Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1982

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14 20, 21 1/10/82 Pinner, James F., Past President, Orleans Association of CPA's Gautreaux, Joseph, M.D., Ear, Nose, and Throat Harris, Pamela, Chairman, Louisiana Parole Board Townsley, Vic, Deputy Director, La. Div. of Probation & Parole

Preparing income tax & Pres. Reagan's tax cut Drippy noses and scratchy throats Paroles, pardons, and probation in La.

14 22, 23 1/17/82 Connick, Harry, District Attorney, Orleans Parish Lentini, Salvador, Chief of Police, City of Kenner

Crime, law enforcement & Criminal Justice System Should secregated schools get tax exemptions?

14 24, 25 1/24/82 Gartland, John, Dr., Past Pres.,Nat. Assn. of Orthopedic Surgeons Accardo, Nick, Dr., Member, Nat. Assn. of Orthopedic Surgeons Noiles, Dwayne, Mechanical Engineer Maggio, Ross, Warden, Angola State Prison, Angola, La. Harrell, Louis, Rev., "The Prison Chaplain"

Open lines on current events Orthopedics The Louisiana Penal System

15 01, 02, 03 1/31/82 Guma, Susan, Associate Dean, Tulane University College Foote, Tom, Instructor, Tulane University Engel, Bill, Instructor, Tulane University Perkins, David, Social Worker Arsaga, Eldon, West Bank Manager, Times Picayune Faucheaux, Ron, Rev., Candidate for Mayor, City of N.O. Jefferson, William, Sen., Candidate for Mayor, City of N.O.

The new Ferderalism Continuing education Rep. Ron Faucheaux, Candidate for Mayor Sen. William Jefferson, Candidate for Mayor Current events
15 04, 05 2/7/82 Early, Michael, Councilman, District C, N.O.La. Rozensweig, Alan, Pollster Anderson, Eric, Instructor of Hypnotism, Tulane University Valence, Andy, Member, Jefferson Parish School Board Toomy, Joe, Member, Jefferson Parish School Board

Election Wrap-Up Hypnotism Education in Jefferson Parish Paul Dietzel's removal as LSU Athletic Dir. Is Senate decision on bussing beginning of end?
15 06, 07 2/14/82 Sartat, George & Verna, "I Believe in Marriage Program" Lancaster, Charles, Rep., Louisiana Legislator Fernandez, Manuel, Rep., Louisiana Legislator Schmitt, Earl, Rep., Louisiana Legislator Cassibry, Fred, Judge, Eastern District, Federal Courts Burch, Robert, Dr., VA Medical Center & Tulane University Babineaux, Nolan, Past Pres., Lousiana Pharmacuetical Assn.

The New Federalism & the State of Louisiana Discussion with Judge Cassibry "I Believe in Marriage" program Vitamins-a discussion/debate

15 08, 09 2/21/82 NcNeely, Jackson P., Mardi Gras Historian Jeff, Morris F,X,, Former King of Zulu Hyatt, Mary, Designers' Umlimited Moecklin, Laurant, Grade Parade Marshall, Downtown Marching Club Proctor, Roy & Maree, Science Research Institute McGovern, John L., Dir., Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs

Mardi Gras-1982 How do you see the Mayor's Race? Catching doubloons, finding parking places Bettering your education through mind control

15 10, 11 2/28/82 Feilden, Ester, IRS Specialist, Internal Revenue Service Hetzler, Don, Public Affairs, Internal Revenue Service Pinner, Jim, Louisiana Association of CPA's Copelin, Sherman, Candiadte for Council, District E Babovich, Wayne, Candidate for Council, District E Ritter, Kenneth, Past President, Louisiana Psychaitric Assn.

Income Tax-1982 District E council race The Wayne Williams conviction Envy


What is your biggest fear for the country?

15 12, 13 3/7/82 DeJoie, Henry, Editor of the Louisiana Weekly Johnson, Allen Jr., Staff Reporter, Louisiana Weekly Palombo, Anthony J., Dr., Chiropractor Holliday, Bill, Star of "Made in America" Robinett, Loris, Dr., Computer Analysis Deportment, UNO Epstein, Lew, Dr., Astronomy Department, UNO Wagner, Vernon, Chemist Faucheaux, Ron, Rev., Candidate for Mayor

The Black Press Chiropractic "Made in America"-interview with B. Holliday The Jupiter Effect Ron Faucheaux's candidacy for mayor
15 14, 15 3/14/82 Russell, Tom, N.O. East Marching Club for the Irish Accardo, Nick, Dr., Greater N.O. Italian Cultural Society Panzeca, Salvador, Greater New Orleans Italian Open Palao, Mike, New Orleans Italian Marching Club Szita, Ferenc, Electronics Engineer Trentacosta, Guy, Electronics Dealer Linder, John, Coalition in Solidarity with people of El Salvador Morial, Ernest "Dutch", Mayor of New Orleans

Pope John tells clergy to stay out of politics St. Patrick meets St. Joseph The new video electronic equipment El Salvador-from the Left Mayor Morial's candidacy for mayor
15 16, 17, 18 3/21/82 Early, Mike, Councilman, District C Rosenzweig, Allen, Independent Pollster Engel, Bill, Manager, WTIX Kolowski, Pat, Manager, Solid Waste Disposal Proj., Jefferson P Arsaga, Eldon, Time Picayune West Bank dealer Kutzgar, George, Attorney

Second Primary election wrap-Up Solid waste disposal or new vistas for garbage Whatever happened to Afghanistan?

3/28/82 03/28/1982 Roessler, Bob, Exec. Sports Director, Times Picayune LeDoux, Jerome, Rev., Author of "Reflection of Life Hunderup, Judith, Author of "Prosper with Life" McCurley, Frant T., S.J., Father, Retreat Master Haley, "Red", Retreat Captain, Manresa, La. LeCoyne, Frank, Retreat Captain, Manresa,La.

Election in El Salvador & other current events Father LeDoux & Bon Roessler on current events How to become a millionaire? Retreats & Manresa Retreat House

15 19, 20 4/4/82 Swami Anantananda LeDuff, Peter, Creative Life Sciences Graham, John & Barbara, Students, Tulane University Bertot, Anna Marie, Student, Tulane University Coulon, Marie, CACTUS, Tulane U., Co-founder of Applause Whiteside, Bruce, CACTUS, Tulane U., Co-founder of Applause Pezant, James N., Retire Budget & Research Analysis for City Council Vincent, Ross, Ecology Center Rooney, William R., Manager, Social Security Downtown Center
Feeling better with the Swami Applause-free entertainment for elderly Current Events Ecology and economics Will you get a SocialSecurity check in August-1983?
15 21, 22 4/11/82 Boeshans, Francis, Msg., Ressurrection of Our Lord Church Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Carbo-Griffin, Emiliana, Mrs., Turin, Italy Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of Living Witnesses Gruwell, Mel, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Guillory, Curtis, Father, Society of the Divine World Perret, William J., Dr., Ochsner Foundation Mastio, Charles, Louisiana Gem & Mineral Society Drouant, Sidney, Louisiana Gem & Mineral Society
Faith, morals & world around us on Easter The Shroud of Turin Rock Hounds

4/18/82 Granich, Marina, Dr., Counseling Psychologist Pomerleau, Karl, MSW, Counseling Psychologist

Learning Disabilities

15 23 4/18/82 Incaprera, Frank, Dr., Internal Medicine Becnel, Harvey, Dr., Gen, Chairman, Italian Festival, Independence, La. Agnello, Mike, Program Chairman, Italian Festival ,Independence, La. Copetelli, Victoria, Exibits Ch., Italian Festival, Independence, La. Anzalone, Frank, Senior Citizens Ch., Italian Festival, Independence Bruneau, Peppi, Rep., District 94, Louisiana Legislature Bagert, Benny, Rep., District 98, Louisiana Legislature Connors, George "Nick", Rep., District 97, Louisiana Legislature Donelon, Jim, Rep., District 79 (Elect), Louisiana Legislature Gregson, Vernon, Dean of La. Legislature, Emeritus Internal Medicine Annual Italian Festival of Independence,La. The 1982 Louisiana Legislature


How do you like Daylight Saving Time? Who would you vote for Governor today?

15 24, 25 4/25/82 Beck, Howard, Councilman, District E, City of N.O. Gray, George, "Buzz", Chief of Med. Administration Ser., VA Med.C Crawford, Olivia, Rev., GROWTH Chehardy, Lawrence E., Assessor, Jefferson Parish,

Interim Councilman looks at N.O. problems Comsumer Affairs Week or politer Federal Government Auras, predictions & politics Will our property taxes be raised?

16 01, 02 5/2/82

The essence of brainwashing Youth problems The Carter years, the Reagan years & energy Alligator hunting & deep sea diving in St.Tammany St. Tammany Parish Politics
16 03, 04 5/9/82

Current events on our 17th Anniversary

16 05, 06 5/16/82

N.O. & Kenner Elections The Hare Krishna Movement Civil Defense in metro area Open lines on Graduation Day & Current Events Louisiana Legislative Session Part II
16 07, 08 5/23/82 Cefalu, Stephen, Theatre West (taped) LeDuff, Peter, Dr., Friends of the Haitians Lesperence, George, Friends of the Haitians Beer, Peter, Judge, U.S. Eastern District Court Chappelle, Walter III , Chm. of the Board, Historical Faubourg St.Mary Monget, Diane, Secretary, Historical Faubourg St. Mary Commission Singleton, Jim, Councilman, District B, New Orleans City Council

Haiti and the refugee problem Judge Beer and criminal justice system & city Problems and restoration of the CBD Singleton on taxes, World Fair, & District B

16 09, 10 5/30/82 Smith, Larry, Guardian Angels Hendrick, Frank, Guardian Angels Chisholm, Noel, Guardian Angels Mann, Woody, Guardian Angels Coll, Gerald, Crescent City Rugby Club Patton, Tommy, Captain, Pilot, Delta Airlines Goodman, Tom, Co-Pilot and Engineer, Delta Airlines Landrieu, Moon, Former Sec. of HUD & Former Mayor of N.O.

The Guardian Angels in streets of N.O. Rugby in New Orleans (taped) Pilots and the airlines Memorial Day with Moon Landrieu How will bus fare increase affect pocketbooks?
16 11, 12 6/6/82 Hunderup, Judith, Author of "Prosper with Ease" Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Past Pres., La. Psychiatric Assn. Campbell, Velma, Dr., New Orleans General Hospital Incaprera, Frank, Dr., Internist Campbell, Tom, Dr., Pediatrician Boggs, Lindy, Congresswoman , 2nd. District of Louisiana

Courtesy & its lack in government & business The doctors talk about money A discussion with Congresswoman Lindy Boggs Where were you on D-Day 1944?

16 13, 14 6/13/82 Hastey, Stan L., Dr., Bureau Chief, Southern Baptist Press Gregory, Christine, Mrs., 1st. V.P., Southern Baptist Convention McCord, Frances, Mrs., Laywoman, 1st. Baptist Church, Baton Rouge Paccacio, Joseph, Travel Agent, Pan Am Fernandez, Bobbie, Mrs., Travel Agent, Carousel Travel LaBrouyerre, Carol, Ms., Travel Agent, Carousel Travel Mabry, Dennis, Dr., Nicotine Withdrawal Clinic Levine, Steven, Dr., Medical Director, I.C.U., Children's Hosp. Lidell, Larry, Dir. of Development, Children's Hospital of N.O.
The Southern Baptists in New Orleans So you're taking a vacation? How to stop smoking Childrens' diseases and Childrens' Hospital

6/20/82 Rochon, Reynaud, Chief Administration Officer, City of N.O. Smith, Jeanne, Mrs., Dir. of Admission, Chemical Dependency Unit, Hebert Gannie, Richard, Asst. Dir. Admissions, Chem. Dep. Unit, Hebert Hospital Gruwell, Mel, Dr., Chairman Emeritus, Dept. of Education, Tulane Corne, Charles, Supervisor of Child Welfare & Attendance DeGange, Charles, Director of Development, Holy Cross High School

Finances and the City of New Orleans Combatting alcoholism and drug abuse Education-Where is it going?

16 15, 16 6/27/82 Charbonnet, Louis, Rep., District 85, La. Legislature Leithmann, Ken, Rep., District 96, La. Legislature Cloutier, Elise, Garden District Neighborhood Watch Andrews, Tom, Safety Watch Officer, N.O. Police Dept. LaBouisse, Leonard, Coliseum Square Neighborhood Watch Andonie, Jack, Dr., Ob-Gyn

Louisiana Legislature, 1982, Part III Combatting N.O crime through Neighborhood Watch Surrogate Motherhood, adoption abortion & Ob Gyn Your opinion on Sect. Haig's resignation

16 17 7/4/82 Robichaux, John, Mayor, Thibodaux, La. McGovern, John L., Dir., La. Department of Veterans Affairs Tauzin, Billy, Congressman, Third District of Louisiana Doyle, Tommy, Department Commander, American Legion Franklin, Tommy, Sr. Vice Department Commander, VFW Pezant, James, Former Research Analyst for N.O. City Council LaBiche, Albert V., Local Businessman, N.O. & Jefferson Detwiler, William, Constable, City of New Orleans

The State of the Union on Independence Day 82

16 18, 19, 20 7/11/82 Ice, Bob, Investment Counselor Martinez, Chuck, Investment Counselor Iman Walli Ra'oof, American Muslim Mission Lykes, Louis, Chemist, D-Con Company Ochsner, Alton, Dr., Americanism Committee of Chamber of Commerce Leavitt, Mel, Author of "A Short History of New Orleans"

Aftermath of crash of Flight 759 The Economy Muslim's meeting with Pope to abolish statues Fleas-and how to get rid of them Captive Nation Week & our Foreign Policy
16 21, 22 7/18/82 Farentellik, Joe, Crescent City Coin Club Reed, Bob, Crescent City Coin Club Sherman, Lynn, Lt., Communications Officer, Jefferson Par. Sheriff's Office Blair, John, WTIX Air Personality Benjamin, Douglas, Helene Foundation Soderberg, Midge, Helene Foundation

What happened to silver & gold? Emergency law enforcement & 911 controversy What would you do if there were no 1982 NFL season? Secrets of the pyramids

16 23, 24 7/25/82 Fernandez, Manuel, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Brown, Don, Asst. Manager, Tenneco Oil, St. Bernard, La. Enlert, Joseph, Public Relations Dir.,Kaiser Aluminum, St.Bernard Boissere, Lambert, Councilman, New Orleans City Council Early, Mike, Councilman, New Orleans City Council Moecklin, Laurant, Vieux Carre businessman

St. Bernard's business & industrial outlook Delayed city Civil Service raise Homestead taxation for City of N.O. Would you favor a balanced federal budget? Problems of the Vieux Carre
17 01, 02, 03 8/1/82 McCord, Tracy, Businessman Arsaga, Eldon, Businessman Perkins, David, Social Worker Engel, Bill, Station Manager, WTIX Butler, Ed, Exec. Director, Informational Council of the Americas

Current Events Who rules the world? Overview of the great conspiracies of history

17 04, 05 8/8/82 Samuel, Larry, Governor's Consumer Affairs staff Morial, Ernest "Dutch", Mayor, City of New Orleans Stovall, Jerry, Head Coach, LSU Tigers Andonie, Jack, Dr., LSU Boosters Club Arsaga, Eldon, LSU Boosters Club Gruwell, Mel, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Saints Gruwell, Mel, Mrs., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

What ever happened to Consumer Affairs? A conversation with Mayor Morial The 1982 LSU Tigers Education and missions


Proposed federal cigarette tax Abolition of "Three Martini Lunch"

17 06, 07 8/15/82 Ripley, Becky, Association of Displaced Homemakers Beard, Tad, Association of Displaced Homemakers Kayser, Peggy, Association of Displaced Homemakers Nimmo, Robert, Administrator, Veterans Affairs, U.S. VA Bollinger, Don, Secretary, Dept. of Public Safety of Louisiana Garrison, "Bo", Colonel, Chief, Louisiana Sate Troopers Leavitt, Mel, Author of, "A Short History of New Orleans"

Problems of the Displaced Homemaker Interview with U.S. VA Administrator Law enforcement in Louisiana Huey Long, Dudley LeBlanc, cajuns

8/22/82 Gibson, Vince, Coach, Tulane Football Fox, Falvey, Tulane Booster Club Torres, Netter, Tulane Booster Club Boquet, Glenn, Tulane Booster Club Palao, Mike, National Rifle Asociation Davison, Harry, National Rifle Association Houston, Judy, Celebration of Light McWaters, Barry, Dr., Author of "Conscious Evolution"

Should the mayor receive a raise? Tulane Football-1982 The Gun Control issue Who should pay for the destruction in Beirut? Saving Mother Earth
17 08, 09 8/29/82 Martin, Charles E., Dr., Superintendent, Orleans Par., Pub. Educ. Jenkins, Howard, Superintendent of Parochial Ed. for Archdiocese McLaughlin, John, Brother, Headmaster, Holy Cross High School Griener, Paul, Chief of VA Home Loan Division Hecker, Julian O. Jr., Carruth Mortgage Corp. Truax, Dalton, Wagner & Truax Realtors Walker, Bob, WTIX Air personality Trahan, Kenny, WTIX Sports Director Maestri, Walter, Dr., President, Our Lady of Holy Cross College
Back to school-1982 Interview with "Oldie King", Bob Walker Taped interview with Sports Director Trahan How you would vote for homestead Are we going to have a boom in home industry?
17 10, 11 9/5/82 Dawley, Harold, Dr., Alcoholic and Chemical Dependency Unit, VA Hosp LaGardeaur, Armand, Greater New Orleans Chamber of Commerce McNary, Shelly, Greater New Orleans Chamber of Commerce Crowe, Karl, Asst. to the President of the Louisiana AFL-CIO Knecht, Joseph, Public Relations Director of the La. AFL-CIO Guirovich, John, Secretary, IBEW Local 130 Fernandez, Ejerico, Secretary, Communication Workers Of Am., La.

Business & labor in N.O. on Labor Day Weekend Wellness on the job The Chamber of Commerce & local business Labor in Louisiana

17 12, 13 9/12/82 Guma, Susan, Director, Continuing Education, Tulane University Dees, Bill, Asst. Dir., Continuing Education, UNO Livingston, Bob, Congressman, First District of Louisiana Brandt, Carol, MSW, Social Worker Huddleston, Betty, Business and Professional Women of La.

Yesterday's election in N.O. A discussion with Congressman Bob Livingston Problems of the business woman

17 14, 15 9/19/82 Langkopp, Ray, Executive Dir. Greater N.O. Hotel-Motel Assn. Valentino, Michael, Pres., Greater N.O. Hotel-Motel Assn. Hof, Willie, Councilman, Jefferson Parish Landry, Buck, Dr., Chairman, Dept. of Government, Nicholls State Itabashi, Kiichi, Counsel General of Japan in N.O.

Hotel-Motel Assn. views on World's Fair Jefferson Parish problems Archie Manning trade The independent voter in Louisiana Japen-Culture & Industry
17 16, 17 9/26/82 Babineaux, Nolan, Past President, La. Pharmacuetical Assn. Babovich, Wayne, Councilman, N.O. City Council, District E Carson, Lane, Asst. Secretary, Dept. of Health & Human Resources Schmitt, Earl, Rep., Louisiana Legislature McGovern, John L., Director, La. Department of Veterans Affairs Haddad, Ray, Dr., Chairman, Dept. of Orthopedics, Tulane Med. School D'Ambrosia, Robert Dr., Chairman, Dept. of Orthopedics, LSU Med School Accardo, Nick, Dr., Orthopedic Surgeon

Current Events Problems of District E in New Orleans Nursing Homes & DHH&R Orthopedics

17 18, 19 10/3/82 Carney, Kirk, Director, State Parks for State of Louisiana Babineaux, Nolan, Past Pres. La. Pharmacuetical Assn. Hunter, Sue, Pres. La. Assn. of Child Dependency Payment Enforcement Palao, Mike, Historian, Festa D'Italia Epstein Arthur, Dr., Chairmaan, Psychiatry Dept., Tulane Med. School Culotta, Stanley, Dr., Dir., San Antonio Clinic for the Poor

The Tylenol Poisonings State Parks and the Audubon Park Controversy Making delinquent parents pay child support Fifth annual Festa D'Italia in N.O. Sleep and dream research

10/10/82 Heaton, E. Henry, Rep., District 88, La. Legislature Britt, Julie, Pres., N.O. Business and Professional Women Morial, Dutch, Mayor, Mayor of City of New Orleans Clarke, Eileen, Communications Officer, United Way Handleman, Jay, Organizer, United Way Retif, Milton, Former Tulane baseball coach Fury, John, Little League Baseball oranizer Robinette, J. Loris, Dr., Computer Science Dept. UNO

Compensation to victims of Louisiana crime 1982 Business & Professional Woman's Conference The 1982 United Way drive Baseball and the world series Relativity and quantum physics & us
17 20, 21 10/10/82 Morial, Dutch, Mayor of N.O.

A conversation with Mayor Dutch Morial

17 22, 23 10/17/82 Uddo, Basil, Right to Life Cottle, Peggy, Director, Delta Woman's Clinic Sharpe, H. Alvin, Artist, Sea Captain, Ruby Miner & Poet Rozensweig, Alan, Poltical Pollster Ice, Bob, Investment Counselor

Abortion-Pro & Con Last interview with H. Alvin Sharpe 1982 Congressional Issues The Rampaging Stock Market

17 24, 25 10/24/82 Andonie, Jack, Dr., Ob-Gyn

New research in Ob-Gyn

10/24/82 Rooney, Bill, Social Security Administration Stepter, Stellis, Social Security Administration Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman, City of New Orleans Houston, Judy, Celebration of Light Andonie, Jack, Dr., Ob-Gyn

How critical is Social Security issue? Problems between council & mayor Judy Houston on Celebration of Light Should businesses give 2 weeks notice Which way is the economy headed?
18 01, 02 10/31/82 Caddy, Peter, Founder of the Findhorn Community Crawford, Olivia, Rev., Church of Light Morrison, Annie, Growth, Inc. Benedetto, Rick, First Church of Spritualism in Baton Rouge, La. Bertot, Anna Marie, Student, Tulane U. Silner, Donna, Student, Tulane U Machauer, Maryrose, Student, Tulane U. Maines, Marion, Student, Tulane U. Anderson, Eric, Professor of Hypnotism, Tulane U.
The Findhorn Community of Scotland Phone calls from the dead Spritualism Hypnotism and regression

18 03, 04 11/7/82 Fuller, Willard, Rev., Baptist Minister and Healer Martinez-Scharff, Chuck, Scharff and Jones McMahon, Blaine, Exec. Comm. N.O. Saving & Loan League & Jeff Hom Smith, Sid, Vietnam veteran and artist Boggs, Lindy, Congresswoman, 2nd. District of Louisiana Haag, Greg, Director, VA Medical Center Lentini, Anthony, Director, VA Regional Office McGovern, John L., Director, La. Dept. of Veterans Affairs

"Ex-communicated" Baptist Minister on healing The economy after the Congressional election Veterans problems and readjustment

18 05, 06 11/14/82 Charbonnet, Louis, Rev., District 96, Louisiana Legislature McCord, Lynn, Dr., Baton Rouge Ambulatory & Surgical Service Incaprera, Frank, Dr., Medical Center of East New Orleans Maggio, Ross, Warden, Angola State Penitentiary

The New Orleans proposed lottery Same-Day Surgery & Emergency Walk-In Clinics Angola and the Louisiana Penal System

18 07, 08 11/21/82 Jay, John, Hairstylist Gillen, Ronnie, Councilman, District 3, Jefferson Parish Keller, Paul, President, St. Charles Parish Council Bassett, Darlene, Dr., DDS DeNicola, Ross, Dr., DDS Gomes, Eugene, Dr., DDS

John F. Kennedy, 18 years & 364 days later Problems in Jefferson Parish Problems in St. Charles Par.& river pollution Dentistry


Should unemployment compensation be taxed? Should there be 5 cents fed. tax on gasoline?

18 09, 10 11/28/82 Cangelosi, Robert, Dr., Opthamologist Cangelosi, Glen, Dr., Opthamologist Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman-at-Large, N.O. City Council Philibert, Harry, Dr., New Orleans Pain Clinic LeBeouf, Mickey, Dr., Professor of Management, UNO

Opthamology Unemployment, finances and New Orleans Pain Productivity problems in th U.S.

06/18 31/11, 12 12/5/82 Lewis, Caroline, Taxpayers Education Service - IRS Robertson, Emile, Examination Group Manager -IRS Blackburn, Irving, Examination Group Manager -IRS Tauzin, Billy, Congressman, U.S. Congress, 3rd. District Landry, Buck, Dr., Chairman, Dept. of Government, Nicholls State Gravois, Jim, Coordinator, LaFouche Parish Livingston, Bob, Congressman, U.S. Congress, First District Weary, Peyton, Dr., Chm., Dept. of Dermatolgy, U.of Virgnia Med.S Milliken, Larry, Dr., Chm., Dept. of Dermatolgy, Tulane Med. Sch
Plugging questionable loopholes in IRS deduct A conversation with Congressman Billy Tauzin Conversation with Congressman Bob Livingston Dermatology
Theodore Istranti for 4/3/1983
18 13, 14 12/12/82 LaCombe, Allen "Black Cat", P.R. Director, N.O. Fairgrounds Babineaux, Nolan, Racing enthusiast Morial, Dutch, Mayor, City of New Orleans Beer, Peter, Judge, U.S. Eastern District, Federal Courts Hamlin, James, Dr., Dean, Tulane University School of Medicine Larson, Paul, Dr., Dean, LSU School of Medicine

Floods and chemical spills The bangtails are back Mayor Morial in a excellent & festive mood Philosophy and the Federal Courts So you want to be a doctor?


Ferderal furloughs due to non-appropriations

18 15, 16 12/19/82 Boeshans, Francis, Msg., Resurrection Of Our Lord Catholic Church Brisolara, Ashton, Director, Committee on Alcoholiam & Drug Abuse Kilpatrick, Barney, Air Personality, WTIX Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans Early, Mike, Councilman, City of New Orleans

The Dark Night of the Soul Reflections on Christmas past Obviating Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Toy and bottle collections Shouls the City of N.O. buy NOPSI?
18 17, 18 12/26/82 Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Harrell, Louis, Rev., Church of the Living Witnesses Payne, Dwight, Dr., Chm., Chemical Dept., Miss. St. U. for Women Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Past President, La. Psychiatric Assn. Haase, Charles, State Director of Selective Service Taranto, Joseph, Assistant to the Director, Selective Service

Faith & morals on day after Christmas Augument about Conservatives and Liberals Registering for draft that doesn't exist

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