Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1983

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1/30/83 Shushan, Sylvia, Bridal Consultant Barberot, Pat, Reception Corrdinator Moecklin, Larry, Swiss Bakery Connelly, Leon, Photograher Huddleston, Betty, N.O. Business & Professional Women Brandt, Carol, Psychologist Thayer, Marilyn, Republican State Central Committee Fitzmorris, Pete, Chairman, St. Tammany Parish Council Farmer, Marion "KAYO", District Attorney, St. Tammany Parish
Super Bowl Sunday Planning your June wedding in January The women look at the world Problems and high points of St. Tammany Parish

19 01, 02 1/30/83

Should city enact an earnings tax? Should city keep extra cent sale tax 2 years

19 03, 04 2/6/83 Campbell, Thomas, Dr., Pediatrician Rees, Bryan, Dr., Family Physician Monayhan, John, International TM Society Monayhan, Jackie, International TM Society Sorum, Willaim, Dr., Psychiatrist Landrieu, Mary, Rep., District 90, Louisiana Legislature

U-Shaped learning and immunization Reversal of aging through TM From "Me" Generation to "We" Generation Fiscal woes of State of Louisiana Who would you vote for governor today?
19 05, 06 2/13/83 Reed, Bob, President, Crescent City Coinival Club Farentelli, Joe, Member, Crescent City Coinival Club McNeely, Jack, Mardi Gras Historian Hyatt, Kelly, Fashion Designer, Designs Unlimited Apprill, Bob, Justice of the Peace, St. Bernard & Carnival Club Jeff, Morris F.X., Former King of Zulu Morial, Dutch, Mayor, City of New Orleans Pezant, James N., Retired Budget Officer, City of N.O.

Numismatism Mardi Gras-1983 An hour with Mayor Morial Remembering H. Alvin Sharpe

19 07, 08 2/20/83 Jenkins, Howard, Superintendent, Archdiocese Education Dept. Murphy, Al, Deputy Superintendent, Archdiocese Education Dept. Gennaro, Glenn, Principal, Pope John Paul High School

Problems with Parochial Education Has our society become too critical?

2/20/83 Fahey, Richard, First host of Let's Talk It Over Lynn, Robert, Dr., President, Louisiana College McCord, V. Lynn, MD., President, Louisiana College Alumni Assn. McCord, Frances, Board Member, Louisiana College Casbon, John, Parenting Center, Childrens' Hospital Flynt, Dave, Viet Nam Veterans Leadership Program Connick, Harry, District Attorney, Orleans Parish Melancon, Kirk, Assistant to the District Attorney

A discussion with first host of LTIO Mash-Bash and Childrens' Hospital The Baptists in Louisiana The DA speaks out on crime and 60 Minutes

19 09, 10 2/27/83 Kelly, Don, WTIX Air personality Rostrum, Alex, Carribbean Commission Rochon, Reynaud, Chief Administrative Officer, City of N.O. Zewe, Charles, News Anchor-Man, WDSU-TV, Channel 6

Should N.O. Mayor be allowed a third term? Communism in Central America City finances and related problems TV News in the 80's

19 11, 12 3/6/83 Stepter, Stellis, Social Security Administration Rooney, Bill, Social Security Administration Landrieu, Moon, Former mayor & former HUD secretary

New Social Security regulations Talk with Moon Landrieu on state and nation,

19 13, 14 3/13/83 Panzeca, Sal, President, Greater New Orleans Italian Federation Stolberg, Jim, New Orleans East Irish Marching Club Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman-at-Large, New Orleans Verlander, Margaret, Student, St. Mary's Dominican Guma, Mark, Student, Benjamin Franklin High School Pinner, Jim, New Orleans Assn. of CPA's Fielden, Ester, Tax Payers' Assistance, IRS Hetzler, Don, Public Information, IRSn

Lie detector test for Government Employees & confidentiality St. Joseph & St. Patrick Days in N.O. Councilman Barthelemy & city problems Patriotism and our youth Income Tax
19 15, 16 3/20/83 Vincent, Ross, Director, Ecology Center of Louisiana Watermeier, Leo, Rep., District 95, Louisiana Legislature Yenni Joe, President, Jefferson Parish Fernandez, Manny, Rep., District 105, Louisiana Legislature Martinez, Chuck, Financier, Scharff & Jones

Ecological problems in Louisiana Conversation with Kenner Mayor Joseph Yenni Dual custody of children from broken homes The rising economy

19 17, 18 3/27/83 Kutzgar, George, Member of MENSA Istrati, Ted., Roumanian Immigrant Chehardy, Lawrence, Jefferson Parish Assessor Burch, Robert E., Dr., Chief of Clinical Nutrition< Tulane U. Babineaux, Nolan, Dr., Past President, La. Phamaceutical Assn.

Current Events New Orleans Sales Tax Election What ever happened to Ted Istrati Higher taxes & falling finances in La. Nutrition and vitamins
06/19 32/19, 20 4/3/83 Boeshans, Francis, Msg. Resurrection of Our Lord Catholic Church Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of Living Witnesses Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Gregson, Vernon, Dr., Asst. Professor, Theology Dept., Loyola U. Schneller, Ann, Director of Theology, Ascension Catholic High

Faith and morals on Easter Sunday morning

Theodore Istranti for 4/3/83
06/19 ?/21, 22 4/10/83 Livingston, Bob, Congressman, First District of Louisiana Ochsner, Alton, Dr., Surgeon Dillonkoffer, Robert, Dr., Chief of Cardiac Care, VA Med. Center Incaprera, Frank, Dr., Internist Hainkel, John, Rep., Speaker of the House, Louisiana Legislature Bruneau, Pepe, Rep., District 95, Louisiana Legislature Gregson, Vernon, Rep., ret., Former Dean of La. Legislature Moss, Roy W., Major General, Commanding Off., 4th. Marine Div. Lentini, Anthony R., Chairman, POW-MIA Day in New Orleans
Floods and politics in First District of La. The heart POW-MIA DAy in New Orleans The 1983 Louisiana Legislature Session

4/17/83 Hunderup, Judith. Author, "Prosper With Ease"

Prospering with ease

19 23, 24 4/17/83 Foley, Rob, Member, Greater N.O. Home Builders Assn. Lowell, M.W., Member, Greater N.O. Home Builders Assn. Hacker, Julian, Carruth Mortgage Co. Griener, Paul, Loan Guaranty Officer, VA Regional Office Gelpi, Paul, President, Greater N.O. Home Builders Assn. Hunderup, Judith, Author, "Prosper With Ease" Renton, Jean, Metro Coordinator, Volunteers in Action (VIA)

Should we support revolution in Nicaragua? Remodeling & restoring your home Volunteerism What's happening in the Home Market? What should legislature do on the lottery?
19 25, 26 4/24/83 Bagert, Bernard, Rep., District 98, Louisiana Legislaturet Morial, Ernest "Dutch", Mayor, City of New Orleans. Payne, Dwight A., Dr., Mississippi University for Women Hicks, Eugent T., Catholic Charismatics Foley, Steve, Professionl Football player, Denver Broncos Burke, Pat, Chairman, My Nationality, American Program

The State Banking Bill A discussion with Mayor Morial Catholic Charismatics My Nationality, American


Fatima Today Today's stress and the good old days

20 01, 02 5/1/83 Brother John, Director, Ozanam Inn Brother Sean, Asst. Director, Ozanam Inn Toledano, Benny, President, Ozanam Inn Board Houin, Henry, President, Archdiocesan St. Vincent de Paul Society Robinette, Loris, Dr., Asst. Prof. Computer Science D., UNO Colletti, Sarah, Co-Author, "The Bachelor Book" Tramell, Carol, Co-Author, "The Bachelor Book" Landry, Buck, Dr., Chm., Dept. of Government, Nicholls State U.

Skid Row and the CBD Voter trends and polarized voting patterns The Computer Revolution The Single Lifestyle

20 03, 04 5/8/83 Tauzin, Billy, Congressman, Third Dist. of La. (Co-Moderator) Robichaux, John "Pup", Retired Mayor of Thibodaux, La. Landry, L.V. "Buck", Nicholls State Univ. Babineaux, Nolan, Dr., Pharmacist Lentini, Anthony, Col., Director, VA Regional Office, N.O. Osborne, George, Artist Andonie, Jack, Dr., Gynocologist Threefoot, Dam, Dr., Chief of Staff, VA Medical Center, N.O. La. Haag, Greg, Director, VA Medical Center, N.O.La. Accardo, Nick, Dr., Orthopedic Surgeon Current Events on our 18th. anniversary Special Mothers' Day message by F.Edward Hebert

20 05, 06 5/8/83 Culotta, Russell, Personel Dir., Dept. of Public Safety for La. Moreau, James, Dr., Dentist McGovern, John L., Director, LDVA Engel, Bill, General Manager, WTIX

Current Events on our 18th anniversary

5/15/83 Rooney, William E., Social Security Administration Jolly, Melissa, Geneologist Burton, McKay, Dr., Geneologist Hamer, Collin, Geneologist & Head of Louisiana Div., NOPL Barker, T.M., Businessman, LaFourche Parish

La. Public Education's poor report card Tightening the grip on S.S. benefits Geneology Are you optimistic about the World's Fair? La. suger cane industry & economic effects
20 07, 08 5/22/83 Walker, Jan, East West Macrobiotic Clinic, Jackson, Miss. Smith, Gary, Dir., East West Macrobiotic Clinic, Boston, Mass. Soule, Evan, Tulane University Jarrett, Mark, Video Technician Garner, Jim, Computer Programmer Savoie, Richard, Video Technician Cusimano, Charles, Rep., La. Legislature Schmitt, Earl, Rep., La. Ligislature Fernandez, Manuel, Rep., La. Ligislature Connor, Nick, Rep., La. Legislature Macrobiotics and Holistic Health Current Events Video games, VTR's and Computers Problems with La. & 1983 Louisiana Legislatur

20 09, 10 5/29/83

Hypnotism vs. Mind Control

20 11, 12 6/5/83 Palotta, Joseph, Dr., Psychiatrist Morris, Henry, Chief, Superintendent, N.O. Police Department Smith, Jim, Assessor, 15th. Ward (Algiers) of New Orleans. Westmoreland, William C., Gen., U.S. Armt (ret.)

Curent Events Christian Psychiatry The New Orleans Police Department General William C. Westmoreland on Vietnam Homestead assessments in New Orleans
20 13, 14 6/12/83 Barnum, Chadana, Student, Xavier University Harris, Evette, Student, Xavier University Baenum, Norlan Jr., Xavier University Lovretich, John, Student, LSU Medical School Brown, Jim, Secretary of State, State of Louisiana Fitzmorris, James, H., Chairman, Dept. of Bus.& Industry, La.

Young people look at current events Elections in Louisiana Business and industry in Louisiana

20 15, 16 6/19/83 Bajois, Diana, Rep., La. Legislature Ulloa, Chris, Rep., La. Legislature Dastague, Quentin, Rep., La. Legislature Frazier, Lee, Rep., La. Legislature Brandt, Carole, Social Worker, Battered Women's Clinic Hunderup, Judith, Author Johnson, Kay., Area Manager, U.S. Civil Service Commission Rooney, Bill, Office Manager, Social Security Administration

The Louisiana Legislature-Part III The New Woman U.S. Civil Service-100 years old

20 17, 18 6/26/83 Boggs, Lindy, Congresswoman, 2nd. District of Louisiana Early, Mike, Councilman, District C, New Orleans Keller, Paul, President, St. James Police Jury Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans Munster, Louis, Police Juror, St. Bernard Parish

Problems of the French Quarter Who would you vote for Governor today? Business and industry in the River Parishes Problems confronted by Metropolitan Task Forc

20 19, 20 7/3/83 Burke, Pat W., My Nationality American Project Burke, Pat, Mrs., My Nationality American Project Monasterio, George, AMVETS National Convention organizer Ryan, Bill, Blinded Veterans Assn. & Exec. Chr., Vietnam Vet. League Clausen, R. Mike, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Ochsner, Alton, Dr., Chairman, Americanism Committee, The Chamber Moss, Roy, Maj. Gen., Commanding Officer, 4th. Marine Division Leslie, William, Ex-POW of the Japanese Champagne, Leo W., Ex-POW of the Germans
Past, present and future of the U.S. My Nationality, American Vietnam, Is it completely behind us? Our relations with Central & Latin America POW's speak out

7/10/83 Sheridan, Lawrence H. "Buster", Dean of La. Legislature, Bogalusa Gallaspy, Dixie, Mrs., Woman of the Year, Bogalusa Sterling, Wayne, Exec.Dir., Washington Parish Industrial Development Foundation Hansen, Al, Managing Editor, Bogalusa Daily News

Turning the corner in Bogalusa

20 21, 22 7/10/83 Leslie, Bill, Chairman, Louisiana POW Association. Champagne, Leo, Member, Louisiana POW Association Gregson, Vernon, Louisiana Legislator, Retired Lancaster, Charles, Rep. La. Legislature, Jefferson Parish Donelon, Jim., Rep., La. Legislature, Jefferson Parish Borne, Leon, Dr., Rep., La. Legislature, La Fourche Parish Singleton, James, Councilman, District B, New Orleans

POW-MIA's The 1983 Louisiana Legislature Problems of the City of New Orleans

20 23, 24 7/17/83 Burch, Robert E., M.D., Chief of Clinical Nutrition, Tulane Medical School Samsidis, Nicholas, MS, Author of "Homogenized" Roy, Abe, Overeaters Anonymous Ochsner, Alton, Dr., Chairman of the Caribbean Commission Rostrum, Alex, CIDRON

The XO Factor Overeaters Anonymous Captive Nations

20 25, 26 7/24/83 Bartot, Anamarie, Electrologist Enriquez, Gloria, Electrologist Connick, Paul, Civil Defense Director, Jefferson Parish Panke, George, MD., Immunologist, Ochsner Foundation DeShazo, Richard, MD, Immunologist, Tulane U. Medical School Lentini, Sal, Chief of Police, Kenner, La.

Straw vote for Governor of Louisiana Electrolysis for hair removal Hurricane & nuclear attack protection Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Sheriff candidacy of Chief Sal Lentini
21 01, 02 7/31/83 Cangelosi, Robert, Dr., Metropolitan Harbor Commission Babovich, Wayne, Councilman, Metropolitan Harbor Commission Stovall, Jerry, Head Coach, LSU Tigers LeDoux, Jerry, Former LSU Football player (1970-73) Andonie, Jack, Dr., Gynocologist Arsaga, Eldon, Times Picayune dealer Pezant, James N., retired

Sailing & where you put your boat LSU Football Gynocology Current Events

21 03, 04 8/7/83 Howes, Randolph, M.D., Western singer and author Thomas,Raju, Dr., Urologist, Tulane Medical School Twigg, Christopher J.R., President, Blood Center of S.E. La. Giandelone, John A., Financial Dir., Blood Center of Southeast La Landry, Buck, Dr., Chairman, Dept. of Government, Nicholls State Martinez, Chuck, Investments, Scharff and Jones

Fireaters vs. Whimps New methods for combatting kidney stones The blood crisis in Southeast Louisiana Crisis in world economic banking community

21 05, 06 8/14/83 Ledue, Gene, Public Relations Dir., Veterans of Foreign Wars Olsen, Clifford, Sr. Vice Commander & Commander-in-Chief Elect, VFW Vanderklute, Howard, Adjutant General & Past C-in-C, VFW McGovern, John L., Director, La. Dept. of Veterans Affairs Abramson, Joseph, Dr., Professor, Loyola University Bond, Marie, RN, Nursing Profession Morial, Dutch, Mayor, City of New Orleans Kelly, Don, Newsman, WTIX Anthony, Ron, Air Personality, WTIX
National defense through eyes of National VFW What would say to say Pres. Raegan tomorrow? Mayor Morial on assorted city topics Do you remember :Old New Orleans"? Current Events
21 07, 08 8/21/83 Mobley, Steven C., Instructor, Dominican College Rosenzweig, Allen, Pollster Dreyfus, Chris, National Council of Women in Business Wolle, Helen O., National Council of Women in Business Von Bargen, Diane, National Council of Women in Business Martin, Robert, National Commander of AMVETS Campbell, Thomas, Dr., Pediatrician Lee, Harry, Sheriff of Jefferson Parish

Polling state and local races The National Council of Women in Business The National AMVETS convention in N.O. AIDS and juveniles Sheriff Lee's candidacy in Jefferson
21 09, 10 8/28/83 Hilliard, Rosa, Missouri State Commader, AMVETS DeLouise, Dom, Movie Actor & Pearl Buck Foundation spokesman DeLouise, Carol, Spokesman for the Pearl Buck Foundation Walters, Harry, Administrator for the Veterans Administration Martin, Charles, Dr., Superintendent, Orleans Public Schools Jenkins, Howard, Superintendent, Parochial Edu. for Archdiocese

The Civil Rights Movement Pearl Buck Foundation & Ameriasian children Education 1983-Our greatest challenge Interview with VA Administrator Harry Walters

21 11, 12 9/4/83 Knecht, Joseph, President , Greater New Orleans AFL-CIO Guirovich, John, Sec., International Brotherhood of Electrical Worker Gennaro, Glenn, Principal, Pope Joh Paul High School Pezant, James N., Instructor, Southern University of N.O. Lovretich, John O., Medical Student Ranatza, Mike, Chief, Chief of Police, Harahan, La.

Open lines on Russian shooting down KAL 007 The decline of American Labor Current Events Chief Mike Ranatza's bid for Sheriff of Jeff.

21/42 13/22, 23 9/11/83 Dawley, Harold, Ph.D., Associated Catholic Charities DeSalvo, Martin, Ex-Convict Boissiere, Lambert, Councilman, Dictrict D, New Orleans Steck, Robert G., Dr., LSU Medical School Hoffman, Eric, Ph.D, LSU Medical School

Smoking cessation An ex-con on prisons, paroles and pardons Problems of District D Drugs and alcohol in the marketplace

21 14, 15 9/18/83 Guichard, Julio, Mayor's Task Force on Hispanic Affairs Bertort, Anna Marie, Mayor's Task Force on Hispanic Affairs Madrano, Oscar, Mayor's Task Force on Hispanic Affairs Larson, Paul, M.D., Dean, LSU Medical School Shapiro, Emmauel, M.D., Head, Dept. of Genetics, Tulane Med. School Elston, Robert, Ph.D, Chief, Dept. of Biometry, LSU School of Med

Hispanic problems in New Orleans Genetic Engineering

9/18/83 Cunningham, Hannah, President, Jefferson Performing Arts Society Clark, Angie, Secretary, Jefferson Performing Arts Society Montgomery, Monty, Member, Jefferson Performing Arts Society Connick, Harry, District Attorney, City of New Orleans Bosetta, Mike, Detective, District Attorney's Office Borah, Kathy, WYES-TV Shannon, Elizabeth, Contemporary Arts Center (taped) Bienn, David, Contemporary Arts Center (taped)

Culture in Jefferson and Orleans Parish Crime in New Orleans

21 16, 17 9/25/83 Kahn, Felicia, League of Women Voters Arsaga, Eldon, Times-Picayune West Bank Manager Cusimano, Charles, Chm. St. Bernard Par.Commission Charter Study Fernandez, Manuel, Rep. District 104, La. Legislature Roemig, Wayne, Dir. of Protocol & Guest Relations, La. Exposition Baptiste, Orthello, Executive Steward, Louisiana Exposition Schwartz, Mark T., Ph.D, Jo Ellen Smith Hospital

Current Events Politics & charter change in St. Bernard Par. The World's Fair in New Orleans Sexual Therapy

21 18, 19 10/2/83 Ozenovich, Steve, Weekend Anchor Man, WVUE-TV, Channel 8 Perrett, Marvin, Author, "Nostalgic New Orleans" Nabonne, Ron, Member, Citizens to Preserve the Charter Marrero, Louis H., Chairman, Committee of the Freedom to Chose Cafarelli, David, Doctor of Chiropractic

The News Remembering Old New Orleans A debate on unlimited term limits for mayor Holistic Health & Chiropractic

21 20, 21 10/9/83 Zabaloui, Judith, Author & professor at UNO Barbee, Wayne, New Orleans Nuclear Freeze Campaign Wiley, Daryl, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmamnet Morial, Dutch, Mayor, City of New Orleans Pepper, Clara, Minister and Psychic Mitchell, Bob, P.D. WTIX, Special Host Moderator Sager, Jeff, Special Inquiring Panelists McCord, Tracy, Special Inquiring Panelists

Tax Shelters Nuclear Freeze A conversation with Mayor Morial Reading Callers

21 22, 23 10/16/83 Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Past President, La. Psychiatric Assn. Thayer, Marilyn, Mrs., Republican Part Coordinator Gleason, Lynne Murray, Artist Sebastian, Debra, Pres. Business & Professional Women of N.O. Huddleson, Betty, Pres. Elect, Business and Prof. Women of N.O. Keene, Loretta, Board Member, Business & Profess. Women of N.O. Lentini, Anthony, Director, VA Regional Office Clark, John, Veterans Service Officer, VA Regional Office, N.O.
Countdown to Election '83 Conversation with N.O. artist who made it big National Business Women's Week The President's new jobs program for veterans

10/23/83 Boggs, Lindy, Congresswomen, 2nd. Congressional District (phone) Livingston, Bob, Congressman, First Congressional Dist. (by Phone Tauzin, Billy, Congressman, Third Congressional Dist.,(by phone)

The Beirut Crisis

21 24, 25 10/23/83 Landry, Buck, Dr., Dept of Government, Nicholls State U. Rozensweig, Alan, Pollster Bagert, Brad, Former Public Service Commisioner Clancy, Ed, News Director, WTIX Schwehm, Jerry, Police Juror, District 8, St. Tammany Parish Smith, Jim, Assessor, Algiers, La. Fernandez, Manuel, Rep., Louisiana Legislature (St. Bernard) Engel, Bill, General Manager, WTIX

The 1983 Louisiana Legislature Gubernatorial & Parochial Election The Bierut Crisis

22 01, 02 10/30/83 Klein, Victor, Rev., Mater Delarosa Church Leitz, Jannis, Student Bobber, Jannice, Student Payne, Dwight A., Dr., Miss. State U. for Women (by phone) Day, Linda, Anthropologist and self-proclaimed witch, Rice, Shelia, Student McDonald, Anne, Student

Current Events Your most frightining experience The Projected Runaway Greenhouse effect Witches and warlocks

22 03, 04 11/6/83 Tolmas, Hyman, Dr., Pediatrician Freeman, Pat, Ms., Co-Producer of the Chemical People Glatzmayer, Tom, Johnson-O'Connor Human Engineering Labs Myers, Alina, Johnson-O'Connor Human Engineering Labs Norwood, Susan, Counselor, Newman High School Bogar, Christine, Counselor, Loyola University Carroll, Gary, M.D., Chief of Ambulatory Care, VA Med. Center,N.O Thompson, Ted, Adjudication Officer, VA Regional Office, N.O. McGovern, John L., Director, La. Dept. of Veterans Affairs Cassin, Chief of Training and Information, LDVA The Chemical People-Drugs and our youth Choosing a first & second career Veterans benefits on Veterans Week

11/6/83 Babineaux, Nolan, Dr., Pharmacist Pezant, James N., Retired citizen Jochim, Adam, Retired citizen

Current Events

22 05, 06 11/13/83 Mart, Cheryl K., Petroleum Attorney Culotta, Russell Jr., Personnel Officer, Dept. of Pub. Safety, La Moreau, James, Jr., DDS, LSU Dental School Giarusso, Joseph I., Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans Micili, Vincent P., Father, Fordham University

Current Events Current trends in Dentistry Civil Defense, the Budget & City of N.O. A conversation with Fr. Vincent P. Micili

22 07, 08 11/20/83 Livingston, Robert, Congressman, 1st. District, Lousiana Micili, Vincent, Father, Author of "The Anti-Christ" Massie, Susan, Fulco Companyr Brown, Fred, Dr., Enginnering Department, UNO Golden, Neal, Brother, Math Dept., Brother Martin High School Randall, Dale, Chairman, New Orleans Math Counts Program Demarco, Dennis, Finance Director, Jefferson Parish D'Ambrosia, Robert, Dr., Chairman, Orthopedics Dept., LSU Med Sch Haddad, Ray, Dr., Chairman, Orthopedics Dept., Tulane Medical Sch
Discussion with Bob Livingston & Fr. Micili The Toy Season Teaching better math in the community Jefferson Parish Budget Orthopedic Discussion


Where were you when JFK was assassinated?

11/27/83 Charles, Delton, President, Jefferson Parish School Board Cangelosi, Robert, Dr., Professor of Opthamolgy, LSU Med. School Cangelosi, Glenn, Dr., Resident in Opthamolgy, Charity Hospital LaCombe, Allen "Black Cat", PR Director, N.O. Fairgrounds Virgets, Ron, Columnist for Daily Racing Form & Times-Picayune

Your fondest hopes for New Years Financial Crisis in Jeff. Parish Education New reserach in Opthamolgy !983-1984 racing season

22 09, 10 12/4/83 Goldstein, Debbie, Foster Parents' Assn. Lincoln, Albert, Mr. & Mrs., Foster Parents Rosen, Jack, Ph.D., Audiologist, N.O. Speech & Hearing Center Burke, John, Ph.D., Speech Pathologist, N.O. Speech & Hearing Center Johnson, R. C., Ms.,MA Speech Pathologist, N.O. S. & H. Center Hainkel, John, Rep., Speaker of the La. House of Representatives Fernandez, Manny, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Foster, William, VSCO, St. Bernard Parish

Foster Parenting & youth in trouble Speech and hearing therapy Discussion with Speaker of House of Rep. The economic crisis in St. Bernard Parish Where were you on December 7, 1941?
22 11, 12 12/11/83 Hubbard, Barbara Marx, Vice President Candidate & Futurist Massey, Judy, Campaign for A Positive Future Detwiler, Bill, Constable for City of New Orleans, Morial, Ernest "Dutch", Mayor of City of New Orleans Zabalaoui, Judith, Financial Planner Martinez, Chuck, Financial Planner

Campaign for a Positive Future Landlords, Tenants & Evictions Discussion with Mayor Morial What to do end of year excess money? Does hunger exist in the U.S.?
22 13, 14 12/18/83 Nauer, Barbara, Catholic Writers' Guild Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Past President, La. Psychiatric Assn. Maestri, Ron, Athletic Director, UNO

Complaints from Right Wing of Catholic Church What to do if you are having a blue Christmas UNO & the World of Sports Current Events

12/25/83 Boeshans, Francis, Msg., Resusurrection Of Our Lord Catholic Ch. Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of Living Witnesses Danos, Mary Grace, Sister, Archdiocese of New Orleans Schneller, Ann, Religious Director, Ascension Catholic High

Faith & morals on a Christmas Sunday morning Recorded Christmas music by Mardi Gras Chorus An Old New Orleans Christmas with Ted Green

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