Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1979

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1/7/79 Allegra, Don, Dr., Public Health Advisor for State Health Dept. Neiderman, Tom, Public Health Advisor for Louisiana Wahl, Jean, R.N., St. James Parish Health Department Davis, Claudia, Coordinator, Louisiana Bureau for Women Ortego, Jan P., Center for Displaced Homemakers Woody, Wayne S., Dr., Dean of University College, Tulane U. Diron, Kevin, Dr., Associate Dean of University College, Tulane U. Hakes, Jay, Dr., Assistant to Under Secretary of Dept of Interior

Combatting veneral disease in the community Employment for low income & minority women Continuing education for adults The Jimmy Carter "Report Card" for 1978

1/14/79 Bel, Clyde Jr., Rep., District 90, Louisiana Legislature Hunter, Better, Ms., Ecology Center of Louisiana Bingler, Stephen, Architect Nordin, James, Manufacturer of Flatplate Solar Collectors Brown, Fred., Dr., Engineering Dept., UNO Draper, E. Lynn, Dr., Prof.of Nuclear Science, U of Texas, Austin Auxiar, John A., Dr., Director of Nuclear Research, Oakridge, TN Ribnick, Candace, Burdon-Smith Clinic & Tulane Women's Center Wolfe, Bennett, Burdon- Smith Clinic Ortego, Jan, Center for Displaced Homemakers Ecology through solar energy Problems for the divorced person

1/14/79 Singleton, James B., Councilman District D, City of N.O.

Public Housing & Martin L. King's birthday

1/21/79 Netherland, Lynda, Dir. Calcasieu Library & nominee, President's Conference on Libraries Moore, Hazel, Head Librarian, Abramson High School Person, Pamela, Head Librarian, Holy Cross High School Morris, Les, Director of the Library, Xavier University Fine, Larry, Local coordinator of the Hunger Project Gillen, Ed., Judge, Juvenile Court of New Orleans Gregson, Vernon, Rep., District 95, Louisiana Legislature Faucheaux, Ron, Rep., District 100, Louisiana Legislature

Libraries-the Real Treasure Cove Combatting world hunger Combating juvenile delinquency Two legislators talk about problems of city

1/28/79 Failla, Anthony, Dr., Director of Hotel Dieu Medical Staff Lentini, Tony, Director, VA Regional Office Gates, George, Director, Council of Aging Heglar, Delores, Counselor, Social Security Administration West, Linda, Staff Attorney for La. Center for Public Interest Conors, Mike, Paralegal, La. Center for Public Interest

Drippy noses and scratchy throats Pres. Carter's anti-inflation prog & VA loans Problems of the elderly

2/4/79 Farentille, Joe, Crescent City Coin Club Osborne, George, Crescent City Coin Club Austin, Walter M., Dr., Chairman, Economics Dept. SUNO Nichols, Beverly, C.P.A. Wells, Sam, Libertarian Party of Louisiana Engel, Bill, General Manager, WTIX

Numismatism Taxes, taxes, taxes and inflation

8 11 2/11/79 Palotta, Joseph, Dr., Psychiatrist Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman, City of New Orleans Early, Mike, Councilman, City of New Orleans Singleton. Jim, Councilman, City of New Orleans Ochsner, Alton Jr., Dr., Chairman of Heart Month in Louisiana Lopez, Alfredo, Dr., Professor of Medicine, LSU McSwain, Norman Jr. Dr., Medical Director, South East EMS Service Whitney, John, President, Gold Cross Ambulance Service Gilyard, Aaron X., Manager, Gold Cross Ambulance Service
A psychiatrist looks at possession & exorcism N.O. City Council members & police strike Care of the heart Emergency Medical Service in Metro N.O.

5 24 2/18/79 Rooney, Bill, Social Security Administration Bonsaack, Donna, Home Heath Service of Louisiana Holford, Flo, N.O. Home & Rehabilitation Center (formerly Home for Incurables Donelon, Jim, President of Jefferson Parish Council Weekly, Nell, Director, Mayor Office for Consumer Affairs Mathews, Robert, Man., Consumer Unit-N.O. Legal Assistance Corp. Samuel, Larry, President of Louisiana Consumers League

Home health care for aged and poor First in Jefferson Parish Councilmen series Consumerism, inflation & the poor

5 25 2/25/79 Yenni, Joseph, Mayor of Kenner, La. Lentini, Sal, Chief of Police of Kenner, La. McNeely, Jackson P., Mardi Gras Historian Hyatt, Mary, Costume Designer Jeff, Morris, Former King of Zulu Palotta, Martha C., Touro Infirmary, Dietic Staff Campbell, Thomas, Dr., Pediatrician Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Psychiatrist Rummage, Nancy, Dr., Psychologist
Mardi Gras 1979 Fasting dieting and nutrition with M.Palotta The death of the nuclear family

5 23 3/4/79 Fernandez, Manuel, State Representative District 104 Munster, louis, Police Juror, District G, St. Bernard Parish Stephens, Jack, Director of St. Bernard Planning Commission Young, Terry, WTIX Air Personality Rayborn, Jerry Joe, Developer of the Co-polymer Bead Blaylock, Joe, Sun Chemical Product Wilbanks, Olivia, Rev.

Ethnics and the news media Problems of St. Bernard Parish What interests adults & young people (T.Young) The American Dream lives Prophecy
5 24 3/11/79 Carson, Lane, State Representative, District 99 Gruwell, Melvin, Dr., Chairman Emeritus, Dept. of Ed., Tulane Caruso, Vincent, Chairman of St. Joseph's Golf Tournament Palao, Mike, Chairman, Greater N.O. Italian Marching Club Markey, John, Grand Marshal, St. Patrick's Day Parade in N.O. Duffour, Warren Harrison, Lorca

Lakefront Airport commercial air proposal Problems in public education St. Joseph's Day & Italian culture in N.O. St. Patrick's Day & Irish culture in N.O. Where have all the flower children gone?

3/18/79 Pinner, Jim, President Elect, Nat. Assoc. of CPA's, N.O. Chapter Hetzler, Don, Public Affairs Officer, IRS Barone, Ann, Tax Payer Service Specialist, IRS Accardo, Nick, Dr., Past Pres., Greater N.O. Italian Cultural Society St. Julian, Mtumishi, Manager, Commercial Legal Education Division (NOLAC) Johnson, Jane, Unit Manager, Housing Unit, N.O. Legal Assistance Corp Benson, George, Dr., President Emiritus, Harding College Agaus, Alberto, Brazilian Healer

Income Tax 1979 St. Joseph's banquet with Dr. Nick Accardo Legal assistance for the poor Dr. George Benson on private enterprise system Vulnerabilty and healing
5 26 3/25/79 Rothermel, Jerry, Dr., Director School of Metaphysics Nalbandian, Robert M., Dr., Pathologist Wayne State U., Detroit MI Accardo, Nick, Dr., Former Director, Hotel Dieu Hospital Ritter, Ken, Dr., Past President, Louisiana Psychiatric Assoc. Hunley, Martin, Attorney

Concepts of the School of Metaphysics Sickle Cell Anemia Compensation Syndrone after accident & insurance

Fred Bertheson

4/1/79 Law, Victor, Dr., Chairman, Computer Science Div., Tulane U. Gibbs, Clark, Dr., Former Station Engineer, Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant Prados, Roy, Nuclear Regulatory Office, Waterford III Nuclear Plant Carrier, Blaise, Director of the Dept. of Streets, City of N.O.

Computer Revolution and death of slide rule Nuclear plants and potential danger Pot-holes, broken axels and N.O. streets

5 27 4/8/79 Boeshans, Francis, Msg. Palotta, Martha, Member of New Orleans Dietetic Association Giarusso, Joseph, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans Jonassen, Hans, Dr., Tulane University Katz, Myron, Dr., UNO Bankston, Dave, Dr., UNO Sutton, William, Dr., Dillard University

Fasting for health and spirituality City problems The Wonderful World of Science

4/13/79 McNeely, Jackson P., Assistant City Attorney Tauzin, Bill, State Rep. from LaFourche Parish Wilbanks, Olivia, Rev., Church of Light Bateman, Cash, Col., Human Development Center Moreau, James, Col., Former Councilman for City of New Orleans Clausen, R. Mike, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient

Current events on 14th Anniversary

5 27 4/15/79 LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University Gautreaux, Mary, Sister, Cenacle Retreat House Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Alphonso, Brother, Holy Cross High School Hackerson, Ed, Certified Rolfer Wegner, Fred, Co-ordinator, Nat. Health Insurance Campaign, AARP Wilbanks, Olivia, Rev., Church of Light Harrell, Louis, Rev., Wilbon Chapel Gruwell, Mel, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Minorities in Christianity & faith & morals Rolfing for better health Interview with Fred Wegner on National Health Insurance Faith and morals on Easter Sunday
5 24 4/22/79 Charbonnet, Louis, Rep., District 96 Johnson, Ken, President of Louisiana Horse Council Anzalone, Frank, Pub. Chairman, Little Italy Festival, Independence, La. LaMarca, Paul, Dr., Chairman, Little Italy Fest, Indepndence, La. Falcone, Vincent, Mayor Pro-Tem, Independence La. Early, Mike, New Orleans City Council Caplinger, Charles, Member, Board of the Park for the Handicapped Bland, Archie, Interior Designer, Maison Blanche Frater, Tatine, Member of Junior League
Pros and cons on casino gambling Little Italy Festival in Independence La. , New Orleans Park for the Handicapped Junior League Decorators Show House

5 24 4/22/79 Barberot, Pat, Band Leader Connelly, Leon, Photographer Shushan, Sylvia, Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Planning

5 24 4/29/79 McGarraham, W. S. (Sandy), Pres.,Orleans & La. Children's Council Newbrough, Joe, Public Affairs Director, Children's Council Cherry, Flora F., Dr. Chairman of School of Pediatrics, Tulane Medical School Thayer, Marilyn, State Central Committeewoman for Republican Party Kahn, Felicia., State Central Committeewoman, for Democratic Party Adams, Fannie R., School Teacher, Orleans Parish Public School System Moody, Sally M., Librarian for Orleans Parish Public School System

Sex education in the Public Schools Women look at the world-a Woman's Forum

5/6/79 Gregson, Vernon, Rep., Connors, Nick, Rep. Foucheaux, Ron Rev., Fernandez, Manny, Rep. Schmitt, Earl, Rep. Arey, James B., Dr., Children's Institute Bryant, Aaron, Institute of Divine Metaphysics Jones, Herbert, Institute of Divine Metaphysics LeBouf, Mickey, Dr., Professior of Time Management, UNO Armstrong, George, Vice President, Storez Broadcasting Louisiana Legislature in 1979 Marijuana and adolencence Institute of Divine Metaphysics & responsibility Time management and business Closing out 14th year with V.P. of Storez Broadcasting
5 28 5/13/79 Osborne, George, Artist Accardo, Nick, Dr., Past President, Louisiana Medical Assoc. Lentini, Anthony, Director, VA Regional Office Marston, Walter, Dir., New Orleans Clean City Committee Hutcherson, Linda, Co-Chairman of St. Mathias School Committee Landrieu, Mary, Co-Chairman, St. Mathias School Committee

Current events on our 14th anniversary Cleaning up the City of New Orleans St. Mathias final reunion

14th anniversary
5 29 5/20/79 Minhinette, Babs, Christian Defense League Warner, Deborah, Christian Defense League Brooks, Bill, President, Hell Divers Scuba Club Wright, Ed, Vice President, Hell Divers Scuba Club Mermilliod, Warren, Marine Biologist Townsend, Jocelyn, Dr., Health University of Washington, D.C.

Christian Defense League vs sex education Scuba diving for health and recreation Holistic health

Anti sex education
5 29 5/27/79 Sibeko, David Maphumzana, UN Representative to Pan African Conference Mtmushi, St.Julian, President, Akindiana Garcia-Oller, Jose, Dr., Founder of Private Doctors of America Wise, Carol, Vice President of real estate firm Huddleston, Betty, Fashion Director Stokes, Glen, Director of Environmemtal Services For Jefferson Parish

Africa from Org. of African Unity viewpoint Doctor looks at federal regulation of medical care Dressing a business woman for success Environmemtal development in Jefferson Parish

6/3/79 Sager, Leboria, Women' Council of Real Estate Agents Sanchez, Gladys, Women's Council of Real Estate Agents Cheek, Clyde, Director of the FHA in New Orleans Griener, Paul, Chief of VA Home Loans in New Orleans Hecker, Julian Jr., Independent Mortgage Company manager' Young, Kathleen, Oyster Shell Alliance LeCouer, Joseph, Oyster Shell Alliance Groesch, Gary, Oyster Shell Alliance Formenzi, Dennis, Oyster Shell Alliance
Problems of buying a home in 1979 The Anti-nukes from Oyster Shell Alliance Objections to nuclear power

6/10/79 Burton, McKay, Dr., VA Medical Center, Audiologist Orlesh, Diane, Dir. Speech and Hearing Services, Jefferson Parish Schools Gochnour, Betsy, Dir.,Remedial Language & Learning Specialists In Raamp, Don, Dr., Chairman, Dept of Audiology & Speech Pathology, LSU Medical School Friedler, Frank, Councilman, District A, City of New Orleans Early, Mike, Councilman, District C, City of New Orleans Robinson, David, Chairperson, Broadmoor Neighborhood Assoc. Jackson, Anita, President of Broadmoor Neighborhood Assoc. Davis, Ron, Board Member, Neighborhood Housing Services Abercronbie, Peter, Vice President of the Coalition for Action Speech and hearing New Orleans City Council discusses local issues Neighborhoods fight back

5 30 6/17/79 Day, Linda, Cultural Anththropologist and witch Jeff, Morris, Division Chief, New Orleans Recreation Deartment Cronin, Emily, Information Officer, New Orleans Recreation Dept. Keyes, Tom, Area Coordinator, New Orleans Recreation Dept. Dysart, Nelson, Director of New Orleans SPCA Rozensweig, Allen, Private Pollster

Cultural Anthropology,summer solstice&witchcraft NORD's summer program for youth Problems at the SPCA Analyzing people's mood on coming election

6/24/79 Sally, Landrum, Dr., Librarian, Louisiana College in Pineville Cochrane, August, Captain, New Orleans Fire Department Nicholson, John, New Orleans grocer Armstrong, Walter, Director, VA Medical Center, Alexandria, La. Hebert, Max, Distribution and Public Relations, Texaco Kilgore, Dick, Manager of Economics & Scheduling Dept, Shell Oil Nicholson, Elwyn, Senator Retif, Milton, Owner, Westside Oil Company

Dr. Landrum on university libraries Workers vs. union & New Orleans Fire Dept Inflation, crime & shortages in grocery store Talk with director of VA Medical Center, Alexandria The Oil Crunch-1979 version

7/1/79 Gilyard, Aaron, Master Sgt., U.S. Army (ret.) Osborn, George, Artist Severson, Paul. New elected Dept. Commander of American Legion for La. Yenni, Joseph, Mayor of Kenner, La. Faucheaux, Ron, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Wells, Sam, Libertarian

The country on this Fourth of July weekend Mayor Yenni talks about Kenner, La. Anti-crime legislation & Affirmative Action Who rules the world?

5 31 7/8/79 LeBoeuf, Michael, Dr., Professor, UNO Engel, Bill, Manager WTIX Rochon, Raymond, Chief Administrative Officer, City of N.O. Eagan, Lee, President, New Orleans Funeral Directors Sontheimer, Steven, President, N.O. Funeral Limousine Service Boissiere, Lambert Jr., Ch. of the Board, La. State Assoc. of Funeral Directors Francois, Bobby, President, Crescent City Funeral & Embalmers Assn Payne, Dwight, Dr., Chairman of Environmental Sciences, Mississippi State College for Women Engel, Bill, Manager WTIX
Time management in the business world The financial outlook of New Orleans The Funeral Industry Energy is low, prices up, Skylab coming down

7/15/79 Likums, Erik, Pub. Infomation Specialist, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Crawford, Olivia, Rev., Minister Ochsner, Alton Jr., Dr., Americanism Committee, Chamber of Commerce Andonie, Jack, Dr., Oby-Gyn McLane, Ellen, Dr., Pediatrician

Food Bank for the Needy The Consciousness Movement Captive Nations Week Obstetrics, Gynecology and Pediatrics

7/22/79 Detweiler, Bill, Constable, First City Court Burton, McKay, Dr., Past Stake President for N.O., Mormons Fowler, John, President, New Orleans, Church of Latter Day Saints Larson, Bea, Mother of the Year & member Church of Latter Day Sts Lemmon, C. Jack, Pres. La. Stake, Church of Latter Day Saints Wills, Kathy, Blood Recruiter, VA Medical Center Cammarata, Bill, Blood Chairman of VA Medical Center Landrieu, Moon, Past Mayor of New Orleans

Housing problems in New Orleans The Mormons DAV's Blood Drive Conversation with former mayor Landrieu

7/29/79 Sas-Jaworsky, Alexander, Dr., Author of Sas-Jaworsky Papers Ochsner, Alton Jr., Dr., Ch. of Americanism Committee of Chamber Symth, Hank, Psychic Dowser Mauterer, Arlene Arsaga, Eldon Sutton, William, Dr., Chirman, Biology Department, Dillard U.

Captive nations behind th Iron Curtain Dowsing for past lives Observations on biology and life

8 12 8/5/79 Green, Lee, Dept. of Public Wefare, Gulfport, MS Hutcherson, Linda, Student Crawford, Olivia, Divine Light Church Schmitt, Earl, Rep. Shushan, Sylvia, Wedding Coordinator, Maison Blanche Barberot, Pat, Manager, Jefferson Orleans North Connolly, Leon, Photographer

Women look at the world Rep. Schmitt on Algiers & Sunshine Club Ben. So you're giving a wedding?

8-12: First day in the new studio

8/5/79 Byrnes, Billy, Rep., La. Legislature Jasper, Tom, Rep., La. Legislature Connors, Nick, Rep., La. Ligislature Gregson, Vernon, Rep., Dean, Louisian Legislature

1979 Legislative Wrapup

8/12/79 Eves, Joyce M., Volunteer Prog. Coord. N.O. Public School System Johnson, Marguerite, Field Recruitment Asst., N.O. Pub. School System Trauth, Marie Jeanne, Volunteer Coordinator, N.O. Public Schools Bagert, Brod, Councilman, District D, N.O. Townsend, Jocelyn, Dr., Health University, Washington, D.C. Fitzmorris, James, Lt. Gov., State of Louisiana

New Orleans public volunteer program City Council Week on LTIO Stress management & public health care Meet the gubernatorial candidates

8/19/79 Bordelon, Tommy, Hairdresser Boyer, Clayton, Hairdresser Daigle, Francis, Hairdresser Connick, Paul, Civil Defense Director, Jefferson Parish Wyant, Jim, Dr., Asst. Secretary, U.S. Dept. of Labor, Washington Accardo, Nick, Dr., Asst. Chairman for Volunteers, Italian Plaza Gagliano, Tony, Asst. Chairman for Volunteers, Italian Plaza Vanderkloot, Howard, Commander in Chief, VFW for 1979 & 1980

Hair Civil Defense in Jefferson Parish Conversation with Asst. Secretary of Labor Economic inpact of Italian Plaza Talk with incomming Commander in Chief, VFW

8/19/79 Treen, David, Congressman, Louisiana gubernatorial candidate

Gubernatoriaal candidate David Treen

5 32 8/26/79 Clelland, Max, Administrator, U.S. Veterans Administration Dobson, Tom, Asst. Dir., Sellers Baptist Home & Adoption Center Jones, Diane, Social Worker, Sellers Baptist Home & Adoption Cent Dixon, Jeane, Mystic Hackney, Sheldon, Dr., President, Tulane University Nathan, Jeanne, Press Secretary for Sen. Edgar G. Mouton

Interview with Max Clelland, VA Administrator Problems of the unwed mother Interview with Jeane Dixon Problems & pluses of private higher education Gubernatorial candiate, Sen. Edgar Mouton
5 33 9/2/79 Smith, Larry, Head Football Coach, Tulane University Vesely, Frank, Tulane Boosters Club Fernandez, Manny, State Representative Langkop, Bill, Economic Development Programmer, St. Bernard Par. Salles, Harold, Workman's Commission of Oil, Chemical & Atomic WK D'Arbin, John, Regional Director, Louisiana Vo-Tech Iseman, Mel, Director of West Bank Vo-Tech Program Blaise, Charles, Board member of Louisiana Vo-Tech Program O'Neil, Gary, Campaign Coordinator for Louis Lambert Inc.
Tulane football 1979 Labor, economic development & St. Bernard Parish Vocational and technical training in La. Gubernatorial candidate Louis Lambert
Louis Lambert

9/9/79 Roesler, Bob, Sports Editor, Time-Picayune Morial, Ernest "Dutch", Mayor, City of New Orleans Jenkins, Howard, Superintendent of Parochial Education Bagert, Ben, Bubba Henry for Governor representative

Newspapers, sports and current events Mayor of New Orleans Problems in Parochial Education Gunbernatorial candidacy of Bubba Henry

9/16/79 Cassagne, Lee Ann, Rev., First Spiritulist Church Ponthier, Wayne, Jefferson Parish Meditation Center Dahmes, Vicky, Student, Tulane University Hutcherson, Linda, Student, Tulane University Smith, Eugene, Student, Tulane University Rafajat, Robi, Dean, University College, Tulane University Bain, Dan, Dr., University College, Tulane University Engel, Bill, Manager WTIX Hardy, Paul, Secreatary of State & gubernatorial candidate
Seances Adult education Bill Engel interviews Joe Culotta Gubernatorial candidate Paul Hardy

8 14, 15 9/23/79 Dean, James, Asst. Superintendant, Hearing Commission, Orleans Parish Schools Bd Adams, Fanny, Teacher, McDonough 36 Sparacio, Rosalie, Co Chair. St. Bernard Assoc. to assist mentally retarded Iddings, Frank, Dr., Professor, Nuclear Science Dept, LSU Baton R Neve, Roland, Local Civil Engineer, member of John Birch Society Groesch, Gary, Oyster Shell Alliance Duncan, Christy, Citizens for Safe Energy Pressman, David, Author, "Patent It Yourself" Sandstone, David, Rep. for Greg Nelson, Socialist governor candidate
N.O. Public Education Rosalie Sparacio on upcoming Roll-a-Thon Nuclear power debate between opposing forces David Pressman on "Patent It Yourself" Gubernatorial candidacy of Greg Nelson 8-14: Ecology
5 34 9/30/79 Bouise, Oscar, Dr., Professor, Xavier Prep Baptiste, Othello, Musician Tunstall, Terrie L., Lake Forest Ice Plaza Baxter, Hansel, Chateau Ice Plaza Gibbs, Karleen, Lake Forest Ice Plaza Normand, Mary B., Dr., Chiropracter Panger, Marilyn J., Dr., Chiropracter Lewis, Ken, Louisiana gubernatorial candidate

Black History New Orleans new in Sport-Ice skating Chiropractic Gubernatorial candidate Ken Lewis

5 35 10/7/79 Cangelosi, Robert, Dr., President, N.O. Academy of Opthamology Baldone, Joseph, Dr., Associate Professor, LSU Eye Center Gilyard, Aaron, M/Sgt. U.S. Army (ret.) Rooney, Bill, Manager, Social Security Office, St. Claude Div. Boseman, Ray, Manager, Social Security Office, Gretna Division

Good eye care Whatever became of peace loving N. Vietnamese Is Social Security going down the drain?

F. Edward Hebert talking about Aaron Gilyard

10/14/79 Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Past Pres., La. Psychiatric Assoc. Vidall, John III, Midshipman, U.S. Naval Academy Druce, John, Midshipman, U.S. Naval Academy Druce, Robin, Midshipman, U.S. Naval Academy Lawrence, R.E., Rear Admiral, Superintendent, U.S. Naval Academy Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans Singleton, James, District Councilman, City of New Orleans Tomlinson, Elaine, Ms., Dir., Women's Center, Tulane University

Fear and mental illness Taped interview with three N.O. Midshipmen City Council Week on LTIO Interview with Naval Academy Superintendent Assertiveness training and women
5 36 10/21/79 Epstein, Arthur, Dr., Tulane U. Medical School, Neurology Dept. Prechac, Glenda, Chairman of Finance Comm, Business & Professional Women Albers, Doris, President, Business and Professional Women, Inc. Jones, Sherry, Pres. Elect, Business & Professional Women, Inc. Huddleson, Betty, Pub. Rel. Dir., Bus. & Professional Women, Inc. Boeshans, Francis, Msg., Resurrection of Our Lord Catholic Church Massey, Samuel, Dr., Chairman, Chemistry Dept, U.S. Naval Academy Conte, James, Chaplain, U.S. Naval Academy

Sleep, dreams and good health Interview on minorities at Naval Academy National Business Women's Week Chaplain James Conte on life at Naval Academy Faith, morals and leadership in 20th. Cent.
6 18 10/28/79 Gregson, Vernon, Rep., Dean of Louisiana Legislature Tiemann, Joe, Sen,, Louisiana Legislature Rozensweig, Alan, Pollster Hakes, Jay, Dr., Chairman of Pres. Carter Reelection Comm.-Florid Taylor, Pete, News Director, WTIX Day, Linda, Cultural Anthropologist & self-proclaimed witch Verrett, Joyce, Dr., Chairman, Physical Sciences, Dillard U. Sutton, William, Dr., Vice Pres. for Academic Affairs, Chicago St

Election roundup Cultural anthropology and witch craft New strides in biology and bio-sociology

Kim and Jeff's announcement
6 19 11/4/79 Mankin, Douglas, Admistrator, St. Claude General Hospital Green, Ron, Administrator, Tulane Medical Center Hosp. & Clinic Cooley, Jack, Fiscal Affairs Administrator, Baptist Hospital Henault, Richard, Associate Director, Ochsner Foundation Schiff, Irwin, Author of "The Biggest Con" Gandy, Tilly, Sociologist & Counselor France, Donna, Golden Leaves Center Cleland, Max, Administrator, U.S. Veterans Administration Faust, Jan, Financial Aid Director, Tulane University
Problems in hospital & medical care in N.O. Problems of the middle class-high taxes bad m Interview with Max Cleland Automatic writing Financial aid for higher education

11/11/79 Schmitt, Earl, Chairman, Veterans Affairs Committee, La. Legislature Lentini, Tony, Director, VA Regional Office, New Orleans Thompson, Teddy, Adjudication Officer, VA Regional Office, N.O. Kadrovach, Dan, South Eastern Regional Dir., VA Medical Center Edgar, William, Acting Director, VA Medical Center, New Orleans Lemoine, Percy A., Dir., La. Department of Veterans Affairs Aucoin, Paul, American Legion Broussard, Ernie, American Legion & Mayor of Esterwood, La. Monasterio, George, AMVETS Satenell, George, Veterans of WW I Veterans benefits and their problems

11/11/79 Schilleci, Vic, Marine Corp League Morial, Dutch, Mayor, City of New Orleans Johnston, Nolan, Rev., Executive Dir., New Orleans Baptist Assoc. Sumner, Bill, Rev., Dir., Youth & Family Services, N.O. Baptist Assn

Veterans benefits & their problems Mayor talks about city & proposed budget Baptists in Louisana

6 20 11/18/79 Burton, Carole, MSW-Tulane Medical School Labrouyerre, Ed, Finance Director, Jefferson Parish Verret, Joyce, Dr., Chairman, Biology Dept., Dillard U. Brown, Fred, Dr., Engineering Dept., UNO Jonassen, Hans, Dr., Chemistry Dept., Tulane University

Problems of childrem in Year of the Child The financial picture of Jefferson Parish The Wonderful World of Science

George Culotta

11/25/79 Smith, Larry, Head Football Coach, Tulane University Longo, John, NutriaCon SciFi Convention Longo, Mary, NutriaCon SciFi Convention Effinger, George, SciFi writer Deasey, Peter, Fr., Maryknoll Fathers Gomez, Louis, Former Finance Analyst for City of New Orleans

Coach Smith on Tulane-LSU game Science fiction as emerging thought form Fr. Peter Deasey on missions in Africa Decatur St. prostitution raids Thoughts of audience on Iran

11/25/79 Twitty, Bill, Col., U.S. Army (ret.), U.S. Army Intelligence

Thoughts of audience on Iran What happened to our Intelligence Community?

12/2/79 Lopez, Augie, Augie's Restaurant Viskovich, Joe, Visko's Restaurant Estrada, Ralph, Jorge's Restaurant Leung, David, Pekeng Restaurant Casey, Tom, Sen., Louisiana Legislature Livingston, Robert, Rep., First District, La., U.S. Congress Watson, Tom, Crisis Line Crawford, Olivia, Rev., Church of the Divine Light

New Orleans' restaurant industry Attitutes of the Louisiana voters Congressman Livingston looks at national scene Depression and suicide prevention Levitation, bilocation and the future
6 21 12/9/79 Tiemann, Joseph, Sen., Louisiana Senate Rosenzweig, Allen, Pollster Pezant, James, New Orleans City Council Research Office Taylor, Pete, News Director, WTIX John, Linda, Newsperson, WTIX Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans Burke, Paul, Postmaster, City of New Orleans Mueller, Gordon, Dr., Director, Off Campus Education at UNO

1979 Gubernatorial Election Councilman Barthelemy discusses N.O. problems Problems and high points at the Post Office UNO Off Campus Education Program

12/16/79 Taparuskus, Paul, Law School, Tulane University Combe, John C. Jr., President, Louisiana Bar Association Brisolara, Ashton, Committee on Alcoholics Moreau, James, Retired city councilman Ducleaux, Danny, Retired federal worker Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Past President, La. Psychiatric Association

The changing legal profession Alcoholic and drug abuse How retired councilman & federal worker spend time Depression during the holidays

6 22 12/23/79 Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latters Day Saints LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University Gautraux, Mary, Sr., Cenacle Retreat House Harrell, Louis, Rev., Pentacostal Church Weese, Wilmon, Admiral, USNR Medical Officer Phelps, James, Capt., USNR Blue-Gold team Schmitt, Earl J., Rep., Blue-Gold team Reed, Michael S., Midshipman, U.S. Naval Academyn Lura, Mark L., Midshipman, U.S. Naval Academy
The World for Christmas, 1979 Life at the U.S. Naval Academy

British Invasion, reel 5

12/30/79 Pezant, Jim, Budget Research Officer, New Orleans City Council Labrouyerre, Finance Director, Jefferson Parish Martinez, Chuck, Financial Manager Blaume, Buddy, Stock Broker LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University Accardo, Nick, Dr., Orleans Parish Medical Society Boeshans, Francis, Msg., Resurrection of the Lord Catholic Church Epstein, Lewis, Dr., City College of San Francisco Retif, Milton, Westside Oil Company Gregson, Vernon, Rep. A survey of the seventies

12/30/79 Schmitt, Earl, Rep. Payne, Dwight, Dr., Gruwell, Melvin, Dr. Bagert, Brod, Councilman Young, Terry McNeely, Jackson P.

A survey of the seventies

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