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Audio Tapes, 1981

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11 01, 02 1/4/81 Andonie, Jack, Dr., Ob-Gyn Morial Dutch, Mayor, City of New Orleans Glover, Helen, Rev., Unity Church of Metairie

New trends in Ob-Gyn New Orleans' expected bus strike Mayor discusses problems of city in 1981 Your New Year's resolution A Course in Miracles

1/11/81 Ochsner, Alton, Dr., Foundation Hospital Livingston, Bob, Congressman, 1st District of Louisiana Villere, Maurice, Dr., Associate Professor of Management, UNO Bagert, Brod, Commisioner, La. Public Service Commission

Smoking and carcinoma The State of the Nation Management and Salesmanship Utilities and the Pub lic Service Commission

11 03, 04 1/18/81 Adams, Steve, Captain, Chief, Health Pros Recruiting, US Air Force Jacques, Marva, Director Manpower Program Williams, Ronnie P., Manager, CETA Youth Program Campos, Jeanette, Director, Inner Tribal Council of Louisiana Gross, Russell, Asst. Dir., Inner Tribal Council of Louisiana Kieffer, Nat, Senator, Louisiana Senate, Dictrict 2

Medical Professions in Air Force Tutorial assistance for minorities What is most positive aspect of Carter Administration? The Year of the Indian A discussion with Senator Nat Kieffer
07/11/42 15/05, 06/10 1/25/81 Fitzmorris, Jimmy, Chairman, La. Board of Commerce and Industry

Commerce and industry in Louisiana

Mid-Month in N.O. - Jack Trout (advertising); positioning - the battle for your mind (42-10 is cassette of Mid-Month in N.O.)

1/25/81 Sanders, Yvonne, Citizens for Quality Nursing Homes Connors, Michael, Citizens for Quality Nursing Homes Benson, Richard, President, Greater N.O. Hotel Assn. Langkoff, Bill, Exec. Secretary, Greater N.O. Hotel Assn. Fischmann, J.L., Dr., Urologist Trahan, Kenny, Sports Director, WTIX Fitzmorris, Jimmy, Chairman, La. Board of Commerce and Industry

Problems in local nursing homes The hotel industry & Super Bowl Sunday Who will win 1981 Super Bowl Urology Kenny Trahan on who will win the Super Bowl
11 07 2/1/81 Swiler, Jim, Deacon, Chairman, N.O. Archdiocese Deaconate Program Martinex, Jerry, Deacon, N.O. Archdiocese Deaconate Program Rosato, Deacon, N.O. Archdiocese Deaconate Program Rankins, Belinda, Assistant to Dean, Continuing Education, Tulane University Ford, Hugh N., Planning Director, Jefferson Parish Babineaux, Nolan, Chairman, Pharmacists Against Crime

The Roman Catholic Deaconate Program Continuing Education Traffic and planning in Jefferson Parish Do you agree with Reagan's tough USSR stand? Drug Abuse
11 08, 09 2/8/81 Failla, Anthony, Dr., Past President, La. Medical Society Early, Mike, Councilman, District C, New Orleans Rooney, Bill, Social Security Admistration Stepter, Stellis, Social Security Administation

The Influenza Season Problems in District C, New Orleans Vietnam Veterans and ex-hostages treatment Social Security-In trouble?

11 10, 11 2/15/81 Schindler, Wade, Professor of Criminolgy, Jefferson Parish, Vo-Tech D'Alban, John, Director, Jefferson Parish Vo-Tech Pitts, James, Director of Security at East Jefferson Hospital Lynn, Bob, Dr., President, Louisiana College Volz, John, U.S. Attorney for Eastern District of Louisiana Bozman, Ray, Executive Assistant to U.S. Attorney

Theories of Law Enforcement Prayer in Public Schools Private higher education Where should President Reagan cut the budget? Ferderal law enforcement
11 12, 13 2/22/81 Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Past President, La. Psychiatric Assn. Velcich, JoAnn, Dr., Marriage Counsellor LaCour, Nat, President, United Teachers of New Orleans

Psychology of Politics "Burn-Out" on the job and in life Labor negotiations in education Should we limit Japanese autos in U.S.? Your response to Reagan's economic message?


What is the greatest problem in Public Education?

11 14, 15 3/1/81 McNeely, Jackson P,, Mardi Gras historian Jeff, Morris F.X., Zulu Carnival Organization Sharpe, H. Alvin, Medallion Designer Engel, Bill, Manager, WTIX Martinez, Chuck, Investment Counselor Pinner, James, CPA

Mardi Gras Is the Soviet Union losing its grip? The Economic Revolution of President Reagan

3/8/81 Pinner, James, CPA Nicholls, Beverly, CPA Morial, Dutch, Mayor, City of New Orleans Carmilio, Jerry, Pres., Greater N.O. Italian Cultural Society Accardo, Nick, Dr., Board Member, Greater N.O. Italian Cultural Society Palao, Mike, Past President, St. Joseph Day Marching Club Schiro, Gasper, Board Member, Greater N.O. Italian Cultural Society Russell, Tom, Chairman, New Orleans East Irish Marching Club

Income Tax-1981 A conversation with Mayor Morial Should Social Security retirement payments be taxed? St. Joseph meets St. Patrick Should food stamps be trimmed?
11 16, 17 3/8/81

What can we do to make Mardi Gras safer? Support totalitarian friends over Marxist enemies

11 18 3/15/81 LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University Perkins, David, Orleans Parish Service Officer Bouise, Oscar, Dr., UNO Benson, Herbert George, Dr., Freedom Foundation Aguas, Alberto, Brazilian Healer Bennett, Georgia, Mrs., Starvation Awareness Day Program Leal, Jon, Starvation Awareness Day Program Cayce, Hugh Lynn, Board Chairman, Assn. for Research & Enlightment

The Black Middle Class Economics under the Reagan Administration Alberto Aguas on healing Starvation Awareness Day & world hunger A conversation with Hugh Lynn Cayce
11 19, 20 3/22/81 Weibbe, John N., Dr., Family Physician & Author of "2500 Cal=1 lb" Hecker, Julian, Financier, Carruth Mortgage Corp. Kurtz, Edward, Contractor, Kurtz, Inc. Truax, Dalton, Wagner & Truax Griener, Paul, Chief, VA Home Loan Division Ducote, Richard, Project Director, JANAP Tusa, Cheryl, Pres., Jefferson Parish Foster Parent Assn. Campos, Cheryl, Foster Care Supervisor, J.P. Office Human Development Wooden, Kenneth T., Author of "Children of Jonestown"
Towards a better diet So you want to build or buy a home? Operation Homefind Is Domino Effect in operation in Central America? Will ERA be issue in '81 legislative session?
11 21, 22 3/29/81 Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman, City of New Orleans Babineaux, Nolan, Past Pres., La. Pharmacuetical Assn. Goldberg, P, I., Rabbi, B'Nai B'Rith Hospital, Hot Springs, Ark. Borah, Bill T., Co-author, "The Second Battle of New Orleans" Brumbach, Edward, Co-author, "The Second Battle of New Orleans" Anderson, Erik, Lay Hypnotist

Arthritis Treatment at B'Nai B'rith Hosp. Should we legalize drugs? The long forgotten Riverfront Expressway Hypnotism from the lay viewpoint Who are you voting for Public Service Commission?
11 23, 24 4/5/81

12 01, 02 4/12/81 Mule, Frank, Candidate for District D, Councilmanic race Boissiere, Lambert, Candidate for District D, Councilmanic race Hellmers, Niles, Councilman, District D, New Orleans Samuels, Larry, Louisiana Consumer League Waid, Bryan, N.O. Legal Assistance Corp. (NOLAC) Henderson, Bill, Director, Better Business Bureau of N.O., La.

The runoff in District D Last visit with Councilman Niles Hellmers Consumerism-dead or alive? Your thoughts on Space Shuttle launch Should we ban hand guns?

4/19/81 Anzalone, Frank, Chairman, Little Italy Festival, Independence,La Agnello, Mike, Chairman, Little Italy Festival, Independence, La. Becnel, Harry, Dr., Chairman, Little Italy Festival, Independence Polito, Butch, Dr., Chairman, Little Italy Festival, Independence

Italian Festival in Independence, La.

12 03, 04 4/19/81 LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Saints Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple Richardson, F. J., Manresa Retreat Houser Gruwell, Mel, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Saints Harrell, Louis, Rev., Living Witnesses for Christ Sturgis, Wilmonena, Sr., Living Witnesses for Christ

Faith, morals & the community on Easter

12 05, 06 4/26/81 Shushan, Sylvia, Wedding Consultant Barberot, Pat, Owner-Jefferson Orleans North Connelly, Leon, Photographer Hayman, Michael, Dr., Radiologist, Mercy Hospital Bateman, Marilyn, Head of Oncology, Mercy Hospital Fricke, Ann, Social Worker, Open Door Policy Hunderup, Judith, Author of "Thinking Thin" Proctor, Maree, Co-Director, Science Research Institute

So you're giving a wedding? Coping with cancer Thinking thin and rich Were our Vietnam veterans forgotten? Lifting Soviet grain embargo
12 07, 08 5/3/81 Rush, Keith, Candidate for La. Public Service Commissioner Chubbuck, James, Admistrative Assistant to Mayor Dutch Morial Chandler, Donna, YWCA's Anti Child Abuse Program Istrati, Ted, Rumanian immigrant Kutzgar, George, Local attorney

The Public Service Commission race New Orleans' problems YWCA's Anti Child Abuse Program Escape from the Iron Curtain, Part II

5/3/81 Kutzgar, George, Local attorney

Do our police protect us adequately? Do professional athletes get the most respect?

12 09, 10 5/10/81 Pezant, James, Budget Research Officer, City of New Orleans McNeely, Jackson P., Assistant City Attorney Lentini, Anthony, Dir., VA Regional Office, New Orleans Philpott, Henry, Dr., Author of "Brain Allergies" LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Author of "Father LeDoux Speaks" Crawford Olivia, Rev., Chuch of Light Ross, Harvey, Dr., Author of "Hypoglycemia" Engel, Bill, Manager of WTIX Moreau, Jim, Col., U.S. Marine Corps, (ret.) Schmitt, Earl, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Current Events on 16th. anniversary Hypoglycemia Taped Mother's Day message by F.Edward Hebert

5/10/81 Bagert, Brod, Public Service Commisioner Accardo, Nick, Dr., Orthopedic Surgeon Felder, Cheri, Exec. Dir., Second Annual N.O. Rodeo & Jamboree

5/17/81 Gruwell, Mel, Dr., Superintendent, Jefferson Parish Educational System Culotta, Stanley, Brother-Doctor, Holy Cross Brother & Physician Creme, Benjamin, Author of "Matriyah Speaks" Morgan, Don, Socialists Workers' Party Istrati, Ted, Rumanian Refugee

Problems in Education "Christ is Back"-interview with B. Creme Family Medicine The Socialist Workers' Party

5/24/81 Crawford, Red, Blue Grass Festival host, Bush, La. Deluca, C.W. "Mike", St. Tammany Parish Service Officer Fitzmorris, Pete, Chairman, St. Tammany Parish Commission Council Crawford, Jerry, Member, St. Tammany Parish Commission Council Richardson, Ogise, Member, St. Tammany Parish Commission Council Glass, Floyd, Member, St. Tammany Parish Commission Council Smith, James, Member, St. Tammany Parish Commission Council Grantham, Vinton, Member, St. Tammany P.C.. & Mayor of Bush, La. Farmer, Marion B., District Attorney for St. Tammany Parish Cavendish, Winston, Sgt., St. TAmmany Parish Sheriff's Office Blue Grass Festival, Bush, La. Should government pay for abortions (rape & incest) What was your most frightening experience? What's biggest threat to US? Big government, labor

5/24/81 Hart, Webb, Mayor, Slidell, La. Verger, C.P., Mayor, Bogalusa, La. Livingston, Bob, Congressman, First District of Louisiana Wheeler, Bob, Festival visitor from Bruce, Miss. Hamer, June A., Festival visitor from Covington, La. Clark, Leon, Mrs., Festival visitor from Magee, Miss. Smith, Vicky, Festival visitor from Covington, La. Engel, Bill, General Manager, WTIX Bartlett, Laille, Dr., Author of "Psi Trek" Bertot, Anna Marie, Ms., Electrolysis Technician Blue Grass Festival, Bush, La.

5/31/81 Miceli, Vincent P., S.J., Fr., Author of "The Antichrist" Rastanis, Steve, Radio Shack Computer Center Bass, Lisa, Radio Shack Computer Center Teachworth, Anne, Director, Gestalt Center of New Orleans

The Antichrist The Computer Revolution Social Commentary-the First four minutes

12 11, 12 6/7/81 O'Meallie, Lawrence, Dr., Cardiology Giardina, Lloyd, Councilman-at-Large, Jefferson Parish, La. Ochsner, Alton, Dr., Ochsner Foundation Blan, Gary J., Director, Mercy Hospital, N.O. Haag, Greg, Director, VA Medical Center, N.O. Notioriani, Bob, Director, Lakeside Hospital, Jefferson Parish

Transluminal angioplasty,calcium antagnotists Jefferson Parish problems The problems with our hospitals Where were you on D-Day? Your observations on President's tax cut
12 13, 14 6/14/81 Szita, Ferenc, Electronics Technician Trentecosta, Guy, Video Tape Software Specialist Wagner, Bryan, Councilman, District A, N.O. City Council Luts, Donnie, Miss Greater New Orleans Byrnes, Bill, Rep., District 92, Louisiana Legislature Bruneau, Emile "Peppie", Rep., District 94, Louisiana Legislature Perret, William, Dr., Dermatologist, Ochsner Foundation Bertot, Anamarie, Electrolysis Specialist

New frontiers of Video Tape Recorders Crime in N.O. Miss Greater New Orleans Dermatology and hair care The Louisiana Legislature-1981


Your opinion on firing of Officer S. Reboul Your opinion on assasination attempts

12 15, 16 6/21/81 Palumbo, Tony, Dr., Human Unity Council Fontenelle, Don, Dr., Child Psychologist Maestri, William, Fr., Professor, Xavier University Bonvillian, Allen, Police Juror, Terrebonne Parish, La. Hermann, Jerry, Terrebonne Parish Charter Committee Detwiler, Bill, City Constable

Human Unity Council & Aquarian Conspiracy How to live with your children The God for everyday Terrebonne Parish upcoming charter change Rental evictions


What is the greatest virtue in the world?

12 17, 18 6/28/81 Harrell, Louis, Rev., Living Witness Church Perkins, David, Social Worker Cambre, Jacob, John Birch Society Miller, Matt, John Birch Society Martin, Glen, Adm. Assistant to President Joe Yenni, Jefferson Parish

The Black Middle Class speaks out Conspiracy Jefferson Parish Charter Admendments election

12 19, 20 7/5/81

12 21, 22 7/12/81 Moulton, Janet, Lawyer Associates Garcia-Oller, Jose, Dr., Chairman, Private Doctors Of America Ochsner,Alton, Dr., Chamber of Commerce Americanism Committee Baltadona, Sergio, Nicaragua Bulsaretti, Fernando, El Savador Romanach, Julio, Cuba Rostran, Alexandra, Nicaragua

Private Doctors of America vs. Socialized Medicin Bankruptcy Captive Nations Week The Baseball Strike

12 23, 24 7/19/81 Iman Wali Abdel Ra'oof, New Orleans Massjid of Al-Islam LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University Tregre, William "Bill", Vice President of NOPSI Stovall, Jerry, Head Coach of the LSU Tigers Sandoz, Jim, LSU fan Leaumont, Gary, LSU fan Arsaga, Eldon, LSU fan Andonie, Jack, Dr., Ob-Gyn

Muslims in America Great New Orleans Blackout LSU Football-1981 Ob-Gyn

13 01, 02 7/26/81 Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Past President, La. Psychiatric Association Webb, Malcolm, Dr., Anthropology Department, UNO Shenkel, Richard, Anthropology Department, UNO Palotta, Joseph, Dr., Psychiatrist, Author:"That Your Joy Might Be Full"

Forensic Psychiatry and Crime India Digs and Anthropolgy "That Your Joy Might Be Full" Black Crime

13 03, 04 8/2/81 Velciche, JoAnne, American Council of Career Women Huddleston, Betty, American Council of Career Women Evans, Bob, Chairman of Jefferson Parish Council Pinner, Jim, CPA Martinez, Chuck, Investment Counselor Baldone, Joseph, Dr., Department of Opthamology, LSU Med. Center Friedlander, Morris, Dr., Dept. of Opthamolgy, LSU Medical Center

Women Power Jefferson Parish Week Supply Side Economics & President's Tax cut Opthamology

13 05, 06 8/9/81 Mule, James, Vul-Con VIII Convention President Grillot, Joseph, Vul-Con VIII Convention Coordinator Boissiere, Lambert, Councilman, District D, City of New Orleans Coughlin, Charles E., Fr., Radio Priest-Interview of 12/1971 Boggs, Lidy, Congresswoman, 2nd. District of La. Andonie, Jack, Dr., Ob-Gyn

Adventures in Fantasy Problems of New Orleans Taped interview of late Fr. Charles Coughlin Obstetrics and Gynecolgy

13 07, 08 8/16/81

The Air Traffic Controllers' Strike Should we build the Neutron Bomb?

8/16/81 Montalvo, Joseph, Dr., U.S. Dept. of Agriculture & UNO Chehardy, Lawrence E., Jefferson Parish Assessor Lentini, Salvadore, Chief of Police of Kenner Tauzin, Billy, Congressman, Third District of Louisiana

Weight Control New Real Property Tax Reporting Forms Law Enforcement A discussion with Congressment Billy Tauzin

13 09, 10 8/23/81 McKevitt, Margaret , RN, Dir., Baccaularate Nursing Program, LSU School of Nursing Cooper, Sally, Director of Nursing, Charity Hospital, N.O.,La. Wallace, Ruth, Registrar, Charity Hospital School of Nursing Karh, Lee, Chief of Nursing, VA Medical Center, N.O., La. Favret, Jackie, Nursing Educator-Community Health Nursing Palao, Mike, Greater New Orleans Italian Cultural Society (taped) Gruwell, Mel, Dr., Former Chairman, Department of Education, Tulane University Goodwin, Sandra, Teacher, Immaculata High Adams, Fanny, Teacher, Hines Elementary Larasen, Beverly, Counselor, Andrew Jackson High School Problems in Nursing Open discussion on Fr. Coughlin's interview Interview with Mike Palao on Louis Prima Memorial Back to school-1981

8/30/81 Gibson, Vince, Head Coach, Tulane University Livingston, Bob, Congressman, 1st District of Louisiana Babineaux, Nolan, Past President, La. Pharmacuetical Association Pharmacist "X", Pharmacist who was a drug addict Moreau, James, Col., State Director of Selective Service

Youth and Tulane Football A dicussion with Congressman Bob Livingston Reformed drug addict pharmacist Selective Service Registration

13 11 8/31/81

Possibly mislabeled (See 8/30/81)
13 12, 13 9/6/81 Dawley, Harold, Dr., Psychologist and Author of "Friendship" Retif, Milton, West Side Oil Co. & Tulane University Arsaga, Carla, Student, University of Alabama Soiffer, Myra, Rabbi, Assistant Rabbi, Temple Sinai Soiffer, Ellen, Student

Friendship and Health Football, Baseball, and Oil The Jewish High Holy Days

13 14, 15 9/13/81 Fort, James, Public Information Officer, La. Power and Light Bruneau, Peppi, Rep., Chm., Subcommittee for Reapportionment Fernandez, Manuel, Rep., District 104, La. Legislature Lancaster, Charles, Rep., District 80, La. Legislature Contois, Donna, 1981 WYES Auction Chairman LeBlanc, Bob, Executive Director, La. Exposition Authority Early, Mike, Councilman, District C, New Orleans City Council

LP&L-Nopsi Consolidation in Metro Area Reapportionment in La. & Congressional Representatives The 1981 WYES Auction-Taped interview The proposed 1984 World's Fair in N.O.

13 16, 17 9/20/81 Blaume, Buddy, Stock Broker Tower, Betsy, Stock Broker Martinez, Chuck, Investment Counselor Campbell, Thomas, Dr., Pediatrician Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Gruwell, Mel, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Economics and the falling Stock Market National Cystic Fibrosis Week & child care The Mormons Demonstrations against South African Rugby team American "Solidarity Day" March in Washington
13 18 9/27/81 Bailey, Bill, Executive Director, Mid Continent Oil & Gas Retif, Milton, Co-Owner, West Side Oil Co. Townsend, Jocelyn, Dr., Health University of Washington, D.C. Graubarth, Bobbi, Ms., Grey Panthers Dillenkoffer, Robert L., Dr., Chief, Coronary Care Unit, VA Med.

Oil and Energy Problems of the elderly Cardiology What would you say to President on N.O. visit Should we sell AWACS planes to Saudi Arabia
13 19, 20 10/4/81 Russo, Anthony, Judge, Magistrate, Court of Criminal Affairs Wimberly, Shirley Jr., Asst. District Attorney, Jefferson Parish Broussard, Aaron, Councilman, 3rd. District, Jefferson Parish Rooney, William, Branch Manager, Poland Ave. Social Security Office Stepter, Stellis, Prepresentative of Claims, Social Security Eckert, Barbara, Staff Analyst, Social Security

Criminal Justice-Defense & Prosecution Problems of Jefferson Parish Social Security legislative changes What is your favorite TV News team in N.O.?

10/11/81 Arsaga, Eldon, West Bank Manager, Times Picayune Pezant, James N., Council Research Officer, N.O. City Council Perkins, David, Social Worker Wagner, Bryan Councilman, N.O. City Council Keith, Harold, Ion Institute, Corvallis, Washington

Current Events Conversation with Councilman Bryan Wagner The Ion Effect and Health Who is your favorite local TV meteorologist?

06 30 10/25/81 Cassagne, Lee Ann, Rev., 1st Spiritualist Church Treuting, Julie, Nurse & student, Tulane University Moecklin, Jannice, Local Business Woman & student, Tulane U. Crawford, Olivia, Rev., Church of Light, California

An overview of the paranormal

Robert Barry, Director; 20th Century UFO Bureau
13 22, 23 10/25/81 Dahmes, Bob, Dr., Psychiatrist Dahmes, Vicky, Mrs., Social Worker Klein, Victor, Student, Loyola University Gandy, Tilly, Psychic Counsellor Krementz, Tom, Chemist, State of La. & student, Tulane University McFadden, Pamela, Nurse, Ochsner Foundation & student, Tulane U. Sherry, Sandra, Student, Tulane, University Bordenave, Marie, Tourist Promotional Executive & student, Tulane Chiasson, Evelyn, Student, Tulane, University Bertot, Anamarie, Student, Tulane University An Overview of the Paranormal

13 24, 25 11/1/81 Engel, Bill, General Manager, WTIX Thayer, Marilyn, Republican Party of Louisiana Crawford, Olivia, Rev., Church of Light Poche, Karlys, Local Business Woman Mumphrey, Tony, Dr., Exec. Asst. to Mayor & on Regional Planning Commission Fitzmorris, James E., Exec. Asst. to Governor &

The women look at the world Mass transit, Employment Devel.,Planning in NO Former Lt. Governor looks at city & state

14 01, 02, 03 11/8/81 Tiemann, Joe, Sen., Louisiana Senate Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman-at-Large, New Orleans Early, Mike, Councilman, New Orleans McGovern, John L., Dir. of La. Dept. of Veteran Affairs Lentini, Anthony R., Dir., VA Reginal Office, N.O. Threefoot, Sam, Dr., Chief of Staff, VA Medical Center, N.O. Schmitt, Earl, Rep., Chr., La. House of Rep. Vet Affairs Subcommittee Hauck, John, Adjutant, Disabled American Veterans

3 former clergymen in politics survey problem Veterans Benefits

14 04, 05 11/15/81 LeDuff, Peter, Sociology Department, Tulane University Anantananda, Swami,(Dr.Cameron Wilson), Siddha Yoga Center, Houston Hundurup, Judith, Founder, Thin With Ease Arnoldy, Karen, Dr., LSU, Dept. of Economics, Government Service Inst.

The Siddha culture and philosophy Current Events Thin With Ease Managerial Mal-Practice & other horrors

14 06, 07 11/22/81 Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Past Pres. La. Psychiatric Assn. Campbell, Thomas, M.D., Associate Professor, LSU Medical School Crawford, Olivia, Rev., Growth, Inc. Cangelosi, Robert, M.D., Associate Professor, LSU Medical School Cangelosi, Glenn, Dr., Resident in Opthamolgy

The Kennedy Assasination Meaning of life-abortion, suicide, geriatrics Opthamolgy and Eye Week

14 08, 09 11/29/81 Ochsner, Alton Jr., Dr., Chairman, Chamber Americanism Committee Urcuyo, Robert, Free Nicaraguan Society Vick, Kathy, Chairperson, N.O. Regional Transit Authority Eagan, C.J., Vice Chairman, Jefferson Parish, RTA

Problems in Central America Open phone discussion Regional Transit in Jefferson and Orleans

14 10, 11 12/6/81 Burke, Patrick, Chairman, "My Nationality American" Murphey, Cyril, U.S. Navy, (ret.) Monasterio, George, AMVETS Silva, Jose, Silva Mind Control Bollinger, Donald, Secretary, La. Dept. of Public Safety Livingston, Bob, Congressman, First District of Louisiana

Pearl Harbor and "My Nationality American" Silva Mind Control Alleviating rape & other crimes in Louisiana Conversation with Congressman Bob Livingston

12/13/81 Brisolara, Ashton, Chairman, Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

14 12, 13 12/13/81 Roy, Abe, Over Eaters Anonymous D'Antoni, Margaret H., Over Eaters Anonymous Gunther, John, Over Eaters Anonymous LaBruyere, Finance Director, Jefferson Parish Goldman, Albert, Author of "Elvis" Broussard, Ernie, Mayor, Esterwood, La. Pasqua, Charles, Exec. Dir., Louisiana Municipal Association Hart, Webb, Mayor, Slidell, La. Robichaux, John, Mayor, Thibodaux, La.
Should Americans in Libya leave? Over Eaters Anonymous Ed Labruyere's prospective of Jefferson Parish Albert Goldman on "Elvis" Moyors' Conference
14 14, 15 12/20/81 Istrati, Dura (Ted), Romanian citizen Istrati, Angela, Romanian Citizen Ellender, Bennie, Player Coordinator of East-West Shrine Game

Christmas Homecoming for a Romanian family The East-West Shrine Game

12/20/81 Guillory, Curtis, Fr., St. Augustine High Johnson, Percy, Rev., First Baptist Church of Baton Rouge,La. Burton, McKay, Dr., Church ofJesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Boeshans, Francis, Msg., Ressurrection of Our Lord Church Kutzgar, George, Mensa Gruwell, Mel, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Diamond, Dan, WVUE Tv Harrell, Louis , Rev. Living Witnesses

Faith, Morals & World Tensions before X-Mas

14 16, 17 12/27/81 Engel, William E., Manager, WTIX Martinez, Chuck, Financial Advisor Tauzin, Billy, Congressman, Third Congressional District in La.

Looking at 1981 and planning ahead to 1982

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