12 9/30/84 Cahn, Dr. and Mrs., Philosopher and wife Porpora, Charles, Former kingmaker in Louisiana Bertucci, John , Attorney Marie, John, Commanding Officer-New Orleans Crime Watch Suskind, Robert, Dr., Chairman-Dept. of Pediatrics LSU Med.School Lewy, John, Dr., Chm. Dept. of Pediatrics-Tulane Medical Schooll

The Jewish High Holy Days Discussion with 91 yr. old La. Kingmaker New Orleans Crime Watch Program Tulane-LSU Medical School-Pediatrics

25 13 10/7/84 Williams, Errol, Chief Administration Officer, City of N.O. Dabney, Bob, Public Affairs Director-City of N.O. Verges, Jerry, Exec. V.P.-Greater N.O. Chamber of Commerce Beck, Howard, Vice Chairman-Board of Governers Jones, David H., Public Affiairs-Chamber of Commerce

Tonight's Presidental Debate Economic problems of City Of N.o. Enhancing the business possiibilities in N.O.

25 14, 15 10/14/84 Szorenyi, George, Director- Human Potential Center Russell, Fran-Psychometrist Morial, Ernest "Dutch", Mayor, City of New Orleans Wagner, Bryan, Councilman, New Orleans City Council Babineaux, Nolan, Dr., Past Pres. N.O. Pharmaucetical Assoc. Fitzmorris, Jimmy, Former Lt. Governor-State of Louisiana

Discussion with two psychics Mayor's Week on LTIO Council Week on LTIO-Councilman Bryan Wagner Look at past & present of La. Politics

25 16, 17 10/21/84 Rozensweig-Pollster Kahn, Felicia, Past Pres.of League of Women Voters&Democratic Delegate Delmonte, Diana, Student Incaprera, Frank, M.D., Internist

Democrats's view of Presidential Election Future of Internal Medicine

25 18, 19 10/28/84 Day, Linda, Anthropologist and witch Champ, Clark, Organizer-Hallmark Kick Boxing match Mims, Al "The Comet", Professional kick boxer Verret, Daryl, Vice President-Hallmark Productions Epstein, Arthur, M.D., Prof. of Psychiatry & Neurology-Tulane Haponik, Edward, M.D.,Pulmonary Critical Care Division-LSU Med. Gerard, David, V.P. & General Manager-WTIX Radio Klein, Vic, Parapsychologist

Parapsychology and witchcraft for Halloween Kick Boxing in New Orleans New research in sleep & dreams

25 20, 21 11/4/84 Rozensweig, Alan, Pollster Arsaga, Eldon, Times Picayune dealer Jasjit Singh Walia, Dr., Sikh Community Balminder Singh Manget, Dr., Sikh Community Surgit Singh Sethi, Sikh Community Harbans, Singh Ranshi, Col., Sjkh Community Landry, Buck, Ph.D., Demo. CoChairman-Lafourche Par.(Mondale/Ferr Lentini, Sal, Chief, Democrat & Police Chief of Kenner Spies, Dewey, Republican Co-Chairman for Jefferson Parishs Thayer, Marilyn, Reb. Co-Chair for La. for Reagan & Bush Proposition A & other local issues on ballot Sinkhs and Indira Gandhi Tuesday Presidential Election

11/11/84 Bagert, Collette

25 22, 23, 24 11/11/84 Lentini, Anthony, Director, VA Reginal Office, NOLA Haag, Greg, Director,-VA Medical Center-Nola Threefoot, Sam, Dr., Chief of Staff-VA Medical Center-NOLA Perkins, David, Chief of Training & Education La. Dept.Veterans Williams, Errol, Chief Administration Officer-City of N.O. Michael, John, Creator of the Earth Flag Early, Mike, Councilman, City of New Orleans City Council Bagert, Brod, Former Councilman and author Bagert, Brod, Jr. Bagert, Jenny Will U.S. invade Nicaragua? Veterans benefits on Vererans Day The Earth Flag 60 million shortfall in city budget Last days of World's Fair
25 25, 26 11/18/84 Gennaro,, Glen, Student Counselor, Jesuit High Retif, Milton, Westside Oil Company Retif,Mickey, Westside Oil Company Retif, Mickey, Westside Oil Company Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman, New Orleans City Council Arsaga, Eldon, Times Picayune dealer

Relevence of baby fat King Oil-1984 Canal Street-A Historic District Kids

06/26 34/01, 02 11/25/84 Griffey, Michael & Elizabeth, Editors-La Prensa Newspaper Lacombe, Allen "Black Cat",PR Director-New Orleans Fair Grounds Dunn, Ken, General Manager-New Orleans Fairgrounds Gervais, Randy, Jockey Kassel, Peter, Dr., Dept. Of Opthamolgy-Tulane Medical Shool Cangelosi, Robert, Dr., LSU Medical School Cangelosi, Glen, Dr., LSU Medical School Cangelosi, Keith, Dr., LSU MEdical School

Nicaraguan Crisis Flat Tax Bangtails are back Opthamolgy-Tulane-LSU Medical School series
Bob Livingston, phone
06/26 34/03 12/2/84 Kutzgar, George, MENSA Baker, Jack, MENSA Livingston, Bob, Congressman, First Dstrict-Louisiana Fernandez, Manuel, Rep., St. Bernard Parish Galiano, Louis A., Area Manager, St. of La. Dept. of Labor Mins, Al "The Comet", World's third ranked prof. kick boxer Perez, Juam "The Street Fighter", Professional kick boxer Delmonte, George, Engineer

MENSAs look at our complex world Taped interview with Cong. Bob Livingston LSU in Sugar Bowl-Interview with Retif & Andonie Unemployment problems in St. Bernard Kick boxing & drugs & alcohol in sports
26 04, 05 12/9/84 Culotta, Russell, Personnel Officer-Dept. of Public Safety Gettys, Wallace, Lt., Public Infomation Officer-Troop B-St. Policepp Babovich, Wayne, Councilman, District E, City of New Orleans Larson, Paul, Dr., Dean-LSU Medical School Gerard, David, General Manager-WTIX

Should Reagan strike back at sky-jackers? Should drinking age be raised to 21? City of New Orleans-Task Force on Crime Physcians in 21st Century

26 06, 07 12/16/84 Friedman, Joel, Dr., Professor, Tulane University Law School Morris, Henry, Chief, Superintendent-New Orleans Police Dept.

Israel, the Soviet Union and refusniks Your thoughts on Bishop Tutu & South Africa The Chief of Police speaks out on crime

26 08, 09 12/23/84 Burton, Mckay Dr., Mormons Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of Living Witnesses Boeshans, Francis, Msg., St. John of the Cross (Phone) Ledoux, Jerome, Fr., St. Paul Catholic Church (Phone) Galan, Skip, Clerk of Court, Jefferson Par. & Cookbook author Brisolara, Ashton, Committee on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Faith and morals at Christmas Skip Galan's Celebrity Cookbook Alcohol and the holidays

26 10, 11 12/30/84 Pezant, James, Council Research Officer, Ret. Bell, Dean, Executive Director, Regional Transit Authority Leblanc, Sam, Chairman, Regional Transit Authority Boggs, Lindy, Congresswoma, Second Congressional District

The end of 1984 or goodbye George Orwell The RTA and public transit Closing out the year with Lindy Boggs

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